The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary from September 22 – 26, 2008!

PhotobucketOld acquaintances reconnect, new siblings are introduced, the Chancellor family is left more confused than ever and someone visits Victor!

This week on The Young and the Restless… Not only did Billy Abbott get a new face, he reappeared with a new attitude! After the initial shock that Liam was in fact Billy Abbott, Daniel’s art showing in New York was filled with ‘welcome homes’ and individual sparring matches, as everyone dealt with Billy’s new arrogance. Though Daniel and Amber were still feeling the effects of their breakup, they ultimately carried on with Colleen and Billy, trying to forget their pain.

Just when Michael and Lauren saw the news that River had been arrested, Michael’s long lost sister appeared at his door and laid all the blame on him! When Michael agreed to become his sister’s guardian, the girl wanted more from her estranged brother – to help their father – forcing Michael to help sort out River’s case! However, when it became apparent that Jeffery was the one who alerted the authorities to River’s presence, Michael became sidetracked and faced off with his stepfather, to defend his real father!

With Lily off in New York, at Daniel’s art showing, Cane was left behind with his wife – and a photo of the first ultrasound of their unborn child. While Cane wished the baby was his and Lily’s, Chloe paid a nurse to doctor the due date, which in turn verified that the baby wasn’t Cane’s! Cane wasn’t the only Chancellor family member left confused this week. Katherine appeared to have some moments of mental relapse, ones she made Esther promise not to tell Jill about! Speaking of Jill, even though the investigation at Jabot hadn’t calmed down, Jill was released of all involvement by the SEC team.

While Phyllis and Sharon were back in Genoa City bickering over their spouses, Jack and Adam were in Mexico disguised as reporters on the search for what skeletons Victor left behind – and took the time to bond over mutual ‘Victor experiences’ as well! However, when they pushed too hard for information, Jack and Adam were thrown out of the Mexican bar – with their heads still intact! Back in Genoa City, Phyllis questioned Jack’s absence and made it her mission to find out that Jack had lied to Sharon about his trip! After Phyllis squealed on Jack to Sharon, Sharon finally got a hold of Jack and let him have it for lying to her! In true Jack fashion, he talked himself deeper into his lie but managed to appease Sharon’s suspicions – for the moment, anyway!

Nick came upon Victor in Sabrina’s art gallery practically detached from reality! After Victor had a vision of Sabrina, who told him to move on, his condition further deteriorated. When Nick got him to the hospital, Victor’s episode was blamed on lack of sleep and malnourishment, leaving Victor in a hospital bed – making clear instructions not to be disturbed by anyone! Knowing Victor had become a danger to himself, Vikki even suggested having her father committed!

Though Heather insisted to her father that he knew Victor was hiding something from his time in Mexico, Paul didn’t feed into Heather’s beliefs and became worried when she almost had another fainting spell! Heather was then rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with Epstein-Barr disease, which she contracted through saliva! While Paul left Heather alone for one moment, she took that time to confront Victor in his room, leaving Heather convinced that Victor was still hiding something from his time in Mexico!

After Victor summoned Michael, he demanded that his confidant get him released. However, when Michael couldn’t make that happen, Victor escaped the confines of the hospital himself! Good thing, because Vikki finally convinced Nick to have Victor committed – and Victor agreed to it, for show!

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