Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of September 1-5.

Stefano uses his new lease on life to bring his sons into the business even more. Trying to rescue the family name from infamy, Tony and his father have a chat about the direction they should be going in. He’s not the only one interested in the business either. We can look forward to Victor paying a visit to his old rival and it quickly becomes clear they’re back to their old ways. Things could get tricky when Bo arrests Stefano, a move which is quickly nixed by a call from City Hall.

Morgan finally reunites with her father, Paul, after he turns himself in. But will this be the end of the story?

Chelsea decides to move on without Daniel. The doctor has a hard time taking it and tells Hope that he is still in love with Chelsea. Meanwhile, he has other problems when Abe tells him to back off and stay away from Lexi. She’s having her own share of problems right now, what with continued therapy and a meltdown by Theo.

Max and Melanie have a chat about their upbringings and she becomes furious with their father for abandoning him.

Adding to his list of legal problems, Marlena asks John for a divorce. He’s even less thrilled when Trent asks Blondie out for a date. It’s lucky for him that Nicole offers him some dirt on his new rival.

Lucas and Chloe cuddle up. He asks her to join him at the Horton cabin and they begin packing up Allie even before he has the legal right.

Note: Days will be pre-empted on September the 1st.

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