General Hospital Weekly Summary (August 22)

Lulu had another gut-wrenching, heartbreak of a week as she grappled with her sanity. She tried talking to Laura, cowering from Scott, opening up to her brothers, conning Jason, listening to Sonny and eating truffles with Maxie, but swore the only thing that would alleviate some of her stress would be to see Johnny. For the last time before she slipped off to the quiet side, she feared. Well, she finally got her wish in the last five minutes of Friday’s show. After a quick bout of “I love you” and “I’ll wait for you so we can be together” she promptly saw Logan’s gory face again and lost it for all of the PCPD to see.

Spinelli had his own struggle to contend with – the struggle to prove his manhood to Maxie. After seeing Jason in the room with a topless Sasha, he feared that Stone Cold was entering into a liaison of the lethal kind and convinced Maxie to go on another stakeout with him to prove that Karpov and Sasha are up to no good. The stakeout wasn’t necessary because Jason wasn’t even tempted by Sasha’s seduction and the week ended with headlights screeching toward Maxi and Spinelli.Blissfully, there wasn’t much of Carly’s begging this week. Jax is still insisting that he loves her but they need time to decide of their marriage is going to make it.

After finding out that their baby is a girl, Patrick seems to have fallen head over heels in love with his baby mama. So much so, in fact, that he proposed to her over the loudspeaker at GH. The staff gathered, some impressed, some highly skeptical, but the only person whose reaction really mattered was Robin’s. In the end, she sadly told Patrick that she loved, him, but couldn’t marry him. There were some good tears flowing from Patrick and brimming in Robin’s big brown eyes. Some nose stuff going on too. Great acting, especially on the part of Jason Thompson this week. It seems like his stripper days were almost a mirage, in fact. Nahh, I still have the screen shots to prove it.

Nik certainly came around this week. Frustrated with his current lot in life, he savagely bent Nadine over his desk for a passionate kiss if only to appease her school-girl crush on him. After he tore his lips off of hers, he told her what a bad guy he is to get involved with and sent her on her way. Well, Elizabeth got a hold of him and convinced him to open up his heart to a new life. The next thing we know he invited Nadine out to Wyndemere for a romantic dinner and the week ended with them waltzing out on the grounds. It was great to see a glimpse of a lighter-hearted Nikolas for a change. I might just be changing my mind about the chemistry here.

All I can say about the Sonny/Kate situation is this: more of the same. Sonny swears that he has changed his life for good and Kate remains highly suspicious of his every move. They did have a good scene about something different this week however. After he visited Lulu and tenderly shared his experiences with his bi-polar disease, he came home to Kate and warned her what life with him can be like if he ever went off his meds. She stoically assured him that they will share their lives together no matter what comes their way. It certainly seemed like a foreshadow to me. I got a little chill just thinking about it.

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    would love to see more of Connie,but not w/ Sonny. well,I,think LuLu,needs something new out there. thank’s,

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