The Young and the Restless Weekly Summary from August 25 – 29!

PhotobucketA billionaire is presumed dead, a reformed alcoholic takes a drink, an unlikely couple ties the knot, and someone’s daughter is revealed!

With Nikki in Mexico grieving for Victor, Nick arrived to hear that his mother had been drinking, but the Newman’s were filled with relief when the body found from the boat’s wreckage was not Victor – but of the man he vowed to make pay for his wife’s death! Although Nick thought he had his mother in tow for the plane ride home, Nikki snuck out and stayed in Mexico to search for her soul mate, Victor! And thank goodness she did – or else she wouldn’t have come across a very-much ‘alive’ Victor Newman on the beach!

Back in Genoa City, while Jack continued to boost the sales of Restless Style, even through a little self-bashing of his own, Sharon rushed to Nick’s defense during an all-out company argument, leaving Phyllis and Jack to question her loyalties! Speaking of family companies, across town more havoc raged on, as Victor Jr., aka Adam, slipped into his father’s shoes at the helm of Newman Enterprises with grace and began cleaning the corporate house immediately with the firing of Victor’s right-hand man and longtime confidant Neil Winters and his half-sister Victoria – then hired Victor’s nemesis, Brad Carlton, as CEO! However, the highlight of the week was the reading of Victor’s Will and hearing that Adam was left the bulk of Victor’s estate – and Newman Enterprises!

Heather was rushed to Memorial after a fainting spell, but was it really from exhaustion, or are the doctors onto something with a report of a low blood cell count? At least she has her father there now for any type of support she needs because Adam’s little selfish outburst about minimizing her problems proved she can’t always count on him! However, now that she’s moved into the ranch, she’ll be able to keep one eye on the man – if she can see past his sexy charm!

We were happy to see that little Ana, with the help of Devon and Lily’s advice, was able to accept her parentage and show her bravery by allowing Tyra back into her life – and agreeing to attend the art school in New Hampshire. However, it was Neil’s reaction to Tyra’s announcement that she’d be leaving town to be with Ana that had not only us wondering where his true feeling lie – but Karen as well!

While Lily was the one to suggest that Cane be there for Chloe during her pregnancy in order to establish rights to his unborn child, her heart was broken when Cane and Chloe wasted no time rushing to the justice of the peace to tie the knot! Although Jill is trying to make the most of her new daughter-in-law by planning a wedding party, for the sake of the family and Jabot, we all know that Jill is no match for Chloe, especially when Jill is in a mood these days over the goings-on at Jabot – so hold your secret close, Mrs. Ashby! But wait – speaking of secrets… Chloe tried her best to avoid going to the Chancellor mansion for the wedding party Jill had planned, and now we now why – Chloe is Esther’s long lost daughter, Kate, who the show has kept in boarding school for too many years to count! is happy to be able to bring you this week’s summary of The Young and the Restless and we hope you’ll leave your thoughts below and tell us what you think about some of the current drama in Genoa City to date! But before you do, please vote in our new Poll below:

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