Days of Our Lives: The Double Pregnancy Promo.

EJ really knows how to get around!

Well, I guess that’s not really true. He’s only had sex three times in almost as many years, not counting Kate of course. Since Kate had more common sense than Salem’s blonds, she managed to bed (or tabletop) EJ and escape unscathed by his super sperm. What’s so super about them? Well, they got Nicole pregnant and she’s supposed to be infertile. Watch this new promo from NBC to get an idea of how this is going to play out.

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  1. From LISA


  2. From amanda

    I think nicole’s baby should belong to someone else’lol’ and sami’s should be EJ’s and sami finally falls for him….there great together

  3. From sarah

    I agree with amanda, EJ and Sami belong together and I love Dr Dan and Nicole together! That would be great!

  4. From Susie

    I’m so disgusted with this whole Sami thing. I’d like to see Nicole hook up with EJ. If EJ had a new child, wouldn’t it be something if Sami’s son actually belongs to Lucas. Maybe Sami could finally get on with him.
    It’s about time she finally gets the good end of the deal. I’m sure Will would like to see his parents together. I know Sami is pregnant in real life and they want to write it into the show, but couldn’t this be a false alarm?

  5. From Shar

    I love, love, love the chemistry that EJ and Sami have. I would really love to see them get together! Nicole would be good paired up with Dr Dan, I totally agree! They totally have it going on when they are on screen together. I also think that Sami has met her match in EJ and they belong together. Kind of reminds me of Bo & Hope

  6. From Rachel

    I hope EJ and Sami Realize they belong together! I definately hope EJ remains Johnny’s father. Sami and Lucas stink together. EJAMI are totally HOT and exciting in comparison to Lucas and Sami. Sami and Lucas storylines are borin, tired, and old. I hope this finally wakes Sami up to fight for her man. Nicole is not the saint they are trying to make her out
    tobe be lately. Nicole a

  7. From Loretta

    I agree that Ej & Sami belong together. Maybe Nicole will remember going on a drunkin bender and bedded down with Dr. Dan also. I think she is much better with him. I wish they would let Sami finally be happy with someone and that is EJ. They have such great chemistry. Their love making scenes was some of the hottest I’ve seen on a soap in years. Let’s get them together and let Nicole & Dan get together.

  8. From LISA

    Me i like Nicole & EJ together.I hope he will be glad to have a child with Nicole. She is due for something good in her life.

  9. From melissa

    I wanna have ej’s baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. From Annie

    EJ and Sami completly belong together!!! Nicole is wrong for EJ. The chemestry between he and Sami cannot be denied.

  11. From Maryann Boaden

    Hard to believe Sami is pregnent by EJ because it has been to long ago that they shared a bed. I would love to see Nicole and EJ become a couple. Sami is toooo harsh and mean spirited.

  12. From barbarb

    I want Sami and EJ together they belong together. Lucas is dull no excitement. And nicole is a no good good for nothing golddigger. EJ and Sami are a very good together he never puts her down like lucas does. Let lucas and nicole find someone else..she’s a husband stealer. Sami will grow up with EJ and be more responsible and mature. Kick Nicole off show I can’t stand her that faker.

  13. From Amy

    DOOL has ALWAYS planned on the making EJ and Sami a supercouple.
    The fact that she is pregnant again is proof of that. Nicole is simply a diversion. DOOL loves to create supercouples and then put them in extra-ordinary situations. The santo/colleen thing last summer cemented their pairing. Not to mention the whole Dimera unrequitted love drama scenerio.

  14. From Fran

    I have to say, I am tired of them writing Sami into relationships with EJ. I realize that they have tried to present EJ in a redeemed light, but the crime against Sami is something that shouldn’t be brushed over, Soap Opera or not. For that reason, I cannot get behind them together. EJ can be better redeemed if he’s not with is victim.

  15. From Prilla35

    EJ and NICOLE all the way. Sami and Lucas belong togther

  16. From Prilla35

    Ej and Nicole are one of the hottest couples in Days of our Lives history!!

  17. From Dayzer

    I think this whole double pregnancy storyline is a very lazy rewrite on Higley’s part.
    It’s beyond rediculous for Sami to have yet another child while her twins are still babies.

    The Nicole pregnancy could be interesting if done right and she does not end up happy ever after with EJ..
    *But then neither should Sami.*

    The whole direction is boring, predictable.. and very limiting in where it can take Sami and EJ or Lucas in the future.
    Sami may as well open up a Daycare at this rate. I Hate it !

  18. From Raymone

    I am with the Sami/EJ supporters. Nicole needs to go away and stay away and Sami and EJ need to be together. There is something very special about the two of them and the scenes they share. Why the writers have messed up the possibility of a true SUPER COUPLE is beyond me.

  19. From jackee

    I agree Ej & Sami belong together and Nicole has great chemistry with Dr. Dan and why does Nichole always have to go after Sami seconds she’s beautiful give her her own man Dr.Dan would be perfect. All these years and now she has a miracle please your going to say she hasn’t had sex with anyone else, a little bit more realistic.

  20. From me

    At the moment it is a dumb story line for Sammy at least. She has twins and the last time she had sex was with EJ 4months ago dont understand the writer. Might be a good story line for the future but right now a little to far fetched

  21. From Jill

    I too like Nichole and EJ together. It would be nice to see something good happen for a change, and I do believe Sami is due to pay for her mistakes

  22. From lupe

    T hope Nichole’s baby belongs to someone else not EJ’s I think Sami and EJ belong together.

  23. From joelle condella

    I don’t want nicole with EJ and hopes she loses this baby. Sami belongs with EJ and the writers neded to make this right. It’s Sami he loves and if the writers would stop making her so bitchy then she and EJ could be together. I can’t stand Nicole..on TV every day!

  24. From EJ + Sami = Destiny

    Yes, EJ and Sami were together 4 months ago in the VIEWER’S time, but in DOOL time, it has been probably more like 2-3 months. (Ever notice that 2-3 episodes sometimes have the cast wearing the same outfits? That’s because it’s showing only one day in DOOL time!) Go EJ and Sami! Lumi is nauseatingly dull.

  25. From lisa

    I think nicoles baby should belong to someone else to, sami and ej belong together not ej and nicole, I think its about time sami finally get to be happy and with ej, I think they should get nicole out of the picture.

  26. From gloria anderson

    I think this whole thing with both women being pregnant is stupid. come on days, please keep this show exciting. I have been watching this shoe for over 20 years and I am about tired of it now. It is almost as sick as passion. Make it interesting again./

  27. From Melissa

    I am a long time days fan and I would much rather see EJ with Nicole. Bring back Sami and Lucas.

  28. From Marcia

    Sami and Lucas belong together. Could she finally be a Horton already??!! I still think that She and Lucas should get married again and live in Grandma Alice’s house and help take care of her. I’m sure Grandma Alice would love to bake cookies and doughnuts for her great grandkids. Lucas was willing to show equal love and affection to Johnny so why not for her new baby too. (Even if it’s with EJ) It would be nice if it turned out Sami and Lucas really had been together after all and she was really pregnant with Luca’s baby. After all, there was a moment right after he found EJ and Sami together in bed that they had a heart to heart talk and Lucas seemed like he could almost give in and be with her anyway……You never know in the Soap Opera world…it could happen. Look at Ross and Rachel on friends!!! They ended up sleeping together and having EMMA!! LOL!! I’m a loyal LUMI fan! Come on, they have a long history and chemistry together! They already have 2 children together! They really love each other. I want to see Sami be Mrs. Lucas Horton once and for all! :o)

  29. From t8rmom

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Sami and EJ will finally get together. I love them!! I can just see a big lavish wedding. If Sami and EJ would join forces, I think they could take over the Dimera empire. Regardless, it’s an excellent story line. I am glued every week!

  30. From tina


  31. From cat

    I am so sick of the Sami and EJ story line. I really want EJ and nicole to be together, raise their child as well as raising Johnny and the new baby. As much as I love Sami (and I do) she is a much better character when she is in turmoil

  32. From cat


    Sami’s twins are old enough for her to get pregnant again and it does happen (actually it happened to me … my kids were born Jan 2004 and Dec 2004). They have to write in Allison’s pregnancy somehow, it wouldn’t make any sense for her to leave the show with all the custody drama.

    With that being said … Let Sami be with Lucas and let Nicole finally have her happy ending with EJ!

  33. From fromkiki

    I think that Sami and EJ belong together… their chemistry is great. who cares about golddigger Nicole…

  34. From Angela

    I agree that Nicole’s baby needs to be someone else. I have been rooting for Sami and EJ for a long time. I wish they would finally be together!!

  35. From Amber

    I like Lumi but think that Lucas should be blaming himself for Sami sleeping with Ej this time… She would never have turned to EJ if Lucas hadnt shunned her away and refused to speak to her… Maybe he will have a true change of heart and try to be a better man for her!! That would be great! But I still dont think that Nicole should belong w/EJ- I like seeing him pine over sammi :)

  36. From days fan

    Hey anyone think that Trent may be the father of Nicole’s baby??? He did have a hold on her at one point before he died! Maybe he MADE her sleep with him?????

  37. From TSJONES

    I want EJ and Nicole together and I hope Johnny turns out to be lucas’s and He and Sami get back together..

  38. From Tracy

    I would like to see EJ and Nicole together not Sami she has and will always belong with Lucas they have been threw so much together that they should have each other :)

  39. From Alexa

    I’m hoping that Trent is the father of Nicole’s baby, so that Sami and EJ can finally be together without Nicole being so needy.

  40. From Cathy

    I really think Sammi and EJ should be together. I believe she is really in love with EJ and never really had an opportunity to come to that realization. Too many interferences from Lucas and Stefano and Marlena, etc. EJ and Sammi are great together. Nicole’s baby should belong to someone else; perhaps Daniel, since he already slept with Kate anyway.

  41. From Lisa

    Ej and Sammi for sure! It’s been to long getting them together just love each other and live happily ever after!

  42. From daisy

    I am sure Lucas is the father of Sami s twins. When E.J. finds out he has a baby with Nicole, he will admit Johnnie isn’t his, that he messed with the lab results. I think Sami will lose the baby she is pregnant with, and she and Lucas will reunite. And, E.J. and Nicole will marry.

  43. From Kelly

    I would love to see Nicole with Daniel. Just that one scene they had together in the Brady Pub was enough to show their chemistry. The sparks really ignited the screen. Wow. DAYS needs to get to work on developing that one.

    Oh, and of course IMO, Sami and EJ belong together. Lucas and Chloe make a fine couple as well.

    Now if they would only bring back Eric Brady, Brady Black, etc. things would get real interesting. The show needs some new blood already!

  44. From Blues

    I didn’t see the episode with Nicole and Dan in the pub. Just wondering if by any chance they were sitting. If not isn’t Nicole at least a foot taller than him.

  45. From Belinda

    EJ and SAMI are ment to be, i hope nicole would lose the baby. It’s just so ovious that sami and ej love each other.

  46. From Darlene

    Dear Sirs:
    I don’t like EJ and Nicole together. She ploted to get sami’s
    baby. Nicole got Mia’s baby girl
    then she switched mia’s Baby for Sami’s. Nicole is still up to her tricks. She worse than Sami. I
    hope that she gets caught and EJ
    throws her out on her fanny. And
    EJ keeps Sydney because Sydney
    . is not really hers

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