General Hospital Spoilers For September 29 – 30!

Here are some mini teasers for Wednesday and Thursday:

After going around a few times, Jason finally agrees to do as Sonny asks. Poor Karpov. (I can’t believe I just felt pity for a Russian mobster. Poor me!) Apparently, Max has returned from Sicily and helped Jason to remain Sonny’s loyal friend, just as Carly predicted he would do.

Speaking of loyalties, Jax admits that he loves Carly, but he can’t risk his heart to her one more time. ( So much for the steamy kiss they exchanged, eh?)

As if being left at the airport because of a bridal shooting weren’t enough, Jason decides to remind Liz what it would be like to share a life with him. (I’d think a simple glance into Kate’s hospital room would do the trick, wouldn’t you?)

Elizabeth talks, again, to Robin about how lucky she is to be able to spend her life with the man she loves. This time, Robin hears her because she goes straight to Patrick and proposes to him.

Over in Zacharra world, Ric and Claudia continue to grow closer, although she can tell that he’s hiding something from her.

Patrick gives Sonny some good news about Kate, and Olivia goes to Carly for answers.

It looks like there might finally be some spooning out at Spoon Island! Nik and Nadine have sex, but Nadine feels strange about it when she wakes up the next day. Is it a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’?

And for the biggest downward spiral of the moment, look no further than Johnny Z. He feels so horribly about his part in ‘Loo Loo’s’ mental status that he takes it out on himself. First he gets in Scott’s face in hopes of being pummeled and then he gives himself over to his father to be the prodigal son. (What ever happened to bellying up to the bar with Coleman for some tequila?)

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    I really like this. It reminds me of when Dustin had the DAYS page. Good job!

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