GH 80′s Reunion on Night Shift Finale.

Sean and Tif and Luke, oh my! Robert and Anna and (okay, so I need one more name here to complete my “Wizard of Oz” reference, but you get the idea).

The two-part finale of SOAPnet’s GH spin-off “Night Shift” will air on Tuesday October 14 and Tuesday October 21, and it is destined to be a doozy for long-time GH fans. John Reilly (Sean Donely) and Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany Hill) will return to a Port Charles set after two decades to reunite their characters for a touching storyline involving the colon cancer of fellow world spy, Robert Scorpio (played by Tristan Rogers). Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) will also crossover from GH to NS for the first time for the storyline.

As if that weren’t sensory overload enough, the regular theme song for the episodes will be replaced by the original title sequence from the 80s, as well! I don’t know about you guys, but my college class schedule revolved around what these action adventure types were up to. I’m wondering if just hearing that old theme song will fill me with guilt over blowing off classes, or simply fill me with joy over the nostalgia of it all. I’m betting on the latter, of course, because, as all life-long GH fans know, we are allowed a certain guilty pleasure around 3:00 ET every weekday, right? But be aware, this particular reunion is on “Night Shift”, so you’ll have to tune in at 11:00 PM ET/PT on SOAPnet instead.

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