General Hospital Spoilers!

Spoilers for the week of August 4:

Soap Opera Fan will post new teasers often, but here’s a sneak peak at what to expect next week!

I wondered how long Johnny and Lulu could play house. It looks like their time on the run is coming to an end. It’s time to face the music. Will Lulu have to see herself in an orange jumpsuit in addition to her hallucinations of the not-so-dearly departed Logan’s gruesome demise? Add that to the image of herself rocking in a chair next to Laura and that girl’s a head case, don’t you think?

Jason will get in Sonny’s face about his mysterious dealings with uber scary Karpov. (Na, I take that back. Karpov’s nothing in the scary department compared to past foes like Faison or Mikkos Cassidine.) Next, he gets in Karpov’s face about staying away from his bff Carly. Naturally, this puts Karpov in a bad mood and suddenly Jason and his bff are in danger. Next on Karpov’s list of people to piss off is Sonny.

Remember not too long ago when Jerry tried to blackmail Sam into sleeping with Trevor? Well these two are back in each other’s orbit as they both get involved with the Russian drug shipments, albeit from opposite sides of the dealings. They will both try to determine what the other is up to.

With Jax out contemplating the navel that is his marriage, Carly has no recourse but to spend time with her comatose son. Nah, not really. She’s going to get in Kate’s face of course! She threatens to ruin the fashion icon if she has to and then promptly interjects herself smack in the middle Sonny and Jason’s
so-called relationship. No rest for this chick.

Where does all of this leave our beloved Damien Spinelli? You guessed it, he’s bound and determined to prove to the Maximista that he is every bit her equal when it comes to proving his steely resolve.

Photo credit: Screen shot by Julie Clark Robinson.

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