Days of Our Lives Spoilers for October 6-10.

Things are getting dark on Days of Our Lives as the fall rolls in…

The ‘who killed Trent’ mystery could be taking some interesting twists and turns next week when Melanie’s memory suddenly goes into overdrive. What will she be remembering and what will spur these memories on? It may have something to do with her brother Max. His situation will be getting more awkward by the day. Not only is he, and practically everyone he knows, a suspect in killing his father, but half of them also make up the Salem PD. The department will come knocking on his door with a search warrant and who knows what bloody bits of clothing they’ll find in his messy room. Complicating things even more, he’ll be doing some digging of his own and accidentally discover Trent’s wallet in Stephanie’s purse.

Meanwhile, Abe may have left the corruption and chaos of Salem’s police department behind him, but he seems destined to land himself in even more trouble. He’ll be taking a crack at getting the mayor’s job away from him and taking it for himself. Will the quest for power and revenge be his undoing? He’ll have more immediately pressing matters to contend with when his son suddenly goes missing. Three guesses on who could be behind that and why.

In the romance department, things will be looking grim for more than one couple but may be looking up for others. Sami will discover that the father of her children has just knocked up her nemesis, Nicole. No one will have to work hard guessing how she will react to the news. You can check out just where this plot may be heading by watching the promo here. Elsewhere, things will also be looking grim for another fragmented couple. The odds that Chelsea and Daniel will reunite are getting slimmer by the day. Next week, she’ll tell the surfing doctor to move on.

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  1. From Tiffany

    I am wondering what the issue is with Phillip. He seems irritated again that Chloe is with Lucas. We know that Brady comes back, so it makes me wonder if this Phillip brings him back instead of Stefano. Are Lucas and Chloe headed for splitsville?
    I am getting tired of Sami’s rants about EJ and Nicole’s relationship since this is all she has done since Nicole got back into Salem. It sure did take a long time for Sami to find out she was pregnant. Nicole has had symptoms for a while alluding to her pregancy, but Sami had nothing. Ironic isnt it?!

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  3. From Tiffany

    Does that mean that Lucas and Chloe are the other couple separating??

  4. From Angela

    I do not like the way they are doing the Daniel and Chelsea storyline. I love this couple and it is just hard for me to believe they would this to them. I am fighting for Daniel and Chelsea to get back together. They are great and I hope Days will be putting them back together.

  5. From Liz

    Days would be crazy not to reunite Daniel and Chelsea, they are one of the best couples Days has right now. I love these two they are the main reason I watch the show. Still rooting for Sami/EJ…two women pregnant…could it be another rewrite… Tired of the triangles, please think up something new! Love Abe, hope he succeeds.

  6. From Prilla35

    I really want Ej and Sami together they are one of the hottest couples on Days

  7. From Prilla35

    Whoops I messed up on the Sami Ej comment I meant EJ and Nicole

    I want Lucas with Sami and EJ and Nicole. Ej and Nicole are one of the hottest couples on days and So are sami and Lucas

  8. From Bennie

    I am so anxious to see EJ/Sami together. We know they really have deep feelings for each other. Sami and Lucas are friends but you can see how much affection is between EJ/Sami. She is just having a difficult time admitting it to herself. I hope they end up being together. Nicole has always tried to undermine Sami and EJ. Hope she does not win.

  9. From Tanya

    I loooove sami and ej they should be together. its meant to be. but i cant believe ej got nicole knocked up what a skank i wish that Trent would have run her out of town so she would never ever come back! she annoying and whiney and should just let sami and ej live with their children in peace. and i am glad they are bringing brady back that chloe needs to get whats comin to her. and the fact that they are using passions characters is awesome! plus they are supa fine :) and with chelsea and daniel ew i wouldnt want to be with someone who had sex with my grandmother either. that is soo gross. i still like chelsea and nick i dont kno why. they were so cute.

  10. From Tanya

    o and lucas is a homo they should kill him off then no one would be in ej and sami’s way and chloe would be left alone, like she should be.

  11. From kelsey

    ya know somtime ppl dont have symtoms and sometimes you dont know until you’re like 5 or 6

  12. From shirley

    You people are SICK! Ej raped Sami. He forced her to have sex with him to save Lucas.I guess when it come to rape its not a crime. Its just a love scene.You didn’t like it when Billie raped Bo. I think when it come to Lucas you people just don’t get it. Why should the Demeras win. Stefano just get the heirs,he told Ej to knock up Sami. I have been a Days fan fom the beging of the show and I hope the writers don’t put Chelse with Daniel. He is too old for her,I still can’t get over the fact that Billie held that baby for 4 hours and she was DEAD! and they buried her, I hope some how that Johnny and Sami babies turns out to be Lucas .Its a soap opera and like Kate and Daniel had sex off scene,she and Lucas did too. Dallas had a year long dream about Bobby Ewing death. AS far as I’m cocern Ej and Nicole would be a smash. She would give Stefano a fit about her child and that woman deserves some LOVE. I just hope Days writers come to their senses and unite John/ Marlena, Sami/Lucas and try to become as good as young and restless. I bet they write Brady with Nicole.

  13. From Cynthia

    I have been watching Days for a very long time and to be honest I kinda stopped for awhile because it became so stupid it was not worth my time. However, some of the characters in the show will always be my fav’s. Marlena/John should not be torn apart..I feel what they did to him was stupid…took it to far. Sami/Lucas..whats the point in fighting for love for along time and in the end, its over like nothing ever happened…It would be sick if Sami ended up with EJ….Nicole is prob more his style to be honest. Then Chelsea, omg what to do with that girl…She needs to grow up a bit more and focus on what she wants in life…maybe Nick and her could work things out, but she needs someone close to her age, not someone like Daniel….Oh btw…Plz find someone for Roman…that poor sweet man.

  14. From Cynthia

    On another note…I have always liked Chloe..I dont really know whats going on between her and Brady, but I hope its something that can be worked out….I hope its not something that either one did to one another, but just another days trick…I loved them together more than anyone else….Phillip on the other hand…his char is all messed up…I actually thought it would be cute to have him with Mimi and for Shawn and Belle to leave the show was really sad…hated to see that…Max and Stephanie….be glad to see more Romance, action stuff going on between the two of them…be kinda fun..ya know.

  15. From Nikky

    I cant believe that Days is making light of the fact that Sami was raped by EJ and then they put them together as a love triangle…that just makes me sick. Rape is rape and when do people turn around and say “oh it is okay, I love you anyway”. Days is really going down the wrong path with this one. Sami and Lucas should be together – they have been through so much and sacrificed so much to be together and for Days to do this is over the top. The more scenes they have with Sami and EJ the more it makes my stomach crawl…it is just uterly ridiculous that they would portray rape to be so insignificant!

  16. From linda henning

    the story line is rediculas, where is the plot now, nick you got to try real hard to get chelsie back,
    john listen to marlana she is trying to help you,

  17. From Brandy

    I too have been watching Days for years and also stopped watching it at point because it just got to the point that it was ridiculous and I hope that it’s not getting ready to go down that same path. I agree that they should reunite John & Marlena as well as Sami & Lucas. I was kind of getting to the point that I’m liking Nicole and it would be nice to maybe see her with Brady. Chloe on the other hand is got to where she is such a hooch…maybe they should put her and Daniel together since they like to go cheat and sleep around with everyone.Yes poor Roman needs someone. I liked it a while back when he and Kate were together.I’m looking forward to seeing the Passions stars arrive. It will be interesting to see who murdered Trent.

  18. From michelle

    how can anyone say sami and ej shouldnt be together. they would make one of daytimes hottest couples. and that fact that know one ever thought they would be together, makes it even more interesting and exciting. lucas needs to move on with chloe…not sami. days wont be the same if they pair sami with lucas…only ej!!!

  19. From brandy

    i wish sami was with lucas

  20. From DAYSMn

    I would like to see Caroline convected of murder and hanged;however I would rather see her married to Victor.

  21. From cara

    i wish sami and lucas would get back together they went through too much not to be . they have real chemistry. if anyone has watched days for a long time they would agree.

  22. From Wendy

    EJ an Sami need to be together they are an awesome couple as well as Chelsie and Danielle they make the show!!!

    Lucas needs to move on and nicole must not be with EJ

  23. From Beamer

    Didn’t Sami rape Lucas back in the day? Is that any different? Is it because she is a female? I mean, I don’t get it for those of you who think it is sick for EJami but ok for Lucas and Sami. And even if you didn’t watch Days back in the 90s to see that, Sami admitted it to EJ… that it would be a double standard for her to hate EJ for the same thing she did to Lucas. So how do you all explain YOUR double standard?

    And for the record, this in no way means I condone rape or how these storylines brushed it off. But, this IS a soap opera, so it comes with the territory, no? I suggest checking out PBS if you want your TV true-to-life.

  24. From Goodbye DAYS

    Has Dena lost her mind? She must have! I think DOOL has hired her to close down the show. We all know that pairing Daniel and Kate again will be the end for many of us.

  25. From jane

    FOR GOOODNESS SAKES CAN SOMEONE KILL OFF KATE? She is more painful to endure than a rootcanal without anesthesia.
    daniel needs to go away too.
    Where are the really good plot lines DOOL had a few years back. It has become not so interseting AGAIN..

  26. From h ho

    When is the cat going to be out of the bag about Nicole switching the babies. Please bring Sami and EJ ttogether kill of Rofe, bring philip and melanie together, and stephanie and young Horton. Mia is a bitch for what she is doing to Willbut the baby thing has to come to an end its been boring and way to long.

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