DAYS poll: Who Do You Want Paired?

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There have been changes to the show this summer and we’ve seen new pairings. It’s lead us to create this new poll, “Who Do You Want Paired?” We’re going to make it interesting by adding a few names that aren’t couples, just to shake things up. I hope that I didn’t miss anybody!

Feel free to comment on who you’d like to see paired. Maybe TPTB will see this and take it into consideration. Stranger things have happened!

Edit - I’m so sorry about not adding Steve and Kayla. There were so many couples that these two slipped my mind. I can’t add them because it’ll remove all of the other votes but please accept my apologies. Please cast your Steve and Kayla vote below!!! I knew I’d miss someone. In the future, Matt will be posting these and I’m sure he’ll use the cast list to ensure he doesn’t forget as I have!


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