General Hospital Spoilers (September 1 – 5th)

Spoilers for next week:
(Monday is an encore episode. It’s the day that Lulu slammed the knife into Logan’s belly!)

It’s not exactly Island paradise for Sonny & Kate. Kate finds out about Sonny’s infidelity with Carly in the back of a limo. (I wonder if she’ll need a different dress now?)

Kate and Jax decide to confront Sonny and Carly together.

Alexis tells Jax that he’s destined for heartbreak if he stays with Carly.

Johnny’s trial starts and Claudia holds the key to Lulu’s freedom because she figured it all out.

Maxie moves her stuff over to Jason’s place to play nurse to Spinelli. The result is the onset of a mob war.

Anna wants to know the real reason why Robin won’t marry the man she loves.

Jason puts his feelings aside in order to protect Elizabeth (again).

Drumroll please…Scott makes a big announcement.

For fans who like to know when the other cement boot is going to drop (and in Port Chuckles it always does), Soap Opera Fan will post new teasers on Thursdays for a sneak peak at what to expect the following week. If things get really juicy, we’ll pop new stuff in more often than that!

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