General Hospital Video: This Week’s Promo Clip!

It’s never exactly ‘white lace and promises’ on General Hospital, but what would you expect for a soap wedding in a mob town?

So, what do you think? Who needs a honeymoon with all this action, right? Or would you prefer a good, old fashioned scene with the groom carrying his bride over the threshold?  Tell Soap Opera Fan Blog your thoughts!

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Fun fact! Julie Clark Robinson wrote this story just for you on September 30th, 2008 |

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  1. From MISSY

    Sonny,needs to know that he,has another son by Olivia. it has to come out sonner. but drag Jason,out fm Sonny’s world.& have peace w/ Elizabeth & son Jake.that is Where He,should be right now.fight for Elizabeth,& peace in P.Charles. they need to be married.I,know they love each other
    that is What I,think.

  2. From MISSY

    I,think p.charles needs peace,bring down Sonny & Dante,they
    need to know the truth once in for all, that Dante,is his other son by Olivia. but bring Jason,out of the mob so He,can carry his bride Elizabeth down to the wedding aisle,so he,can be w/ a family that he,loves & be w/his son Jake.
    bring romance bk to charles.but for sonny needs to be locked up for what he has done to jason & elizabeth,they need each other.let hhim & sam get the teens fm cancun.
    bring down jerry & claudia.thank’s,

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