The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary for July 21 – 25, 2008

New Friends Are Made and Old Relationships Are Tested!

As Amber struggled with what her deception had cost her, Chloe, with a bit of deceit of her own brewing, offered up some much needed friendship to the down-in-the-dumps Restless Style secretary (Amber). Now, we’re just waiting to see what Chloe’s going to gain from this, other than presenting Lily and Cane with a housewarming gift, “I’m pregnant!” Then we had the shocker that almost put Nikki over the edge – her introduction to Angelo Sarafini, AKA her husband David Chow! While Nikki planned her divorce to the scam artist, David was off setting up a new life insurance policy for his wife, along with a fatal concoction for Nikki to go with it! With Jeffery and Gloria’s marriage back off the rocks, the couple has eagerly been wondering what the best way to takeover Jabot would be, while the rest of the town, and the Newman clan, was busy bickering about the Gala. Though everyone managed to get through the yearly event, we were left with oncoming headlights aiming for the limo that carried not only the town designated serial killer, David Chow, but the queen to the Newman thorn – and their unborn child, the one that managed to come about even through the pricey vasectomy that Victor Newman had performed years ago! Any thoughts on what happened this week? Please be sure to share them with us here!

Photo Credit: screen shot. Used with permission.

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