General Hospital Spoilers (September 29 – October 3)

Spoilers for next week:

Olivia thinks Carly can answer her questions.

Sonny and Kate’s wedding is worse than anything Kate could’ve predicted!

Olivia is pivotal to Kate’s secrets, as well as her fate.

Olivia’s secret, however, comes out.

Lulu’s situation gets worse instead of better.

Sonny vows revenge, and then tells Jason that he wants his business back.

Anthony comes up with a doozy of a plan and lets Ric in on it.

Johnny goes to his father and tells him everything he’s been waiting to hear.

On the romantic front: Patrick gets a marriage proposal, Jax spills his guts to Carly and Nik and Nadine ramp up their relationship a notch (or two!)

For fans who like to know when the other cement boot is going to drop (and in Port Chuckles it always does), Soap Opera Fan Blog will post new teasers on Thursdays for a sneak peak at what to expect the following week. If things get really juicy, we’ll pop new stuff in more often than that!

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