General Hospital Weekly Summary (August 29)

While I can feel joy in the air emanating off of Liason fans (based on our cliffhanger*), as a loooooooong-time General Hospital fan, I would be remise not to discuss Laura’s awakening first. So here goes. The more Lulu fell apart, the more Laura came out of her trace in order to help her. Lulu’s confidence grew as a result of her mother’s calm and cautious listening to the tale of how Logan met his maker at Lulu’s knife-wielding hand. In the end, Laura assured Lulu that she will be fine as soon as she is able to let go of her guilt. She promised Lulu that she is far stronger than her mother ever was because she can remember everything about that night. Laura, on the other hand, has big blank spots in her mind where she hides.

Next up – Liz and Jason! In addition to all of Spinelli’s medical problems (to be recapped below), he still holds to his theory that Stone Cold is sleeping with the Slavic Seductress and is in grave danger. He called Liz to his hospital bed and asked her to save him! Not sure how to proceed, she calls Jason and asks him to meet her in her art studio ASAP. Of course, Jason rushes over and she tells him of Spinelli’s fear. Jason shakes his head (as he is getting so good at whenever dealing with the Jackal) and denies any such sexual encounter. Liz says that she is relieved and that she was jealous. She tells him that she misses him and that people have secret affairs all the time and that they should be together no matter what. When Jason can’t deny his love for her, she rushes into his arms for a big, hungry kiss. The cliffhanger of all cliffhangers for Liason fans to be sure.

But alas, there are others in Port Charles who you need to be brought up to speed on. Not much has changed for Johnny this week. He’s still shackled to the desk in the interrogation room begging everyone who will listen not to put Lulu on the witness stand. Claudia has brought Ric in on the case and dangled her body instead of a carrot. Ric is “highly motivated” to win and his lust for Claudia is written all over his five o’clock shadow. Hot.

Jax smelled a rat way back when he missed a Crimson meeting because Carly lied to him about it, so he did some research. He discovered no such phone records from Crimson to his house to tell him about the meeting, so he reconciled with Carly and called Kate on her setup. She apologized to Carly, but secretly came up with a plan to end Carly’s hold on Jax once and for all.

It’s still wedding central at Kate’s house and now the invitations are done. Guess who made the cut? Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Jacks. She told Sonny that Carly won’t be able to contain herself during their vows and will expose herself to Jax as the witch that she is. Sonny worries that Carly will ruin his wedding but Kate declares that there’s no way she could. (If only I could make an organ sound here to indicate the danger looming!)

Oh, Spinelli! He was hit by a car during his stakeout with Maxie and rushed into surgery to remove his spleen. Maxie thinks that Dr. Matt messed up because Spinelli spiked a fever after surgery. (By week’s end his fever broke and fake drugs to ward off infection were thought to be the culprit.) She vowed to make his life a living hell and by week’s end it looked like she just might. Just as he was lurking on the waterfront to research counterfeit drugs, she bops by and blows his cover. He grabs her and from nowhere, Jerry pulls on gun on him to release the girl! Maxie ultimately tells Jerry that Matt poses no danger to her and Jerry walks away. But not before hearing Matt tell Maxie that he’s looking to expose a counterfeit drug ring.

That’s pretty much the low down folks. Do you have anything to add? Post your comments below and let readers know your thoughts about what’s going on (or “going down”) in Port Chuck.

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