The Young and the Restless’ Jeanne Cooper Back As Marge?

PhotobucketWill the evil double return to wreak havoc on Genoa City?

It’s been eighteen years since we last saw Katherine Chancellor’s (Jeanne Cooper) evil double Marge Catrooke back in 1990, and word has it she may be making another appearance soon! Who could forget when Clint Radison (James Michael Gregary) found and brought Marge to Genoa City in an attempt to take over all that the Chancellor name had to offer! It’s a good thing Katherine’s son Brock (Beau Kayser) found Kay and Esther (Kate Linder) being held hostage in the basement, or Kay could still be M.I.A.!

Although official word from the show has not been released, it’s said they plan to bring the character of Marge back on canvas sometime this fall – during the same time Jeanne celebrates her 80th birthday on October 25, 2008!

Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you posted as this story develops! Stay tuned, as it could become a very bumpy ride for those close to Katherine in Genoa City!

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  2. From Brenda Butler

    I will miss you so much Jeanne. You caught my heart when I was little. I know sometimes things change in our lives, but I feel like since you are leaving, I lost a family member. Hope life treats you good. you are #1

    love you, Brenda

  3. From Lori Facas

    I miss you Jeanne so very much, I love you, and your character Katherine (Kay) Chancellor. I watched you every afternoon, and again at night on Soap-Net,i even recorded The Young & the Restless on DVD SO THAT I could watch you whenever I wanted to and watch any episode with you, I have every show you did recoreded, now I will not miss you, I Love You, I’m A Huge fan of yours and I miss you, you are and always will be #1 to me. Forever, & Aways, Your Fan, Lori, P.S. Be Happy & Take Care!

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