Star Sighting! The Young and The Restless’ Bryant Jones AKA Nathan Hastings!

Oh where, oh where has little Nathan Hastings gone? Oh where, or where can he be?

Okay, so maybe we got carried away, but we’ve missed Bryant Jones on The Young and the Restless playing little Nathan Hastings! So where has this childhood actor been since leaving the show back in 2002?

Bryant is now a senior in high school at Oxnard High at 3400 West Gonzales Road in Oxnard, California. In fact, he has grown up to be nothing like his once timid onscreen character! Now 5-foot-11 and 220 pounds, he is the Oxnard football team’s senior linebacker! After leaving Daytime, Bryant wanted nothing more than to be just a normal kid – and he did so! Looked up to by many of his peers, Bryant is focused on school and football, with plans to put both to good use through a new college next year!

Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to wish Bryant the very best in life! We missed you but are so excited that things are going your way!

Photo Credit: Eric Parsons

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