The General Hospital Theme Song Makes Me Hungry.

It’s Pavlovian at this point. I hear the song indicating that today’s episode is over and my stomach churns in search of dinner. What’s worse, (I’m on Eastern Standard Time) it’s only 4:00 p.m. Let me go back to the years between 1980 and 1984. I lived in a sorority house all through college and made sure that I didn’t take any classes at 3:00 p.m. (It was the early 80′s and Luke was about to marry Laura for cryin’ out loud!) While I and about thirty of my sorority sisters were glued to the rabbit-eared TV, the house cook was preparing dinner. By the time General Hospital was over, it was still about an hour until the dining room opened but still, I was hungry. Sure I could’ve killed the hour by studying or some such enterprise, but as I recall I lurked around the kitchen until the doors flung open and our carb-laden, no doubt, dinner was served. I wasn’t spared the “freshmen 10″, in case you’re wondering.

These days, I haven’t eaten dinner earlier than about 7:00 for as long as I can remember. Still, when GH comes to an end and I’m starting to load my recap to (I’m the GH writer for, my mind starts to think about food. Not good. Especially since these days I’m the house cook, so to speak, and my family is counting on me to come up with dinner instead of simply walking into the dining room and having it served to me.

But hey, Luke is still on the show and we have Laura’s return to look forward to next month so all is not lost. I’m tall, I can carry a few extra pounds, right?

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