Why Do You Love Soap Operas?

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Soap opera lovers are exceedingly loyal. That’s evident after getting to know those of you who have watched your stories for 20, 40 and yes, even 70 years! Working for two soap opera websites, we hear a lot of complaints and negative rants about what you don’t like about your soaps. That’s fine. There are times when we complain, too! We definitely hear you, but this time, we’d like to extend an invitation to stray from the norm.

We want to know what you love about your soaps!

We want you to dig deep and recall only the positive aspects of viewing your soaps. Give us details! If it’s specific storylines and how they relate to you, we want to know. If it’s something that has touched your life, for whatever reason, we’d love if you’d share! If it’s how they teach you what to do or what not to do, let us know! If it’s the drama, the intrigue, the mystery, romance and twisted zaniness of daytime dramas, we’d like to hear! So let’s step into fall with a positive attitude, and share those stories!

** Please ensure stories are no longer than two pages in length, single spaced, and ensure they are not copy written by anyone else. The writing must be your own work. We plan on posting as many as we can!

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