The Young and The Restless Spoilers for September 23-26!

Genoa City has always been the hottest soap, the place to be, and this week is no different!

Billy has caused a bit of a stir with his return. As I mentioned on Friday, he’s edgier, he’s a lot like brother Jack, and I like him! He’s got a few surprises in store for him this week. He finds out Amber was Amber was once married to Cane, though later on in the week it doesn’t seem to stop him from having sex with his lady friend! Amber may have sex with him, but her heart is still with Daniel, even after she saw him in that dorky getup at the art showing! She has images of Daniel romping with Colleen at the art showing. Thank goodness this was only a dream! Last week we all thought it was reality. Lily, Amber’s old enemy, has a warning for Daniel. Listen to your heart… ditch Colleen and get back with Amber. Oh. That last part was my advice to him. I can’t stand Colleen.

We’ve been waiting for this one – Chloe and Cane bond, when Cane rubs Chloe’s aching hands. Ugh! And the kid’s not even his – at least, that’s my theory. Won’t he be angry when he figures that out? And will he? Soon? A sneakier peek is that Chloe is going to attempt to hide her past with Billy… and we all know that her conception date is well before she was with Cane. Will Cane find out sooner, rather than later, that his wife’s a lying sack of doggie doo-doo? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Let’s find out what’s going on with Victor. The poor guy has been through a lot. Sure, he can be an SOB, but I’m still a fan. He had to pack up his dead wife’s art gallery. How sad is that? He sees her in a dream sequence and she has advice for him and then he passes out, once Nick shows up. Nick, being the good son that he is – not that Victor would notice – rushes him to the hospital. Uh oh… later on in the week, Nick and Victoria must make a decision regarding Victor. Is this where Ashley steps in? Oh yeah! She’s returning, as we all know, but what does this mean to Victor? What will she do? Where will she work? One can only hope she won’t have a run in with the new Baldwin member, Eden. Gloria will! Boy, is she some nasty piece of work! I like her already, the little brat! She yells, screams and scares the you know what out of me. Seriously! She’s rude to Noah this week, when he tries to befriend her, and poor, poor Lauren and Michael are in for it as they take guardianship over this nasty gal. Just how long is she here for? We know River’s around for 2 years – unless the storyline wraps up before then, I’d gather. What do contracts mean these days?

That’s all I can bear to give up! More to come, Friday!

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  1. From Monarch

    I hope that Victor comes to his senses soon. His character is sorely missed… Adam is going to regret his spilling all to Jack in Mexico. The card playing remark about helping put him through school and such, will backfire on him for sure in his future ventures for a job opportunity.

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