The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary for August 25 – 29

Owen may have been arrested for poisoning Eric, but that didn’t mean Lt. Baker believed his confession. While he and his son Charlie debated the case, Owen received numerous visitors in jail. First, Donna came to see him and he convinced her he only confessed to protect her and warned her that she may still be in danger. Then, Stephanie and Ridge came to see him separately, but Owen stuck to his story of wanting Eric dead so he could scam Donna. Finally, Marcus came to visit and Owen told him he didn’t do it and that Marcus needs to protect his mother.

Donna went home to reminisce about Eric and was attacked by an intruder who told her to stop trying to figure out who poisoned Eric. After that incident, a freaked out Donna fled to Big Bear for safety. She called Marcus and Brooke to tell them what happened and that she thought it was Stephanie who attacked her. After Donna’s phone call, Marcus went to Steffy and they bailed Owen out.

Brooke went to Donna and Eric’s house and found Stephanie’s keys in the door, left by the intruder. She called Ridge and demanded he bring his mother to the house. Once there, Stephanie got a call from Ann who informed her daughter that Pam hasn’t been taking her medication for months and it’s anyone’s guess what she could do.

At the cabin, Donna started to relax, as Pam showed up saying she was there to go fly
fishing. Donna was less than pleased and then got a phone call from Owen. He told her he would get up there as soon as he could and she told him Pam was there. Pam tried to smooth things over with Donna by offering her one of her lemon bars. Donna passed, saying she didn’t like Pam or her bars! Donna went on a rant about how bizarre Pam is and then suddenly realized that Pam was the person who attacked her. As Donna tried to apologize for being so mean, Pam got out a shotgun and pointed it at her.

Once he was out on bail, Owen asked for the copy of the police report, which listed the contents of Eric’s stomach when he was admitted to the hospital. Owen noticed that nutmeg was detected, which was an ingredient in Pam’s lemon bars. Owen put the pieces together and tried to call Donna, but Pam had turned off her phone. Owen headed up to the cabin in a cop car to save Donna and called Marcus to tell him what was going on.

Once Owen got to the cabin, he found that Pam had smothered Donna in honey and a bear was ready to attack her. He got rid of the bear and Pam fled the scene. After Marcus told Ridge and the gang what was going on, the two men, along with Brooke and Steffy came up to the cabin as well. While Donna got cleaned up, Owen told her how he felt about her and Donna let him kiss her!

In the hospital, Eric said Donna’s name and opened his eyes!

Aside from the Pam/Donna/Owen drama, Katie and Nick decided to keep their baby and Stephen and Beth decided to give their relationship another try.

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  1. From copcar

    It’s been so long since I’ve been able to catch B and B… it’s definitely beneficial to be able to read up and find out what’s up…

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