Molly Burnett Bio

Name: Molly Burnett
Character Name: Melanie Layton
Birthplace: Littleton, Colorado
Birthdate: April 23, 1988
Career Highlights in Soaps: This marks Molly’s first venture into the world of daytime.
Claim to fame: Previous to her arrival in Salem, Burnett appeared on the TV show, “Life”.

Note: We don’t have much information on mysterious Molly. If any of you have details to add, please feel free to send them to us.

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  1. From Helen L.

    I have been a fan of DAYS since Maggie and her red shoes, and watch as often as I can. This chic is so “ON” all the time that her portrayal of Melanie is ruined by her lack of any subtle talent.She preens and pouts her way through scenes-always aware of the camera angle and how she appears. Her voice is cloying, annoying and whiny, and what little ability she may have as an actor is overshadowed by the fact that she can not get out of her own way.
    I dislike her even more that Chelsea if that is possible. TWO unnatural folks if ever there were.

  2. From Doug

    Please color her hair!!!!and tell her to keep those eyes from rolling around the room aqs she speaks

  3. From Karol Seibert

    get rid of her!!!

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  4. From Suzanne

    This girl’s acting is so predictable. She is always “on.” I’m tired of the right hand to her hair all the time and affected flirting. Please end this.

  5. From BigTyme

    melanie is an incredible actress and so gorgeous. Hate on her all you want but shes getting paid ——–

    Removed most of your post. We don’t allow poster bashing.

  6. From dayslover

    don’t allow poster bashing? how about actor bashing. that girl does an amazing job but everyone hates her because she’s new…. oh i’m so SORRY fans, i didn’t know you didn’t want any humor or fun on the show… you’re right… lets just keep it to people crying about things ALL DAY LONG… please by all means get ride of the ONE character that brings any fun to the show! we need a bad girl guys COME ON

    We’ve been editing their posts as well. There is a way to get your point across without name calling. That’s what we’re looking for!

  7. From Kathleen S.

    Ouch! Some of these posts are so mean!! Honestly, I find the actress adorable and fun to watch. I love how she is shaking up Salem! (Perhaps some of you have forgotten there’s a real person behind the acting). Please – keep her on DOOL! She brings spice to the show. Melanie is pretty but tough, needing to make her way in the world alone. I think the actress is getting this point across beautifully! Let’s show some support!

  8. From BigTyme

    I got so much swag…yes!!!!!

  9. From Kathleen S.

    I love Molly Burnett’s acting – so there!!

  10. From BigTyme

    Melanie is the only reason me, and everybody i know watch days..she makes the show better and if she ever got let go everybody I know would never watch it. Face it Days, Melanie is your only good actor.

  11. From Tanya J.

    Oh my gosh!!! I so agree with Helen L. She described her exactly the way I did when I was talking with somebody about her. Wow something is really wrong with that than.

  12. From Bill

    Who are Molly Burnett’s parents? She is the spitting image of the mom from the movie “Home Alone”.

  13. From BigTyme

    i am a loser, forget what i said about me having swag.

  14. From Molly hater

    i absouletley hate that child (in the show) but seriously the next time she puts her hand to her hair and intervenes in everyones life.. jeez! what a b****

  15. From Diana Wilson

    I hope that Molly Burnett reads this not to hurt her feeling but i agree with Suzanne this girl needs a new acting coach every scene is the same the hand going up to her temple drawing attention to her face girl were watching days we see you already o.k. and rolling your eyes at everyone is annoying just be natural and stop trying to act like an actress dont try and hit the mark be yourself.

  16. From Liza

    I Love Molly!! She is unique and captivating-she has brought mystery and intrigue to Days through her phenomenal acting and unique personality. I wonder if the negative feedback could be the expression of hidden jealousy? P.S. I love the hair-best color and style on days!!!Liza

  17. From stephanie

    she is a wonderful actor um i just wanted to know her hair color

  18. From 30+yrfan

    she’s annoying and always acts and walks like she’s drunk. lose her quickly!

  19. From noreen

    Needs to lose her cutzie attitude! She certainly is a looker. There is something about the shape of her mouth makes you think she must be related to another star

  20. From thomaswhitney

    When i first saw her on Days, i thought to myself that she looks like a young Denise Richards. I think she could be the next big thing in the future.

  21. From Pam

    I really thought she was the actress from \The Notebook\ until I looked up both their names. Rachel McAdams is the other actress but they look so much alike! They say everyone has a double!

  22. From Pam

    I really thought she was the actress from “The Notebook” until I looked up both their names. Rachel McAdams is the other actress but they look so much alike! They say everyone has a double! Freaky!

  23. From J. Kristen

    She got on my nerves at first, but then that’s exactly what she’s SUPPOSE TO DO! she’s playing a bratty, stuck up, selfish, twit, who thinks it’s “all about HER”…so DUH she’d act that way.

    i find the haters a bit ridiculous. I’m sure many of you have corks when you speak to others, hand guestures and such that you repeat over and over.

    everyone does. get over it. she’s done a great job of being the annoying brat they hired her to be.

  24. From BigTyme

    Everybody loves melanie that i know so shut the fu** up u dig?!!!

  25. From Kathleen S.

    Definitely!! Molly Burnett is doing a great job on DOOL or you all wouldn’t be soooo annoyed with the character of Melanie! Props to the actress for getting everyone SO WORKED UP!!!!

  26. From Becky

    How can you not like her Character!!!???? She is genuinely caring one minute and then she is a lethal bitch. She is definitely a change up for the show. I hope she stays on Days. You go girl!!!!

  27. From martha

    I would like to know if Molly is related to Carol Burnett

  28. From Sandy

    Do not blame the actress. She is playing the role the writers gave her. I think the character is horrible and actually tune out during any scene Melanie is in. I think the writers could make the character more mature and strong instead of stupid and annoying.

  29. From Dar

    I love Molly as Melanie Layton. I wish I could see her in more scenes. I love her mannerisms. I love everything she does. She is a joy to watch. Don’t change a thing, Molly.

  30. From Betty Boop

    Molly’s role in Dool is supposed to be that of a young naieve girl learning the ways of the world through the school of hard knocks.
    She is portraying her character as a typical young know it all know nothing late teen/early twenty something girl. She’s doing her job well if she’s getting under your skin, irritating you with her stupid ways and always screwing up. It’s called acting and if you ask me Molly’s dead on with her role as the dumb whitted Melanie. I’d love to see her develop her character and a nice little love life with Brady, let him teach her to make something of herself. I like the two of them together and the kiss they shared was pretty intense for him “not wanting her”. Bravo Molly you keep up the good work.

  31. From Julie

    I think Melanie is great! She’s got to be the funniest one on the whole show. Her mannerisms are dead on and hilarious! She’s a brat and manipulative, and you love to hate her!!!

  32. From darla

    Let’s face it she can act!! And she does have to follow the producer and director’s, follow script, and I think she is following to a tee what they want,
    if her card’s go right she will develope on the show and become a
    even greater actress. Let’s also face the fact that every actor on the show each portay’s the personality they have been assigned
    and some of them not so well, but she on the other hand give’s the show the boost it need’s

  33. From Jim h

    For Helen L
    i don’t know where some of you ‘would be acting/critic experts’ get off but you wouldn’t recognize acting talent if it smacked you in face? Molly is probably one of the BEST actor s I have seen in a long long time and I CAN speak from experience AND knowledge . That girl will be going great places in the business !!

  34. From Grandpa Chris

    I think this young lady (Molly Burnett) as young as she is – is a promising actress – her facial expressions and constant changes of her voice I find unusual.
    I was wondering if she could be connected to Bonnie Franklin of “One-Day-at-a-time” fame. There seems to be a strong resemblance.

  35. From Grandpa Chris

    just noticed it – the website that is.
    Good way to voice comments re. soaps.

  36. From fanfromstart

    I love Molly. I don’t miss a second of her scenes – no fast forwarding through her scenes. She is a breath of fresh air. I would love to see more scenes with her in them. She’s adorable!

  37. From Susan

    I love Melanie. She is fun to watch and I love her heart, now that she’s been in a more nurturing environment. Miss Molly is a delight. I can’t wait to see what she’ll be up to next. She also has a great smile. (I wear braces, so am hoping my smile comes somewhat close when I’m through with them. Ha, ha.)

  38. From Susan H

    Molly is adorable. I love the way her character is evolving and quite frankly I think she seems more “natural” than any of the actors. Her hair is beautiful and rolling her eyes, hand to the hair, etc. is just part of her personality. I agree…a love interest with Brady is perfect. Keep up the good work, Molly!

  39. From Rosi

    Molly is a very talented young lady and I enjoy watching her. Kepp up the good work and ignore all the negitivity people write.

  40. From Leah

    I think Melanie is great! I am a grandmother. I enjoy watching her so much. Every time Melanie is on, she puts a big smile on my face. I like her acting, and I like the eye rolling. Give her a chance, she will be with Days for a long time. Lets see, will she be with Philip or the young Dr. Horton? We need to keep her on the show, she brings us humor, thats what we need today.

  41. From Sue Tucker

    I think Molly Burnett has that special spunk that makes the stars last. She is really cute and she reminded me of the mother on two and half men. She, too is very cute. She could be mollys grandmother, she belongs on that show. Her looks are very cute. Sue T.

  42. From Kamille McK

    I have been watching soaps since 1970, and there have been few, if any, actors that can hold a candle to Molly Burnett! The girl is a natural. Her energy never wavers. Her smile never looks forced – and I love that unique laugh of hers! The show hit the jackpot in finding her.
    I don’t understand these people who complain about her; my guess it that they are all jealous teens. I love the scenes she is in because she is such a refreshing thespian – never boring. I hope she gets nominated for an Emmy – and wins! She’s better than most A List celebrities (and no, I don’t have a vested interest, I’m just a Days afficionado who knows star talent when she sees it).

  43. From Kyle McDermit

    People, if you don’t like the way she acts on Days, don’t whine about HER… whine about the people TELLING her to act that way. You have to remember, what you see on Days is what the directors and such want her to be, not who she is.

  44. From Misti A.

    I am SO glad I am NOT the only person who sees the MAJOR resemblance!! She has the same kind of demeanor as well. Thanks for sharing this!

  45. From Trudy

    Molly is fantastic and we will see her make it big in the near future…she was on True Blood and sang a sexy bluesy song, she is on her way!!

  46. From Margo D.

    Melanie is such an amazing actress. Dont know why she doesn’t move on to bigger and better things. Days lucked out, hope she stays!

  47. From Jennifer

    The actress who plays Melanie (Molly Burnett) is quite annoying. Her use of her GIANT mouth with full view of her bottom teeth is so rediculous. Her voice is whiny and irritating. I can only imagine what the other actors think of her acting ability on the show. PLEASE get rid of her. She looks trashy (not due to her character) and is just ugly. I am not sure what she did to get this job, but it is obvious her only experience is probably high school plays or something. She really should get an acting and voice coach and someone to help her control her large mouth gestures. EEEEK.

  48. From kdc

    When Melanie’s character first came to the show I too found her to be annoying. But as time went on she became endearing. She brings laughter to the show. What is wrong with that. I fast forward most of the show just to get the basic jist of it. But I always have to stop and watch her. It doesn’t matter what the scene is- I just adore her. If days let her go because of all you idiots out there bashing her then it would be their loss. I for one would be sad.

  49. From Helen

    I remember seeing Molly singing on a True Blood episode. I think she is great!

  50. From Kendall

    I’ve been watching DOOL for 20 years. I think Molly Burnett is the least talented actress that’s ever come on the show. She talks like a five-year-old, does facial expressions that only she thinks are cute, and is simply not a natural actress. But I’ve seen actresses come on this show before and start off bad and get much better. Granted Molly has a long way to go until she comes across as talented, but give her time.

  51. From Fan Occasional

    I got here because I was trying to find out if she is Denise Richards’ sister. She does resemble Rachel McAdams too.

  52. From Fan Occasional

    I got here because I was searching to see if she was related to Denise Richards. She does kinda resemble Rachel McAdams too, but more like Denise.

  53. From Stephanie

    Molly Burnett is ugly, has an annoying voice and acts drunk all the time!

  54. From New Fan

    I never watched Days until this season and the whole Melanie shot and whatever else is right now … so I can’t speak for how Molly was before this, but OMFG I am a fan NOW! all thanks to this juicy plotline and the incredible actors, especially Melanie, that is straight on! And come on she’s not ugly at all! she’s ok with portraying herself all crazy and making the faces … anyways things kinda died down again, wonder if Hunky phillip is gonna get his heart broken … but omg if they keep this up (and I hear Days signed up for another season) then I’ll keep watching! general hospital is getting all annoying …

  55. From Jules L

    Love watching Molly Burnett who totally embraced the character of Melanie Layton on DOOL. She is so talented, gorgeous, spontaneous and full of energetic acting ability which makes her such an awesome addition to this cast. I think she is this generations’ Jane Fonda.

  56. From Cheryl

    I think Molly does a terrific job as Melanie. I love how she has transformed into a loving and caring young lady. She is one of the reasons I continue to watch DOOL. And Chelsea was terrific; I miss her a lot!!!

  57. From Alex Karma

    Molly’s a talented & charismatic actress that brings fun to the show when it needs it. She does well w/ more dramatic stuff, too. I think the haters just wanted to see her fail because she is A) young, B) inexperienced, C) your average jane-she didn’t go to a prestigious acting school, struggle for yrs to get the role.

  58. From brismom

    Some of you may not like Molly’s acting, but I’ll bet her real-life accomplishments, in the last few years, make your comments just annoying and hateful.
    Her All State Choir competitions, the debate team, crowned Prom Princess, the lead attacker on the varsity Lacrosse team, and a black belt in Karate. Beat that, little people.

  59. From georgialee

    Thought Melanie/Mollie was a pain in the beginning. She is now MY FAVORITE
    female character on DOOL.

  60. From Farrah

    I’m sure that everyone had something to say about Alison Sweeney when she first came on. As a matter of fact about 15 years ago people wouldn’t stop talking about her weight. Look at her now!! People will only say things because Molly is new, but she is awesome!! I love her. She hits it right on!

  61. From nike outlet

    Thanks for the kind words! your website is very good!

  62. From little loulou

    Molly Burnett is a very talented new artist. She has a wonderful smile and an infectious laugh. I think the “Stephanie” character is much more annoying and one dimensional. They should lose that character and give “Melanie” more scenes.At this point “Chloe” is the most whiny, self-absorbed needy character on the show.

  63. From kelly

    i LOVE this girl on DAYS..she is a really good at what she does..didnt really like her much when she first come to the show but she has grown on me!

  64. From kelly

    i agree…get rid of the “stephanie ” character..shes annoying

  65. From Sarah

    i absolutely love the character Molly plays on days, i even caught her in a few episodes of True Blood. she is quickly becoming my favorite actress!!!

  66. From Kari

    Her whiny baby voice and pouty mouth are distracting. I can’t stand to watch this girl. By far the _____

    Edited for Actress Bashing – SOF ADMIN

  67. From YoungOscarWinner

    I went to high school with her, and she always hogged the spotlight in theatre and in film. She was overrated then and is overrated now. She’s a—actress and —s.

    Edited for content by Admin for actress bashing.

  68. From Brea XoXo

    Dear Days of our Lives- Miss Molly Burnett is sooo adorable and I loveee her chracter. She broke my heart and was fab when Philip broke her heart. She’s got such talent and is working with the best kristin alfonzo(hope) allison sweeny(sammy) nadia bjorin(chloe) not to mention she’s with maggie alot. You all may be hating on her but mark my words mel’s staying and she’s improved dramatically since she came on. If there’s anything on DOOL I couldn’t stand it was that new Belle that replaced kristin storms. And if anybodys like me and obsessed with watching DOOL on a daily basis check out Dirty Soap on E! Its fab!!!

  69. From Elena

    Whoever makes negative comments about this lovely young actor has no clue what X-factor means. She is very attractive, charismatic and her acting is a bit different, hence the reason many of you don’t ‘get’ her. She is unique and I LOVE HER! I am so glad she’s Maggy’s grand-daughter – they are very much suited and act well with each other.

  70. From Loki'smom

    Damn all of you and your negativity! First of all I think Molly is naturally beautiful and a talented actress. Of course her character, Melanie, is awkward and whiny; doesn’t mean that Molly is. She plays the role very well. Do your research and you’ll see that when she first got the role, that the producers encouraged her to not worry about all the haters because she is perfect for the role.

  71. From Ruth

    I love her character, I only started watching Days everyday because of her!!! I only like watching her scenes!!! You haters have a problem with her character so don’t be spiteful about what she really is like we can’t judge you don’t know her!!!! You haters are being childish and ridiculous. If you don’t like her then why are you looking her up on google and commenting about her??? GET A LIFE!!!!

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