General Hospital Weekly Summary from September 22 – 26, 2008!

Dum, Dum, Da-Dum.

Sing along with me guys, “Here comes the bride…all dressed in couture….There goes the groom…stalked by all his ex lovers in the room…” Okay, so that’s not exactly how the song goes, but Sonny and Kate’s wedding week wasn’t exactly as it was supposed to go either! But I digress.

Sonny went to Bensonhurst earlier in the week to convince Kate’s cousin Olivia to make the trip to Port Charles to surprise Kate. Every bit as rough around the edges as you might image, Olivia orders a shot and a beer, and thinks about it. She keeps the memories of her brief affair with Sonny at a minimum, but grumbles about the pain Connie caused her family when she left them in the dust as she started her fancy new life. In the end, Olivia agreed. She was pleasantly surprised to find her room at The Metro Court comped by Sonny, mini bar and all.

Carly was pretty pleased, too, when she met Olivia and discovered that Kate Howard is really just Connie Falconeri from the old neighborhood. Carly tore off to beg Jason to take her to the wedding because this was far too delicious to resist. Without knowing why she was so eager to go, Jason agreed.

But Jason was in an agreeable mood this week. It seems that all of Elizabeth’s reasoning has rubbed off on him and suddenly he doesn’t see why they can’t have a private relationship after all. In fact, he invited her to come with him to Italy and they have a date to meet at the airport right after the wedding. Elizabeth was stunned, but thrilled, and since Lucky and Sam had already planned to take the boys to the mountains for the week, she’s free as a bird. (But does she have a passport, I couldn’t help but wonder. Guess it doesn’t matter much if your traveling companion is ‘Stone Cold’ Morgan, eh?)

Before I get to all the good stuff about the wedding, let me give you a nutshell version of a nutshell version of what else happened this week. Patrick is disgusted with Noah for fathering Matt. Matt doesn’t want anything from anyone. Sam got a tad closer to Jerry, but refused to sleep with him until he ends it with her mother. (Yeecchh!) As for Lucky, he’s not pleased, but he remains ever the supportive watchdog. Out at Shadybrook, Lulu’s begging couldn’t rouse Laura, so now her brothers, as well as her doctors, have proclaimed that her time with her mother was simply a figment of her imagination. Ouch. To make matters worse, even though Johnny is a free man, he is ‘persona non grata’ because Lainey thinks that Lulu should not focus on such a destructive man while she’s trying to regain her sanity. Nik and Nadine seem to be getting closer all the time. She isn’t happy with the life of leisure, however, so she went back to work. As if that weren’t enough for a recently burned person, she decided to sneak around Karpov’s boat for a while. Sasha and some Russian goons found her and were about to make her walk the proverbial plank when Prince Nik rescued her.

Okay, now back to the good stuff! There was a lot of pre-wedding build up that was delicious to watch. Such as when Claudia enticed Ric into being her escort. He clearly wasn’t going to turn her down, but he made her do the dance nonetheless. She admitted to probably having ulterior motives, but didn’t Ric want to be the person on her arm anyway? He did. Kate endured one bad omen after another (Ravens in the bell tower for cryin’ out loud!), but Sonny steadfastly flashed his dimples and reminded his bride that they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together. The bride sighed and moved forward no matter what the obstacle. She donned a rehearsal dress, a rehearsal dinner dress, a pre-wedding dress and finally her wedding gown before the week was over. The question is, will she actually get to put on the reception gown? (Cryptic organ sound effect goes here.)

Which leads us to Friday’s cliffhanger. Friends, it was everything a soap wedding should be. Nods to former storylines were infused, like when Robin told Sonny that Stone would want him to be happy. The groom and his father made nice, and the groom even told his brother that his bride has hopes for a reconnected family in the near future. Ric shook his hand and said nary a negative word. Jason and Sonny hugged. Alexis and Sonny hugged. Even Carly and Sonny hugged, albeit Jax walked by and grimaced. Sadly, things weren’t quite as Hallmark back in the bridal room.

After somewhat coldly reconnecting, Olivia and Connie/Kate went about the business getting dressed for the big walk down the aisle. (Maxie was promptly replaced as maid of honor and the gown fit Olivia perfectly, by the way.) While Olivia was doing her maid-of-honor duties, she presented Kate with their Noni’s necklace — the very necklace that Kate was yearning for only days earlier — but Kate took one look at it and said it didn’t match her dress. What? Olivia laid into Kate for being a shallow, cold woman who didn’t care about the pain she inflicted on her family all those years ago. Things got ugly as only they can between two fiery women from Bensonhurst, and all of Sonny and Kate’s dear friends waiting in the sanctuary could hear every word. (Carly was beside herself with joy!)

Still, when “Ave Maria” started to play, the procession went on as planned. Sonny’s friends and family gave him loving looks as he made his way toward the altar. Olivia swung her couture-clad hips down the aisle. Finally, it was Kate’s turn. She looked lovely, sans Noni’s necklace, as she focused only on Sonny during her well rehearsed bridal march. But instead of hearing the pastor begin speaking, all we heard was a gunshot.

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