The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Sept 30-October 3!

Abbott’s are back, baby! And it’s about time!

This week has been exciting as all get out with Billy’s return! Well, <i>nu-Billy</i>, anyway. I forget that there even was any other Billy, frankly. I really love this new actor. Good acting, great facial expression, he’s conniving, and a young Jack – perfect for the part! He’s going to be Jack’s inside man at Jabot. Guess Jill will be working with her son nearby. What a surprise for her! No real surprise for the rest of us is that Kevin and Gloria are going to get back into their naughty schemes. Kevin makes Katherine wonder what’s up when he tries to find evidence that she’s getting forgetful. Though she is losing her memory, it doesn’t show to Kevin. Will this mean Gloria and Kevin will have to find an alternative way to get her stock?

On the Lily and Cane front, Lily quits Jabot as a model and Cane soon tries to hire another one in Colleen. Can you see the new fresh face of Jabot as Colleen?

Esther deserves more. She and daughter Chloe/Kate, had a talk. Chloe opensup about a past love that didn’t go well. We all know by now that the past love has to be Billy/Liam! She called him selfish, arrogant and handsome. Yep, that’s Billy! Gotta love that! And, it’s ironic that he’s the guy that Chloe was helping Amber to date! Won’t this be delicious when he turns up at Chloe’s door? I think this triangle turned into something much more.

Mid week, Karen comes clean about her past that we didn’t know about, and interestingly enough, <a href=””>Olivia shows up back in GC! </a> What does this mean for Neil? Model, <a href=””>Ruby Aldridge shows up in GC</a>, for another Restless Style cover. Do we really care about these models? I don’t. Whether you do or not, I’d love to hear from you! Nicky warns Nicholas about getting too close to Victor’s problems. She ought to know. He has his own troubles brewing, when son Noah stirs up some issues of his own.

In the Abbott home, Sharon’s preparing to redesign. Interior designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard arrives for a meeting… didn’t he already show up in GC about this, and will we like the changes he makes to the house or are you, as I am, stuck in the past when it comes to our soaps?

More spoilers to come for all you GC lovers on Friday!

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  1. From Carol

    Yes, it’s fun to read & refreshing to see the ‘aside’ comments included. Makes a friendlier, newsier, juicy, gossipy aspect to the article. I ‘dvr’ the episodes then fast forward the scenes I don’t want to watch, particularly Eden/River, Neil/Karen, Jack/Adam, Amber, Ashley & especially any Nick/Phyllis & Sharon/Jack bedroom scenes – yuck, gross me out! Do not like Adam at all esp since day one! Get more Victor/Nicky scenes going & get Nick/Sharon back together. Phyllis is the real Sheila anyway & she just sucks!

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