Days of Our Lives Poll: Who Killed Trent?

Although everyone’s noticed the foreshadowing coming for this plot for weeks, Trent is finally dead.

While not many will be grieving the loss, aside from fans of Roscoe Born, the character may end up having as much of an impact on plots dead as he did alive. Since everyone in town, and even a few people overseas, hated the bearded bully, who would have had the moxy to put a blade in his back?

Vote and let us know your feelings about this plot in the comments area below.  And if you want to know what I think, you can always check out my thoughts.

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  2. From Arlene January

    I think Melanie killed Trent. The show had her with Trent’s driver’s license in her purse. I think she stuck the knife in him and took his wallet. I don’t think it was Claude because he was still waiting for Trent to give him money and I don’t think the time was up for Trent to try and get money for him. Would love to see other people’s thoughts on the murderer and why you think it.

  3. From Hairgal

    Who knows who killed Trent. As the soaps go it will take forever to find out. Then it will turn out to be the least suspected one on the show. But I think that Victor had one of his men kill him. He did call Nicko on the phone and tell him he had something he wanted him to do.

  4. From stefano

    Arlene she could have easily taken the wallet before he was killed without him knowing it.

  5. From cathy hill

    i believe it has to be someone from his shady past.

  6. From Chuck McKeen

    Someone from his past,someone with more of bad past

  7. From Chuck McKeen

    Someone from his past,someone with more of bad past.

  8. From AK

    I think a few of the characters will have contributed to it, however, it’ll be someone from his shady past, or someone who he owes money to will be the one who did him in.

  9. From susanne tenpenny


  10. From Karen

    Who cares. I am so glad that he is gone, I don’t even care who did it but would like to give them a few more names of characters to be knocked off!
    I hope it was Nicole and we can finally be rid of her too.

  11. From Shaz

    While I understand why they had to bring Caroline in, come on, she wouldn’t be able to put a knife in someones back, she would be physically incapable…oh wait that doesn’t matter….

  12. From Linda

    Don’t you think Caroline should have been smart enough not to pull the knife out of Trent’s back; after all, both of her sons are cops.

  13. From VICKI

    i think his daughter killed him. she had every right after he called her a whore and putting her down. a father wouldn’t tell there daughter she is a whore. love the show.

  14. From michelle

    i think nick, then melanie will be free to be with philip, while nick is gone he will turn bitter and come back to days with a plan to get phlip, melanie will be all into nick once he shows he has balls but will be pregnate with phil by then, thats when kate will step in and do her thing like she did with sammi cuz thats all she knows to do!

  15. From Carly

    Hate Nick’s new storyline – All the men on the show (Nick, EJ , Max, all seem to be getting very rude

  16. From ANNIE


  17. From deb tifft

    although its looking more and more like nick did it, iam hopeing iam wrong. nick came to the show as a clean cut ,good guy not to mention hes a horton. let claude be the killer after all noone liked trent anyways lets not make one of salams residents be the killer

  18. From sue goodman

    I think Nick and Chelsea should be together, even if they fight at times they seem perfect for each other. I hope nick just killed trent in his drugged out state. I would really hate to see him leave the show, He is a really good actor and evens out some of the bad ones by being so smart and caring of others.

  19. From alex

    nick did it

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