The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for Week of August 25

There’s more to come, but here’s what we know so far about this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful

After a Nick-and-Katie-free week, the due reappear to talk about, what else? Their baby. Apparently the angst isn’t letting up any time soon for these two, as, they make an emotional decision regarding their offspring.

Things heat up for another couple, as Beth and Stephen get a little hot and heavy this week. After Stephen’s uncomfortable memory of catching Donna and Eric doing the deed in Eric’s office, do they follow suit?

The mystery behind Eric’s attempted mystery continues as Lt. and Det. Baker try to figure out the motive behind the crime. Kicking the drama up a notch, Stephanie gets in on the action when she visits Owen in jail. He may have prison bars for protection, but we certainly wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of La Forrester’s wrath!

After his encounter with Stephanie, Owen gets a visit from Ridge. He was ready to welcome him into the fold before all this went down, but after Owen’s confession, we have a feeling Ridge may change his mind where Mr. Knight is concerned.

As for Donna, things gets even worse for her when she gets attacked. Since her assailant is wearing a mask and there’s certainly no shortage of people who want to see her pay for her actions, there’s no telling who it could be!

Luckily Donna seems to fight off her masked intruder and she heads up to the Big Bear cabin for safety. Unfortunately, she doesn’t find any comfort there, as she encounters another uninvited guest. While she finds herself in danger yet again, the cavalry gathers and heads out to save her. Apparently Owen gets out of jail, because he, Marcus, Brooke and Ridge all rush up to the cabin to save Donna, but will they?

In the meantime, Stephanie gets a call from her mother who give her some upsetting news. What kind of trouble is Ann stirring up now?

What do you think Ann has to say to her daughter and how will it affect what’s happening with Donna? Let know what you think below.

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Fun fact! Lori Wilson wrote this story just for you on August 25th, 2008 |

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