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For the Week of August 25-29.

Strangely enough, with the Olympics over and last week’s hallucinations now a thing of the past, getting back to Days regular storylines was somehow unrefreshing. Maybe that’s because the almost pointless, though pleasurable, meandering of last week had fewer flashbacks and likely will rarely be flashed back to in the future. One of the things that made Nicole’s film noir fantasy sweet was that we would never have to go through it again… and again. It’s not as “green” as the current Bo plot, which is so filled with recycled flashbacks, he must have shaved in a bid to further clarify what was past and what present. With the concentration on the hospital set over, the plot lines are now spread all over the globe and just as discontinuous as before. Suddenly, it appears as though Bo’s tabloid outing was practically planned. He didn’t actually destroy evidence, only a copy of the evidence to flush John out. Paul conveniently escaped from John’s dungeon and is running around in the shadows. Roman, once again agrees to do what the Salem PD does best – bend the rules. Proving once again that even the mob have higher ethical standards than the cops.

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