Lori’s Last Word on Days of our Lives

This week was mostly about not moving the story forward in case it was pre-empted due to the Olympics. If you missed any of Days, you missed some John and Marlena flashbacks, a visit from Marlena’s dead sister, two ‘40’s inspired episodes and a mysterious purple haze infiltrating the hospital.

Here are the top ten things that struck me during these filler episodes:

1. Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole) really proved what good actors they are as they turned in the strongest and most engaging performances during the 40’s episodes. They may want to look into doing some film noir projects on the side.

2. Old John’s hair is not as fun as new John’s, however I prefer old John’s voice, but still, most definitely prefer new John’s attitude!

3. With how much chemistry EJ and Nicole create, I forgot EJ and Sami even had feelings for each other until I saw them making out in the stairwell.

4. More props for Arianne Zucker – she’s really put a lot of heart into Nicole this go around. I felt bad for her when she saw EJ and Sami kissing, and watching her confront EJ was a little heartbreaking. Nicole has definitely grown up, because that’s certainly not how she would have handled it in the old days!

5. I didn’t feel bad for Kayla and Steve when their baby was missing. This may make me a bad person, but I am so not invested in them or baby Joe.

6. Chloe and Lucas are another couple I could do without. Whenever I see them, I just want more EJ and Nicole!

7. I can’t wait for everyone to get out of the hospital, because now that he’s back, I want more screen time for Paul Hollingsworth!

8. Ditto in regards to Trent. Now that I know he’s leaving in the fall, I want to soak up as much time with Roscoe Born’s brilliant evilness as I can. I’m disappointed, but shouldn’t be surprised he’s leaving (considering how long all the other “name” actors have stuck around lately), but I think Salem could use a real villain. Stefano will always be the king bad guy on Days, but he’s sort of cartoonish and we’ve seen it all before. Trent is bad, but he’s got a human side where his daughter is concerned. I think there’s a lot to be explored there and I hope they do it justice before he leaves.

9. Seeing Nicole sort of bond with Chloe made me realize I miss Ava. I loved their friendship and would have liked to have seen more of it. Even though Chloe is no Ava, I’d like to see these two become confidantes because we need more female friendships on Days and in soaps in general. Okay, I’m done gushing about Nicole now.

10. I know he’s really Stefano’s minion, but watching Stefano and Rolf together just made me want Rolf to be John’s manservant forever! Sorry Stefano fans, but I think John and Rolf are the better comedy team.

So now Stefano’s on the loose, Marlena is awake and presumably lost her memory (I think she’s pulling John’s leg) and the hospital isn’t on lock down anymore. Let the Olympic games end and the drama begin!

What did you think about the 1940’s inspired episodes, or anything else that happened this week? Please feel free to agree or disagree with me, just remember this is all in good fun!

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  3. From Christine Fix

    This is called Lori’s Last Word. Not the word of Soap Opera Fan’s readers. That’s where YOU guys come in and tell us YOUR thoughts on the show! This is JUST for fun!! We don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither should anyone else.

    Cheers! Interesting thoughts!!


    Well I don’t understand why the writers didn’t give two of there best actors a better send off

    If they read what the fans want we are sick of the fake pregancy and we don’t the babies switch

    give some happiness to Sami for once

  5. From tori burch

    Mia worst ____________ she is Days of Our Lives _______________

    Edited for actor bashing. Please view our guidelines. Soap Opera Fan Admin

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