The Young and The Restless Spoilers August 23-29.

Is he really dead? Is anyone ever really dead?

Tuesday, Nick reaches Mexico, and urges Nikki to return to GC with him. There’ s nothing in Mexico for them but a death certificate. Victor’s gone. But this is soapworld, so is he really gone? We’re not sure yet. I think it’s best if you hang on to your hats and wait for the contents of his will to be examined, Friday August 29!

Ana doesn’t want to take the generous offer that Katherine has given her, but Devon and Lily let her know that this is far more important than living with Devon. They’ll still be close!

Things at Newman are all ‘willy nilly’! Adam fires Neil, and then Karen gets up in Adam’s face. Oh the names she calls him! If you’re not an Adam fan, this is must see TV! Karen has had it with this punk. She quits, and later, she and Neil are escorted out of the office by security! It doesn’t end there! Michael has a few unkind words for Adam, and delivers his own threats to Adam!
Meanwhile, across town, Cane marries Chloe. It’s not much of an affair, but then, there never was one to begin with, was their?!

Wednesday, Cane spills his nuptial news to Lily, while over at Restless Style, Phyllis tells Sharon to stop obsessing over her husband, Nick! The drama never ends with these two, does it? That’s why I stay tuned! Meanwhile, back in Mexico, Nikki and Nick didn’t get a chance to leave. They’re called in to view a photo of a body. Nikki asks if it’s Victor. Is it?

Some news on the Neil, Tyra front… Looks like Neil is going to spill his feelings this week. What that is, we can’t tell you yet. We will, but you’ll have to return later on in the week for our mini-teasers, to find out more!

Thursday, more battles at the magazine. This time it’s not Phyllis and Sharon who are quarrelling, but Jack and Nick. Again. That’s not the only company we’re going to see more changes at this week. You’ll never guess who Adam chooses to act as CEO for Newman. Go ahead and try! You can’t expect us to give it all away, can you?!

And finally, as I stated in the first paragraph, Friday brings news of what’s in the old codger’s will, and Nikki doesn’t seem to be holding it together anymore than when she was in Mexico. At least she’s around family, who will all be struggling to cope with his untimely death. (Is he really dead, I ask of you?)

Return back here in a few days for more spoilers for the Y&R!

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