Days of Our Lives Recap: August 22, 2008

Half Baked

Rolf and Stefano return to the mansion with business to take care of. Stefano thanks Rolf for his loyalty. “I assure you it has endured,” Rolf says. Stefano wants to get to work. He tells his minion that he needs to go underground for a while. “Better safe than comatose,” Rolf quips. His boss hands him some papers to keep safe. He also has a message for Marlena, he proclaims as he snaps the Queen chess piece in half. Rolf is flabbergasted. Stefano tells them they can catch up when they reach their destination. He wants the lab moved to a new location. Rolf explains that will be hard since it was obliterated by John. Stefano is outraged. “He is finished!” he scowls. He will have his vengeance of John and “malevolent” Marlena. He will raise a whole new generation of DiMeras, more powerful and invincible than ever before. Then, the vendetta will live on for generations.

At the hospital, EJ and Tony sit in the stairwell and talk about their father’s nature. EJ wishes he hadn’t tainted the incredible empire he built. They laugh about how delusional their father must be. Tony reminds them that the empire, and the fortune that goes with it, is theirs… and they have a problem they need to hit head on. “John Black?” EJ guesses. Tony thinks he needs to be taken care of. EJ isn’t sure he wants to carry on their father’s legacy. “We’ve gotta put our own stamp on the DiMera franchise!” Tony excitedly suggests. EJ feels bad; John has been nice to him. Tony pithily tells him to send him roses. There is going to be a war and they need to wrest control of the family empire back before it’s sabotaged. He suggests that the new order could be one that helps people. They hug. Tony exits.

“This is the famous stairwell, or should I say, ‘infamous’?” Nicole says as she walks down the stairs. EJ knows he hurt her but… She tells him he’s pompous and stuffy. He tells her to blame him, not Sami. “It is all you,” she says. She thought he was in a class all of his own, but he is just a prototypical male. He apologizes and claims that he and Sami have complicated issues. She doesn’t want to listen. He apologizes again and points out that they have a child. She accuses him of always lying to her. He admits that he didn’t lie when he said he cared about her. That doesn’t make her feel better. He was making out with Sami and, twenty minutes later, he has the gall to tell her about his half-baked feelings. He insists that his feelings are real but she refuses to listen.

In the lobby, Roman tries to keep Steve and Kayla calm while he gets information on what’s happened. Kayla is agitated but manages to help Steve explain that Joe was grabbed. They’re outraged that Stefano could do this to their child. “Whatever he’s doing, it’s going to stop,” Roman growls. The nurse brings Joe over and says that he’s been checked over and is fine. Whispering, Steve worries that there may still have been something that Stefano did to the baby that’s gone undetected. If he did, he’ll kill him. “And I’ll help you,” she adds. They rant to Roman. Tony overhears. They tell him that his father kidnapped their baby. Tony hyperventilates: “Damn him!” Roman asks him where his father is. Tony doesn’t know but he offers to help the Salem PD. “We can use all the help we can get,” Roman admits.

John is badgering Lexi for information on Marlena. Lexi notices that her patient’s brain activity just spiked and she should be regaining consciousness. Sami walks in and gasps. Choking on her tears, Sami talks loudly to her mother. Lexi suggests that this quick response could be a good sign. She shows John the antidote syringe which was found on the floor. They don’t know who administered it but, whoever it was, may have saved her life. She walks out. Sami tells John that he obviously cares about her mom. “You have a heart and it’s breaking. You love her don’t you?” she probes. He stutters and claims love isn’t something he understands. “You’re not alone in that,” Sami explains. He admits he’s concerned but wouldn’t call it love. She tells him that he has to stop leading her mother on so she can move on with her life. He tells her to stop: She’s jumping to conclusions and he’s still trying to process things. Sami admits that she’s on shaky romantic ground too. He sort of laughs. She leaves to see the children.

Alone, John prays, offering to “make a deal with either one of you” for Blondie to wake up so he can tell her something she’ll want to hear. He admits that he is not the John she fell in love with but she is important to him and needs to pull through this. Lexi returns with test results and says they’re good. Marlena’s eyelids move. Lexi leaves to run more tests. Marlena stares up at John. He tells her that it’s been strange seeing people who weren’t there, but it’s brought into focus what’s going on with him. Now he knows what to do and wants to work on things starting with their relationship. She blinks. He tries calling her “Doc” and suggests the old John is still in him somewhere. “Who are you?” she asks.

Nicole runs into Lucas in the hall. He tells her the lock down has only reinforced how glad he is that he is finished with Sami. She’s happy for him; he’s better off without her. “I couldn’t agree more,” Chloe chimes in. He abruptly leaves to check on his daughter. Chloe doesn’t understand how awkward and emotionally unavailable Lucas is being. Nicole offers to buy her coffee. They get some and toast to standing strong against a certain evil, deceitful woman who wraps decent and sexy men around her little finger. The women commiserate on being victims of Sami. Nicole poutily talks about her crush on EJ but it sounds like more than a crush to Chloe. As much as Nicole detests Sami, she still blames EJ. They decide that they are both due for some happiness and some revenge. They toast to their shared rival coming up empty.

Tony meets with Anna in the hall and tells her that his father took Joe. “The man is a maniac!” she exclaims. He tells her that he’s made a pact with his brother to take back the DiMera name. She tells him “no”. He won’t let the legacy he’s helped to build go up in flames. She worries what this could mean for her and she’s sick of hearing about the DiMera name. She suggests he let the police take care of things. He stifles a laugh and insists that this is he and EJ’s responsibility.

EJ and Sami return to the mansion. He’s startled when he spots a glass on the desk. Nervously, he peers around. As he slumps in a chair, she notices that the chess Queen has been decapitated. EJ looks at it. He doesn’t get it. She explains what the Queen means to Stefano and Marlena; this proves that his father has been in the house. She’s sure that he knows that as well and demands that they get out right away. He tells her to wait: He will make sure that there is security on the house. He refuses to let his father drive him out of his home. She insists it’s not their home and they should leave. They bicker. Lucas arrives and announces that he is taking his daughter and leaving.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

“Where’s your sister?” Stephanie asks. “I’m sure she’s on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun, while we rot in this hole!” Max says.

“It’s about us,” Sami says. “There is no us!” Lucas repeats.

“Well, when my wife’s not happy, I’m not happy,” Trent grins. His wife tells him to go to hell.

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