General Hospital Spoilers (August 27th & 28th)

Here are some mini teasers for Wednesday and Thursday:

Patrick is furious to hear that an inexperienced doctor such as Matt performed surgery.

Matt defends himself by saying that the reason Spinelli has an infection is because his meds aren’t working.

Ric returns to Port Charles and is able to prevent Johnny from being shipped off to Pentonville.

Scott removes Alexis from Johnny’s murder trial and looks forward to taking the prosecutor seat himself.

Jax goes to Kate with news that he is fully aware that she set his wife up.

Kate tells Sonny why Jax and Carly need to be on their invitation list.

Lucky is not at all pleased about Sam’s working relationship with Jerry.

Lulu tells Laura that she was able to clear her name. Then she admits to killing Logan.

Maxie urges Diane to find Jason and let him know about Spinelli’s condition.

Spinelli is delusional when Sasha pays him a visit.

Karpov goes to Carly and tells her that Jax is in trouble if he doesn’t back off.

Robin loves Patrick but remains firm in her decision to stay single.

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