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Spoilers for the Week of August 4th

While there’s more on the way, here’s what we know so far about next week…

There’s no rest for our resident doctor as Bridget focuses her attention on Katie once again this week. It would seem Katie starts to question her purpose in life, which raises Bridget’s concern. What…Becoming a minister and presiding over the marriage of the man you love to your niece isn’t fulfilling enough for you Katie? It doesn’t look like Bridget is able to get through to her though, as Katie gets a visit from someone else who helps her see things more clearly.

As for Bridget’s other patient, Eric doesn’t seem to be making any progress, and in fact he gets even worse! He better get well soon or else he might find that Owen has taken his place in his wife’s life as well as at his company.

In other hospital news, Beth is still dealing with her issues and goes to Taylor for help. Since we haven’t seen her in quite some time (aside from the wedding), it will be nice for the ole’ doc show up! But will Taylor be able to help Beth deal with what she’s truly afraid of?

Apparently Nick has acted out of turn and must now deal with the fall out. Anyone else have a feeling this has something to do with Katie?

Looks like we will learn new info on a previously unknown incident and Nick deals with his guilty conscious. Don’t know about you, but we have a sneaking suspicion the two could be related.

While Ridge makes a difficult decision, Donna gets in his way. It seems their fighting is far from over! Meanwhile, Eric gets in on the action when his wishes are made clear. Does Eric wake up or are Ridge and Donna telepathic?

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