The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary for Week of September 22 – 26, 2008.

Custody changed hands, new connections were made and memories bubbled to the surface this week on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Donna tried to explain to Eric what happened with Owen while he was in a coma, but Eric couldn’t understand why she wasn’t able to wait for him. Eric tried to tell her she should move on with someone younger, but Donna insisted she only wanted him. Meanwhile, Thorne and Stephanie realized Donna had gotten to Eric and they ran upstairs to drag her out of there. Once back downstairs, Donna and Stephanie had words, both declaring they were the woman for Eric.

Rick devised a plan to get Taylor, Brooke, Jack, Hope and RJ all up to the Big Bear cabin at the same time. His intent was to see how Jack responded to being around Brooke and the other kids in order to convince Taylor where the boy truly belonged. His plan worked, as Jack was happy playing with Hope and RJ and he seemed to be at ease with Brooke. Taylor broke down and told Brooke she wanted her to be a mother to Jack because she couldn’t give the boy what he needed. Brooke agreed to take Jack and then went home to see how Ridge felt about it. After having sex with him first, the two debated the issue and Ridge eventually agreed to give parenting Jack a try.

After telling Nick it’s over and moving out of his house, Bridget saw Owen at a restaurant and took out her frustrations over men on him. Owen took one for the team and flirted with her in the process, which Bridget seemed susceptible to. Bridget then ran into Katie at Brooke’s house who told her she missed her and hoped they could be friends again some day. Bridget remained calm, but told her aunt under no circumstances will that ever happen! Katie then went to see Nick who told her he was looking forward to working out their situation with the baby together and then they got intimate.

After giving Jack up, Taylor went home to a comforting Rick who tried to ease her pain by getting her in bed. Afterwards, Taylor had a flashback to her life with Ridge, but repeatedly told herself she had to get over ex-husband.

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