The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary from August 18-22.

Grandpa’s Booze

This week was jam-packed full of romance, revelations, and even a presumed death thrown in for good measure.

We started off with Jana and Kevin’s nuptials, which were not even tainted by the revelation that the Guru was actually Micheal’s father, River! It felt good to see Michael finally put an end to this search for his father, and get some much needed answers. (Michael Gross did a great job portraying the deadbeat dad.) Turns out Gloria knew who he was the whole time! After the wedding, Daniel and Colleen, of all people, get busy. They’re caught in mid-make-out by Amber, who happens along, and this prompts a hurt Amber to fake a boyfriend, “Liam”, in order to make Daniel see what he’s missing out on. During the scheme, Amber is kicked out of her penthouse, but good old Daniel comes to her rescue and forces his mother to recant giving her the heave-ho. During all of this madness, Amber struts around talking to “Liam” on her cell phone. During one call, her phone rings! Daniel sees right through her and calls her on her antics, at the Club, but when she stalks off in a huff, she leaves behind her cell phone. Daniel picks it up and notices a text from “Liam”. Hmm. Does this mean that Amber has a new boyfriend, or is someone helping her with her plan?

Meanwhile, Ana found out that she and Devon are siblings. Astounded and angry with Tyra, she goes to brother Devon for comfort, and later announces she wants to move in with him.  Things looked up when little Ana was offered a scholarship to a school for the arts in New Hampshire, by Mrs. C! Readers were wondering if that meant they’d stop hearing all that annoying singing. Nice as it is, it has no place in soaps.

Jill handed Jabot over to Cane to run, but how long is he going to be running it for? Is he capable? Gloria and Katherine bumped heads about how capable a kangaroo chasing, shrimps on the barby eating man from the outback is, but Jill thinks he’ll do just fine. I have to admit she’s been a good mother. Not only did she offer him this much coveted position, she also offered him some much needed advice on Chloe. If he marries Chloe, and punishes her from the start, their child will suffer. Speaking of Chloe, she’s been a busy gal. When Lily tried to talk to Cane, she was interrupted by Chloe, who whined that she was ill. Of course she was fine. She needed to keep Cane and Lily apart. Worked like a charm. Did she have lessons?

Paul got a helping hand in his sleuthing by Nikki, who accompanied him to Mexico to find Victor. Too bad they were too late. They found the bartender’s daughter, with Sabrina’s earring, and bribed the bartender to tell them where Victor was, then found out that Victor was there all week and took a boat out. (With Walter, might I add, during a storm.) Worried? You should be! Not just about him, but about Nikki. She and Paul find out that Victor followed Walter down to Mexico, and there was a hit on him! Victor could be in the middle of this – Paul and Nikki, too! Lucky for Paul, his daughter was admitted to the hospital, after passing out at the club, and Paul took off to be by her side. Later we found out that she had an abnormally low white blood count. What could it be. Lupis? Leukemia? We’ll find out this week, I’m sure.

Victor and Walter got lost in the storm and were presumed dead. By the time Nikki got the news, Paul was already on his way back to GC, after hearing about daughter, Heather having some health issues. (It’s was exciting over the place this week!) The Newman family is shocked at the news that Victor is presumed dead, and Nikki, on her own, in Mexico, has reached her last straw. The woman’s had a rough couple of weeks. She starts drinking heavily.

Adam and Victoria got into it this week. Adam had a rough week all around. He no longer resides at the ranch, his girlfriend Heather has some strange health issue, and he was booted out of Newman! By Victoria! I guess she’s had just about enough of him. But when Victor returns, how will he feel about all of this, wonders jilted Adam.

What’s going on with Jeffrey and Gloria and this skullduggery? The two are loads of fun, and about as honest as a loan shark. It must be boring for these two to have a ‘normal’ relationship!
Restless Style goings on has me worried. You? Jack and Sharon schemed to ruin the Newman family in print, in their own magazine, might I add. I’m surprised at Sharon. Even more, I’m surprised that John hasn’t made his usual returns as Jack’s conscious. Screwing over your own partner – twice, Jack? Things are getting good.

Last week we told you that Noah would return from camp, “all grown up”. His parents hardly recognized him, nor did anyone else, because he’s being played by a new actor. He had Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome (SORAS). He’s a teenager. Uh oh. Teen angst has already reared its ugly head when he and his peer pressuring pals lead him to grandpa’s pool and pressured him into drinking grandpa’s booze! Nick caught them just before they had a drink, and called dear old mom to discuss. Nick went a little freaky because Cassie died in a drunk driving incident and he was worried history would repeat. I’m doubtful and would prefer if the writers didn’t go in that direction. Let’s keep it fresh, shall we? Sharon came by and the two argued, because Sharon trusts her little man. Good luck with that. Has she forgotten what it’s like to be a teenager?

Look out. If you thought this week was good, next week, Nikki actually takes a drink, while Katherine frantically tries to get her to listen to reason. Meanwhile, Nick races down to Mexico and Adam and Neil get into it! And that’s just Monday!

Feel free to give us your thoughts on last week!

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