Days of Our Lives: Comings & Goings.

There are some mixed signals coming out of the casting at Days right now. Citing budget restrictions, the show has made it clear that there will be more cutbacks in the future and three actors are being let go. Although who these performers are is yet to be made official, it is known that one of them is a vet of the series while the other two are female roles. We’ll keep you posted…

In other news… Days is also hiring on more actors.

Galen Gering and Eric Martsolf will be marching into Salem in the near future. Although rumors about this have been circulating for about nine months, the show would not confirm it until now. Both actors, of course, are veterans of former fellow NBC soap Passions. Galen Gering (ex-Luis) will be coming to the show as an FBI agent. The date of his arrival is set for the end of October but we don’t know exactly what he’ll be up to. Meanwhile, Eric Martsolf (ex-Ethan) is currently preparing to take on the role of Brady Black. Fans can expect to see him appear in mid-November. This is sure to be an interesting development. How will the one time junkie react to his strange new father and, come to think of it, all of his new DiMera relatives? We’ll have to wait and see.

* Yuval David played George, Melanie’s ex-beau and frequent bank machine in France. After giving her a little too much cash, he was boxed off to boarding school by his parents.

*Renowned dancer and frequent TV bully, Jordi Caballero, appeared as Claude on September 9. In addition to blackmailing Trent so that he could have a date with his daughter, one of his thugs took a shot at Nick.

* Steve Blackwood (ex-Bart Beiderbecke) told our friends at that he won’t be returning as Bart or evil-Bart, dashing the hopes of many for doses of Days intentional humor.

* Kristen Renton (Morgan Hollingsworth) has been let go from the cast and is not expected to return.

* Linden Ashby (Paul Hollingsworth) has also been let go now that his story is complete.

* The role of Eleanor Thomas is going to be played by Freda Foh Shen. You will get to see her beginning on Thursday, September 18.

* Ross Matthews resumes the role of Chris on Tuesday, September 9.

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  2. From JohnFan

    I hope that John is not the one they are going to get rid of. The way the story line is going that is what it sounds like.

  3. From jenn

    I doubt it will be John because of the uproar is caused last time. I am thinking Melanie will not be on the show for too long, Chelsea’s character is starting to fade, as for the vet…hmmm..maybe Caroline?
    They didn’t mention if the vet was male or female.

  4. From Shane

    I’m gonna be sad to see any of the vets that we have left go…

  5. From cat lady

    Why are they hiring more actors and still letting some go!! The only reason I can think of is that the new hires will get paid less that the ones being let go. I still don’t like it.

  6. From James

    I say they should STOP hiring new people and leave the people we love on there!!! Kate maybe on the way out(cancer storyline) I hope not!! I love Kate!

  7. From Lois

    From Lois
    When things start to get good they cut the Actors. This just dosen’t makes any since, why don’t they leave things alone. I hope it not John, or any other vets.

  8. From Cathy

    There aren’t enough vets left to let go w/out hurting the show! And the show is becoming better and better….. John can’t go and neither can Marlena….. how about Roman???

  9. From TSol

    First, I am glad “Trent” is going to be X’d. What a creap!
    Second, I don’t like “Dr. Jonas” with Kate nor Chelsea. Him and
    Lexie seem to be having some hot sparks between them (if you’re watching closely)
    Third, the Chloe’/Lukas thing isn’t working for me. Although her getting PG with Lukas’ kid would set Sammy off!
    Caroline needs to go on a cruise away from it all. And they need to wrap up the John storyline. Get him back to “normal”. And I don’t care for the Stephano messing with peoples heads deal. It’s too stupid.
    Does anyone think maybe “Kate” could be cut? She is “ill” after all.
    Since Alison Sweeney is PG in real life I see her screen time being limited.
    I TRULY hope Nicole is PG with EJ’s kid and NOT Trents and I hope we don’t see a “let’s do the “switch the DNA results”again.
    Wouldn’t that be GREAT! The 2 men Sammy has been “torn” between now having kids with other women.Now that is DRAMA! LOL! I can’t wait for Galin to show up. Talk about H.O.T! I hope they keep him around.
    I like Max and Stephanie together.
    I just wish they would get Max’s story line a little more calmed down. Send Melanie back to Paris. What do we think of the story line going more into the supposed “jobs” these people have and get some good “steamy” daytime soap life happening? Let’s mix CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, and a bit of the “corporate” world mix it in with some daytime drama. (???)
    Just an opinion…that’s all. : )

  10. From Jennifer

    Remember last time they “did budget cuts”? Stefano was killing people off and we were told it was “budget cuts”. Everyone was in an uproar over and low and behold…no budget cuts just can’t take my eyes off the screen story line!
    BTW-the whole Daniel/Kate thing is cracking me up. How is it Chelsea can’t forgive Daniel and her grandmother for sleeping together BEFORE they she was dating Daniel. Yet she was able to forgive her MOTHER and Nick??? Remember Billie and Nick slept together WHILE he and Chelsea were dating, not before. But she continued to date Nick and now they are “good friends”.

  11. From craig

    Abe, Lexi, and Kate are my guesses

  12. From LISA

    I’ve been watching DAYS since 1983.If they get rid of John that will be the last for me, i will not watch anymore.

  13. From carol

    I hope John is staying and gets back to normal. Need to leave the old cast alone, when you are wating they seem like old friends to you and you can’t wait to see what happens next. I have been watching Days of Our Lives since the first show when I was 10 years old my grandmother was a faithful watcher so I became one also so many of the old cast have gone. So please leave the ones we still have..

  14. From Jim

    I really enjoy Days..But it is
    really missing the comedy that it use to have, Chelsea is a drag on the show. Wish she would go live in
    Paris, VIctor is a very classy
    actor and needs more time.Has does MMickey. I really think if they used Julie and Doug more often it would really make it a fun show.

  15. From Paula

    First post for me! I think it will be Abe and maybe Lexie. Kate can go. I don’t like her at all.

  16. From Liz

    I don’t think they’ve given Chelsea a fair shot at romance and would hate to see her go. I liked her with Max but he ditched her for Stephanie and Abby, both of her “best friends.” Her mom hooks up with Nick and her grandma hooks up with Daniel. Now she’s pining over Nick who she should have never dated in the first place…Talk about beauty and the geek! Can they give her a shot at love for once? I think the stories that have surrounded her have been awful. I actually like the character and hope that they will do better in the future! I see no need for Lexie and Abe. I’m loving Nicole back on the show and would love to see her and EJ get serious. Why is it that every woman on the show has to be pregnant! Who’s next Stephanie? Chloe is the resident skank…she jumps from Brady’s bed to Phillip’s bed to Lucas’ bed. All related! Steve and Kayla can go off with their son. I see no real need for either of them in Salem anymore.

  17. From mary

    I hate Nicole and having her pregnant with EJ is the final end for me and this soap. I will now stop watching it. I will check up time to time on the net to find out if John gets back to normal but please let the baby of Nichole’s be trent not ej BYE

  18. From Mara

    I agree on the comedy. They need to go back and watch the magic of Eugene and Caliope from years ago…that was the best!
    And, yes! bring back old John – but keep a little of the New John, too!

  19. From Grace

    I agree with the person who said why are they hiring new people and letting go of vetern characters that we have know for so long and love. Makes no sense to me. Can’t be the salary – I would assume two new hires would equal the one veteran salary.

  20. From Lupe

    I think they should let go of Nichole shes always getting in the way of everyone First it was Brady and Chole now its Sami and Ej I am tired of the same story over and over again Isn’t there any other men in Salem

  21. From EODWife

    I don’t want anyone to go, but if I had to choose a vet, I would let Abe go. Lexie needs a hot new man closer to her age. Either that or they need to do something about Abe’s mustache. I hate it.

  22. From Lorraine

    Caroline and Victor would make a good couple. They need a little love and happiest.

  23. From Bob

    I am no prude but I think they need to clean their language up some.

  24. From Nobody

    I like EJ with Nicole, Sammi with Lucas, Chloe with Phillip (though with them bringing Brady back – maybe with him, not sure about that yet)

    I’d like to see the old John and the new John reunite as one, specifically I like that he has supported Sammi so much.

    I don’t care much for Abe and Lexi’s storylines or Kate. I can see Abe eventually winning Mayor and he and Lexie exiting for him to take that position, so that it is possible for them to come back, and you’ll still hear about them through policework stuff.

  25. From Days Fan

    Lucas & Sami have too much history between them for the writers to just ignore.

    They belong together.

  26. From ILUVDAYS

    I have been watching a long time! I think Abe can go. Caroline and Victor need to get together, Sami and EJ, Chelsea and Nick, Philip and Chloe, Max and Stephanie, Marlena and John, Stefano and Kate, Daniel and Lexie, Brady and Nicole. Tired of the Steve, Kayla storyline!!!!

  27. From days #1 fan

    I think Chelsea can go. Max needs to calm down John and Marlena needs to be together. Sammi and EJ belong together. And leave Stefano makes athe show.


    I think Claude killed Trent. I am so glad that let him go who is terrible person. John have memory back and reunion with Marlena for good! I am so tired of Stefano who always hurt people too much so, let him to death sentence (leave him the show anymore. Kate need to stop overprotective her children.

  29. From Me

    It appears that Chloe is on the way out. As far as the veteran is concerned, it could be Caroline – her role is not that cental. I’m not sure on the other female role, maybe Melanie. It seems strange that they are bringing back Brady as Chloe is on her way out. I wish that they would finally let Sami and EJ be together. I don’t dislike Nicole but I think that they could pair her up with someone different. I agree with the earlier blogger who is not looking forward to another story line involving the paternity test tampering.

  30. From JohnFan

    I think Sami and EJ are a better couple then Sami and Lucas. Sami and EJ have that love/hate thing going on and both have shaky past that they can relate to. EJ is the only one that has been able to put Sami in her place when she gets out of hand and I like that. Lucas and Nicole should get back together she needs someone that will help her get her life back in order. As for John yes I want the old John back but keep a little of the new John he is really funny.

  31. From Kelly

    I am disappointed in Day’s letting Morgan & Chloe go. Morgan & Phillip would have been great together & I wanted Chloe to be pregnant with Lucus’s baby while Nicole is pregnant with Ej’s baby. By letting them go they let go some great potential story lines.

  32. From Rands1992

    My prediction is Victor and Caroline will leave together and Kate will be killed off.

  33. From Rands1992

    Maybe then Max and Stephanie will take over the pub.

  34. From duska wheeler

    i wish the old john would hurry up and come back.I would like to see kate and daniel get together.nicole and ej make a good couple,as for sammie let her and lucas find happiness again.I think melanie should hook up with phillip.

  35. From days fan all the way

    marlena has had enough heartache without john,please bring him back soon.I love to see kate and daniel get back together,and chelsea she can leave town.let sammie and lucas be happy again,they can deal with the pregnancy thing,and let nicole be with ej,i think they make a good couple.

  36. From Cathy

    Don’t like what is happening to Sammi’s character.

    Would like to see her stay with EJ.

    Nicole’s role is also tiring. Hope she is not on too much longer.
    Perhaps her pregnancy is a false one. Hope so!!!

  37. From Cathy

    I love Eric that will be the new Brady Black. I think he and Nicole or Chloe would make an interesting match. Lucas needs someone a little more his type–not Sammi. Caroline should go since her Shawn is now gone. Love Daniel also, but not with Chelsea–maybe Chloe or Nicole. EJ’s and Sammi’s chemistry throughout the previous shows could not be beat. They were excellent in their acting/roles and should continue that connection. John should leave and stay off the show. He is tiring–Marlena too.
    Still love Hope and Bo, and Philip.

  38. From trenna

    I hope it’s not sammie or any old vet, let the new ones go. Know lost there.

  39. From days fan forever

    I love the new John storyline. At least we don’t have to watch the eye brow thing anymore. Kate has to be the worst actor on the show. Plus her Mothering and grandmother skills needs some help. They get her off the Jerry Springer show.
    EJ, Nicole and Sami is a great story EJ needs a identical twin. That way Sami and Nicole will have a happy ending. Those two need one. Days can have some boring moments but when its good its good.
    I like Chelsea to get back with Nick. Lucas, Carline, Steve, Kayla is boring.

  40. From fan

    I don’t like Sami and EJ at all!!! He is Stephano’s son and likely to do something evil. It would be great to have her get back together with Lucas, where she belongs. Lucas and Chloe make me want to throw up.

  41. From Angie Luvs Days

    I have been watching days since I was a child (thank you grandma). For the characters who can go, here is my 2 cents. I feel that Mickey and Maggie, Steve and Kayla, Abe and Lexi, and Kate can leave. I also think the new character who will portray Brady looks too old for the part. Glad they got rid of Trent, now they need to send Melanie packing. Morgan should have stayed and been with Phillip. I hope Chloe isn’t gone for good. I think this would be a good time to bring back Eric. Sami needs her brother here with her. Bring back the old John, with a lot of the new John still in him. Let Caroline and Victor finally be together and last but not least, bring home Belle and Shawn. =)

  42. From Gayle

    I have watched Days since I was 12 years old. I would like to see Sami and Lucas together and have it finally revealed that Johnny is actually Lucas’s little boy since it was eluded to Stefano tampering with his paternity a while back. That was never explored. I am not an advocate of abortion or anything but I wish Sami would lose this baby and sever ties with EJ. EJ should be with Nicole they make a better couple. I like Caroline and Victor finally getting together. Kate and Daniel would be good together write Chelsea off she is not an essential part of the show plus her character is a spoiled brat. Please bring the old John back he and Marlena are pitiful without each other. And there is no one else on the show for either one of them. Also there needs to be someone on the show for Roman or else write him off. Keep Stefano he helps keep the story going.

  43. From Lucy Ricardo

    Maybe the veteran to go should be Kate. She’s not really an intergral part of the show and how long can she interfere in her children’s lives before even SHE’S had enough? I really don’t know how much more I can take of the new John. Haven’t we fans suffered enough? And the writers don’t seem to realize that this new John has absolutely no benefit to Stefano. Stefano should want the old John back because the old John would never want any part of Stefano or his empire. John wanting his portion of the estate is a big monkey wrench in Stefano’s quest, yet the writers are wanting us to believe that Stefano would rather have John as his pawn . . . what does that even mean?! Yes, John and Marlena are lost without each other. And this “separation” would have been a golden opportunity for Marlena and Roman to renew their romance, so that when John does “return,” Marlena would be very torn. Soap operas used to thrive on the love triangle storylines, but the writers missed the boat on this one.

  44. From Thelma

    I have been watching the show for 39 years!!!! Some of you other oldtimers might remember some of my favorite moments:
    1. John and Marlena reuniting down on the dock after Marlena had been presumed dead for so long.
    2. Sister Marie Horton stranded in the cabin with Alex Marshall. She made snow angels lying on the ground in the snow.
    3. When Patch and Kayla first started to realize they were interested in each other. They danced on the rooftop at the loft one night while the music played “Lady in Red” and Kayla wore a very sexy red dress. That was one of the hottest scenes in the show’s history.
    4. When Addie (Hope’s mother) died when Hope was just a baby.
    5. And when Doug owned the night club and sang to Julie!
    Those were great storylines. Thanks for letting me go down memory lane!

  45. From MARI


  46. From litl_sis

    I have watched DOOL since Julie was a rebel teen. The writers have forgotten their characters history. (Look at John! Wow…) I agree that some of the cast should be cut. Let’s start the the child molesters like Daniel. (Chelsie is how old?) And how nasty… all these old ppl sleeping around with young kids! Not to mention the demented writing staff! (He slept with Grandma first…) I agree w/ some of the other responders. Bring back the lovers of the show, the comic relief like we had with Caliope, (but not so far out there as Passions!)and somebody smack EJ! Doesn’t he know what a condom is?

  47. From julie

    Abe could finally be interesting as mayor, so don’t write him off just yet. I love Celeste, but they never show her. Since Lexie and Abe are spending so much time at home with their present job situation, there is no need to keep Celeste around even as an ‘unshown’ character.

    I didn’t miss it when Stephanie left before, and I wouldn’t miss it now either.

    I’m sure Chloe and Ethan/Brady will hook up, but with her dark features I will think I’m watching Theresa and Ethan again.

    Maybe Nicole will leave after a devastating miscarriage, etc.? That would allow them to bring her back in a few years with a Billie-esqe ‘where’s my baby’ storyline.

    I like the actress that plays Chelsea, but the character does nothing but cross her arms and whine like a hypocrit… I wouldn’t miss her either. Send her to Chicago with Morgan if they won’t give her character any more maturity.

    I suspect Sami will be written off temporarily for a witness protection story during her maternity leave. Hopefully EJ will be desperate to find her and well have a steamy Ejami reunion sometime in 2009.

  48. From Marilyn

    Abe will be Mayor so the ex-mayor Anthony Marino can then go.(I don’t like him anyway.)
    Daniel can go since he has been rejected by Kate and Chelsea. Kate can hook-up with the F.B.I.hottie (Galen Gering (ex-Luis). Chelsea can go back with Nick and Melani can hook-up with Brady.
    and by the way has anyone noticed Bo has not resigned a contract?

  49. From Gretchen

    I would love it if one of these couples would actully stay together without complications Sammy and EJ, Chelsea and Nick,and I would like to see Lucas end up with Nicole. I also have been watching this show 35 yrs. So my guess will be that EJ and Nicole will make plans on marrying and EJ will find out about Sammi and her baby and dump Nicole. I would like to see a romance with Caroline and Victor. Melanie, Stefano and Kate can go. Kate sleeps with everyone before anyone else get a chance. They can also bring back
    Morgan to be with Phillip.Lexie needs to respect her marriage and family and not get with any other man.

  50. From pch

    Please get rid of Kate. So terribly sick of her. The character is a total waste of soap time.

  51. From licat3

    ok…my thought.. the vet that will be “let go” is going to be Alice Horton. Ms. Reid is up in years and hasn’t been that healthy for a couple of years. Personally, I would like to see Kate go! as far as who else will be let go, if i had to put money on it, i would guess melanie and chloe. i really love 2 see sparks fly
    sparks between sami and galen gering’s fbi guy! sami needs a new man!!!

  52. From days fan forever

    I’ve been watching since 77. I’m glad to see its not just me that wants Kate to go. They had her do it again with Dr Daniel. She doing the writer to get all these parts. GRIN!! I mean really how much more damage can she do to her family.

    Stick to the younger crowd for awhile. Tired of the same old same old.

    Well I hope Sami didn’t do it.

  53. From ann

    I have been watching days for more years that i would like to admit probally 35 years in between raising children going back to work and now semi retired they really need to keep all the vet’s that are left this is what makes the show i think they are spending too much time on Abe and Lexi and theo and his autisim drama’s any one of them can go.And chelsea is getting boring and Kate as well .We really need John to get his memory back and get back with Marlena and as far as the Sami Lucas EJ and Nicole saga they need to get Sami back with lucas and EJ with nicole and let her be Happy for once and Chloe needs to go she is so anoying

  54. From jo

    hey people did you ever think it might be bo they are going to let go.let’s hope ot i will quit watching it he has not sgin his contract yet.jeave bo and hope alone and put john back

  55. From Becky

    I bet the veteran may be Kate since she has lung cancer. Hopefully not.

  56. From long, long time fan

    Like may of the Days’ alumni fans, who have been watching this show forever, Sami should be left with Lucas. They need Kate, but it is only interesting with her butting heads with Sami. I hate her thing with Chelsea, not very entertaining at all. Also, Nicole, EJ, Chloe, Philip and Brady would be an interesting saga to watch, with some chasing others and rekindling old romancs.

  57. From Carlos

    I could care less if the vet getting cut was Abe, Lexi, or any of those old couples that only show up in Holidays! As for the two girls who might be cut, get rid of Chelsea and Nicole. Chelsea is boring and annoying and Nicole just has a bad rep. Can they make her look more bad? Sucks.

  58. From April

    I would really love to see Sami and EJ together, they make a really cute and funny couple, as far as her and lucas go, they are played out. I really want to see Lucas with someone else. I want to see Nicole with Brady, Brady brought out the good in Nicole, I love her she is good comedy her and pookie. Hopefully she will lose the baby with EJ, EJ will find out about baby #2 with Sami and they will get back together.
    I agree with everyone John needs to come back, but his sense of humor can stay, I really want to see Stepheno be a good guy for a few years.
    But, the people I would love to see leave are, Abe, Lexie, Melanie, and please, please if any veterns have to leave, let it be Kate. She is just awful, I hate listening to her voice. She is the worst actress on the show, and Lucas is the worst actor. But, I do want to see him find someone besides Sami, He acts totally stupid when she is around, and please start having him wear some clothes, the man never has a shirt on. Victor and Caroline need to finally get together, and someone else who should go is Stephanie, omg that girl is so annoying!!!! She is constantly sticking her nose into everything, her and Chelsea can move away.

  59. From Betty

    A lot of the veiwers have not been with some of the actors since day one but I have.Leave the veteran actors alone.Get rid of the ones that have become boring such as Kate,Caroline,Roman,Victor,Melanie,and Stefano the evil doer.Stefano has been reeking havoc on Salem for to many years now its time for a change.Im sure the wriers can find other ways toboost ratings without destroying the whole show.I feel I’ve grown up with everyone for as long as I have been watching.Days has been on since the 60′s…..

  60. From Terri

    I would like to see Sami and EJ together. Nicole should lose the baby and be let go along with Melanie. John needs his memory back to be with Marlena and Victor and Caroline should get together. Kate should be the vet to go. Lung Cancer is serious and to survive gives false hope.

  61. From Terri

    Also leave Bo and Hope alone. They make the show along with Steve and Kayla. The show wants to save $$ do roles with the old timers and stop bringing in new. I love to watch the old clips especially Christmas. I’ve been watching the show since 1970

  62. From Amber

    I mean really… lol Get rid of Kate, please she’s annoying and has slept around with everyone! How old is she?!?!? Think about it, lucas and sami are around the same age, how old was sami when she had Will? How old is Will now?? Sami has to be in her late 30s. So how old is Austin and Billie? Kate should be over 60. And of course you shouldn’t be specific with a soap but COME ON!! I didn’t like Daniel and Chelsea but Daniel and Kate??! Yeechhh! bye Kate- also bye to Melanie she’s the murderer of Trent and possibly.. the guy who works at the Java Cafe. thats my two cents.

  63. From Tara

    I think that the vet to go will be either Roman or Kate. (Maybe it is what I am wishing for)

    JUST as long as John and Marlena remain on the show and get back together!!!! and NEVER leave!!! lol.

    Speaking for John and Marlena. I love some of the new John … including his no holds bard attitude, his wittiness, and his protectiveness of Marlena (which is just like the old John) and I REALLY miss the old John…G-d I want him back!!! I want to see a mixture of ALL the good in both the old and the new John to make a John that is FABULOUS

    Also, am I the only one who thinks that perhaps we are not getting John and Marlena now and through November sweeps because we will get a “miracle” around Christmas time with John’s memories coming back? & J&M reuniting? I could be completely insane (with higley as co-headwriter) but that has been my thought over the J&M withdrawal…

    What do you think?

    As for the others I am liking max and stephanie, and steve and kayla, and I want to see lucas and sami back together. I can’t stand kate and roman is just a waste of time. JMO. lol

  64. From Mare L

    Been DOL fan since 1979. I wish that John can get back to the norm, maybe Brady’s return will help that along. John & Marlena need to get back together. Like the Passions guys coming to Days. I was a fan of them too. I don’t like the Dr. Jonas’ affairs with Kate or Chelsea. I don’t like Lucas and Chloe either as a couple. There’s no chemistry. I do like EJ & Nicole together. I still think there is hope for Sami & Lucas. What is up with Nick? I am unsure of this ordeal too. Just venting!!! :)

  65. From brandie

    Kate, Roman, Abe, Lexie, Lucas, Steve, Kayla, Fast forward thru them. Boring. EJ, Sami, Nicole, John, Marlena, Melanie, doing ok.
    SO who thinks they are going to have Sami fall in love with her bodyguard? Another Roman and Marlena rewrite. I hope not

  66. From Karen

    I cannot stand E.J. and Nicole together! He is so incredibly hot and she is a middle aged dog. I hope they get E.J. and Sammy back together because there was total chemisty there. Get rid of Bo, Hope, Kayla, Steve, – we have been there done that before. I like the new John, the old one was so boring. I liked John with Eva. It gave him an edge. If you just had happy couples all the time you would have no story line. I was sad that they got rid of Belle and Shawn and Kerry and Austin. Guess they couldn’t think of anything new to do. I am so sick of the whole Stefano villian thing. Been there done that how many times now?

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