The Young and The Restless Spoilers!

Spoilers for the week of July 28:

Though there are more teasers to come, check out what will happen this week on Y&R!

Nikki must deal with devastating news this week, after she is almost killed by husband, David Chow… AKA Angelo Sarafini. In the beginning of the week, it sounded as though the characters were calling him Angela Sarafini. I was a little confused!

Jill is back up to her old tricks and takes advantage of Nikki’s situation to insinuate herself into Jabot, by announcing she’s now CEO of Jabot! Her …shall we say “former ally”, Brad Carlton, is none too pleased with this turn of events, considering Jill promised him the position! Will he retaliate? Clean her pool? Er.. her clock?

Sabrina’s dying. Did you think this accident was really an accident or was it set in motion by the mob pals of David… er Angelo’s? I’m doubting they’ll even go there. It’s over. Sabrina’s not long for this world and Victor’s anguish over the aftermath will be taken out on Victoria and Nick. Even though he knows they had nothing whatsoever to do with the scathing article on the soon to be widower, old boy, Vic. Don’t cross me! Victoria should have kept her mouth shut, instead of getting all up in Sabrina’s face? Now she has to face the wrath of Victor, and we all know what that means. Cut off! Neither kid is in the will anymore. I’m vaclempt! Just when I was starting to like Sabrina, they take her away. Goodbye Raya….. if you were on Days, you’d be back within a few months!

Heather and daddy Paul, the PI, put together the last scraps of evidence against poor dead David. He killed Ji Min. Did you think the show forgot about this?! They’ve been getting sneaky with what they reveal to us, and even sneakier because they’re not revealing any of the real goodies. Gotta have respect for that.

Stay tuned for more spoilers this week and let us know what you think is coming up next!!

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