General Hospital Spoilers (September 17 & 18)

Here are some mini teasers for Wednesday and Thursday:

Johnny pays Lulu a visit but is soon told by Lainey to stay away.

Lulu wonders if Laura is really recovering.

Laura tells Lulu that she’s ready to tell her brothers that she has woken up.

Jax goes on a date with Leyla and Carly sees them.

Maxie and Spinelli convince Carly to try online dating.

Diane leans on Jason after breaking up with Max.

Max thinks that Jason and Diane have been seeing each other.

Nikolas tells Liz that his feelings for Nadine aren’t platonic any more.

Patrick feels sorry for Matt because he’s alone during his recovery.

Robin goes to Anna with an assignment to find Matt’s family.

Alexis and Sam are at odds thanks to Jerry.

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