The Young and The Restless Hires Paul Rauch As New Executive Producer!

PhotobucketJosh Griffith Out, Paul Rauch In!

Despite the rumors, although representatives from The Young and the Restless had come forward back in August and stated that Executive Producer Josh Griffith was not leaving the show, word has just come in contrary to that – and the show has a new Executive Producer! Paul Rauch!

While Josh recently left the show, after spending time with the cast and crew at a going away party, Paul Rauch has jumped right into his shoes – and is no stranger to duties expected from the show! Aside from spending some time writing for Texas in 1990, Paul has worked as a producer for Another World, One Life to Live, Santa Barbara, and Guiding Light!

Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to wish Josh the best of luck in all that his future holds, and we want to send an extended congratulations to Paul for his new position! We can’t wait to see what you have in store for the show!

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  1. From Coreen

    OMG why are TPTB hiring this man??He alienates every actor/actress he comes in contact with. He is a cold hearted man with no thought or regard to anyone & is known to fire at will. He almost ruined AW & OLTL I just hope he doesn’t ruin Y&R!!! Please rethink this HUGE mistake!!
    Thank you

  2. From bette rauch

    Good to see a familer name….good luck. Bette

  3. From bette rauch

    yes have watched for years. Bette

  4. From Ms O

    I just can’t believe he would even allow such mess to air on daytime televison. The Y&R has taken a dark side and it’s very ugly! Not liking it at all!!! The writers are not as creative as they should and it’s so hard to even mustard up enough energy to continue to watch!!! He looks to be the type to run things his way! The poor actors/actress don’t seem to have a leg to stand on. Just by looking at his photo!! The poor Winter’s family is a mess!!! The Y&R will soon be history!!

  5. From Arlette

    Have watched for years, I can’t believe that Adam is ruining the entire show. He needs to restore every relationship and move on to another show before everyone quits watching the Y&R!!!!! He is the worst actor but gets far too much air time. We will not be happy until Sharon and Nick get their baby back.

  6. From Debbie

    We loyal fans have had to stand by and watch the stupid story line with Adam and Ashley. In real life people are that damn stupid. BUT as of Nov. 2, I will no longer watch this show. To replace the character that is THE SHOW lets me know that the producers care nothing about the fans. All they care about is their profit. Well, after letting Victor go, they will see their profit, their ratings, fan base AND Advertisers plummet. They deserve it.Seems like you greed has overtaken your common sense. Well, without Victor, I am going to stop watching a show that I started watching over thirty years ago when I was 17. It has been the only soap opera I have ever watched. Well, as they say all good things must come to an end. My prediction will be that Y&R will go the route of the Guiding Light in 6 months or less. When it does, all your money hungry producers who are out looking for new jobs. The answer in my opinion is NO WAY, you are death to a show’s ratings, you are too stupid to see what the viewers like. In closing, one last thing, THE Viewers are what keep you in business. With Victor gone, you will have no viewers and no business.

  7. From A Parent

    I stopped watching Y and R when they switched the babies. It is awful. All you see on tv(especially Nancy Grace) is babies being Kidnapped or Stolen or mothers being killed for their unborn babies. This switching or taking Sharons baby is just giving ideas to viewers who maybe vindictive enough to try something like this and get away with this. Why cant the writers show the world right from wrong. I know the writers dont care as long as it gets higher rating but this is so wrong. Please give the baby back before Christmas. Also I am so glad you put Nikki and Victor back together. It would be nice to see one stable couple that love each other stay together. I keep up with this about every 2 weeks on the internet but until the baby is returned I wont watch it on tv. Cant this soap opera be different and show some love and compassion instead of always sceeming and getting ever with each other.

  8. From Nancy Jordan

    The show on the web starts & stops.I love the show ,but cant see it Will some one fix it>>

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