Will Robert Scorpio cross over from Night Shift to GH?

Avid GH: Night Shift fans know that Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) has dropped into Port Charles (literally…from a plane) and has been diagnosed not only with a brain tumor, but colon cancer as well. Those in the know (well, those who read also know that the love of his life, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) will reconnect with him when crossing over from General Hospital to Night Shift for the final three episodes of the season. The burning question is, “Will Robert follow Anna back to General Hospital for daytime viewers to see?”

 (Okay, there are likely other burning questions about the pairing as well, but this is a G-rated site for cryin’ out loud!)

I called Mitchell Messinger, the head of all things GH (with an official title of Director of Media Relations for ABC Daytime), and he shed some light on this for me. Which I, in turn, will share with you, “Right now, the plan is for Anna and Robert to be on Night Shift only. But there’s always a chance you’ll see them both on the mothership some time this fall…”

Clear as mud? I’m choosing to read between the lines here. Join me?

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