Days of Our Lives Spoilers for September 29-October 3.

It turns out that Nicole is not just sick from the clam chowder at the pub or a newfound allergy to orange juice, she’s actually knocked up, most likely with the latest branch in the DiMera family tree. But family troubles are not for her alone. In fact, they continue to be the order of the day in Salem. Newly reunited siblings Max and Melanie have something new to bond over. In addition to hating their father, at least one of them may have killed him. Now they can show how much they care about each other by covering up the crime, if there is anything to cover up between them. The circle of loathing that Trent cast everywhere he went was increasing on a daily basis so there are still quite a few suspects to be discovered in the murder of the evil bearded one.

Meanwhile, Kate continues to worsen and goes in for her biopsy. This is supposed to bring bad news, but what? Things aren’t rosy for her children in other departments either. Philip gets caught with his lips on Chloe… by Morgan. Will this be the last straw that pushes the Southern belle out of Philly K’s life for good, or are he and Chloe just rehearsing a scene for her return to the stage? And how will Lucas, Salem’s second greatest drama queen, react?

Things aren’t all grim though. Abe is getting a new lease on life and contemplates becoming the next Mayor of Salem. At home, things are looking up as well as Theo makes a breakthrough in his therapy session. But how will Lexi react when she discovers that her old friend Kayla has been tapped to replace her as the Chief of Staff at the hospital?

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