The Young and The Restless Comings and Goings!

Who’s in, who’s out at Young and The Restless?

Sad to see them go….

Vincent Irizzary was let go and left the show in a final way, dying in a limo accident. I really liked the character – warts and all, so was a little surprised to see they didn’t have a death scene where Nikki looms over his battered body and rants and cries… The storyline had reached it’s conclusion and the actor was no longer needed, we gather. Hey, he could always return as Lujack, on Guiding Light!

Little Hunter Allan, who I was enjoying as Noah Newman, all these years, has been replaced. SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) strikes again, when Y&R hires Kevin Schmidt to play an all grown up Noah. You may remember him from movies such as “Cheaper by The Dozen 1 and 2″, or television series such as “CSI :NY” and “Numb3rs”.

Raya Meddine has seen her last days as Sabrina Newman this week when she says her goodbyes to Victor, and Genoa City. Just when fans were warming up to her character, they give her the old heave -ho. Shame.

Who’s coming to GC?

Michael Gross! Do you remember him as the “Family Ties” father, Steven Keaton? Great for the part of Michael Baldwin’s less than perfect father, Lowell/River Baldwin. I like me a good bad guy and hope he’s worse than Tom Fisher!

Actress Kathleen Darcy will be in GC as Dr. Pembrooke on Wednesday, July 30, Thursday, July 31 and Friday, August 1.

Carmen Argenziano will come to GC portraying Dennis Elroy, Wednesday July 30.

Scott Hoxby will be seen playing Walter Palin July 21,23,24 and 25. Bad guy. Love bad guys, but he won’t be seen again after David Chow’s death, as far as we know.

David May will be seen as delicious Phillipe Chanderot on July 25. PLEASE, oh please give this man a contract. Either that or I’ll hire him as my new pool boy.

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  1. From mary austin

    Ithink that they should bring back the old Adam he is hot and plays the part alot better on the young and the restless. I dont blame him for not wanting to play a gay guy.but why dont Y&R bring him back after the new guy that plays the gay adam is done with his lie that he told that he was gay. Because OF THE CRAZY PLOT THE WWW OFFFofTtheTYstupidpPLOT.

  2. From mary austin

    sharon should be with nick not that stupid bitch phillis. her child should be jacks he wants a child . Ilike when phillis crys keep up the good job Y&R

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