The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Friday September 26- September 30!

Things are heating up all over GC this week!

Things with Victor couldn’t be any more interesting.  Family tries to commit him, but that’s not going to happen to the great and powerful Victor Newman! Did they really think it would? The guy’s going to skip out of the hospital Friday. He enlisted Michael’s help in getting him away from his snooping family. They’re like Lucy and Ethel (I know, I’m too young to really know who they are, but I’ve seen reruns!). Victor’s not the only sneak. Things heat up between Gloria and Jeffrey, when Jeffrey realizes that Katherine hasn’t sold stock to Gloria. Hrm. Then where is she getting all that Jabot stock from?

Jack, Jack, Jack. Lying to his own wife. Okay, that’s not news, but what is news is that he’s able to cover it up when he finally does see Ashley in New York and Sharon’s able to chat with her on the phone. I guess her suspicions are put to rest about Jack’s wherabouts for the last few days. Could be worse. You could be married to smilin’ Jack! Both of his sisters, the Abbott ladies show  up next week, which is great news, considering I thought the Abbotts were being thrown out of GC for a while there. Well, they’re back. HAH, and I’m still loving the snake in the grass (mum’s saying) kid brother Billy who is so much like Jack, it’s wonderfully evil! Jack will meet Ashley and Tracy in New York to ask for their help in regaining Jabot back. Will they help? I think so. Can’t think of why Ashley would return without her old job back! Your thoughts? Is he as convincing as he thinks he is?

Adam seems to have a soft side. I’m liking him more and more as an bad guy. He will have some second thoughts about Jack’s plan to destroy old Vic. Watch what brings this about!

Meanwhile, as I elluded to in the past spoilers, Lily and Colleen’s frienship is strained, due to Colleen’s less than girl power attitude that we’re seeing. Her holier than thou attitude is kind of immature. Insecure. Could it be because she’s not sure she’ll be with Daniel for the long haul? Ya can’t keep soulmates apart…are Daniel and Amber soulmates? We’ll see. In the meantime, we’re having fun watching Chloe. Look for a bit of panic on her part, now that ex-beau, Billy has returned to GC. She’s going to have to try hard to get Billy to keep mum about knowing her, isnt’ she? Gee, if the date of conception of her child is in June, and she wasn’t even “with” Cane in that car until well after June, how else did she get pregnant and with the same DNA strain, I ask you?! Maybe Esther will get something out of her. Watch for their little heart to heart this week!

And… watch for Tuesday, when I bring you more scoop.

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  1. From Tanya

    o yeah and chloe should be put in the loony bin bcuz shes just to crazy to live and function in society lol. coo coo

  2. From MISSY

    getting weird but at least I, hope it is not w/ Chance. but some 1,else in her past,thinking it could be Cane,w/ her. but if He,is well He,needs to tell the truth,
    glad Ashley,is going to Ny,it may help fm the ranch. may find Nikki,some where. I, hope thank’s,

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