Days of Our Lives Comings and Goings for November.

Here’s the latest on the Comings and Goings at Days of Our Lives!

Blake Berris, the man who managed to play Nick Fallon as he leaped from uber geek to offbeat heart throb to psycho, will be leaving the series in January 2009.

Diane Delano, the inimitable actress once known for her role as Barbara the State trooper on “Northern Exposure,” will return as Hilda on Wednesday, October 26.

Tina Ivlev will be arriving in Salem to play the role of Kelly. Look for her on Friday December 12.

Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn will be departing from the cast in January. Ken Corday has just made the official announcement. You can read more here.

It has just been announced that Jay Kenneth Johnson will be leaving the role of Philip Kiriakis behind. This shocking bit of news follows on the heels of news that the series has just been renewed for another 18 months. Necessary budget cuts are forcing actors to take pay cuts and the actor has reportedly opted out. For the moment, it is expected that the role will be recast.

In the coming weeks, Philip Boyd will be showing up to play Arthur, the bartender at the Cheatin’ Heart.

Marsha Waterbury will be appearing as Sister Theresa when Sami shows up in a convent. Look for her first air on Wednesday November 26.

Sandra Robinson (aka Sandra Ferguson) will be joining the cast as Dr. Charlotte Taylor beginning on Monday December 1. The actress may already be a familiar face to some, check and see where you may have seen her before.

Salem will be adding yet another doctor to its expanding cast. Soap vet John Callahan is coming to the show to play Nicole’s doctor on November 24. You can read more about him here.

Eric Martsolf will be arriving as Brady Black on Thursday November 13. According to his publicist, Eric has signed a 4 year deal with the show.

Days of Our Lives has a new co-head writer. Head writer Dena Higley has been joined by Christopher Whitesell to share the position. Other associate head writers are Rick Draughon, Renee Godelia, script editor is Fran Myers, and dialogue writers are Cydney Kelley, John Newman, Jodie Scholz and Linda Poindexter-Brown.

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  1. From Days Fan!

    Thank you so much for your up to date news on the best soap opera ever…no matter what the Daytime Emmy’s say! I have been a DOOL fan since the 1970′s. I love the show, and am so happy that they have signed a new contract. We have enough talk shows, morning shows, and “judge” shows. We need to keep the soap operas on the air. People need to keep writing in for their soaps and not let these big networks make our viewing decisions! Thank you NBC for keeping the best daytime drama on the air!
    Days of Our Lives #1 Fan!

  2. From DClaiborne

    this really is a bad thing that philip kirakis (the guy playing the part) is not going to be on the show anymore. i really hate this news..

  3. From Trish

    Iam so glad that Days will be on for a bit longer. I love DAYS and that is the only soap I have ever watched. I hope they can get the show back on track.

  4. From Lisa

    Good riddence that Philly the slimeball is leaving but a bit shock..I can understand if he’s wants to do more roles…etc…wonder if they gonna bring back Kyle Brandt!?

    As an actor, I will truely miss him but not as a Character–Nope!

  5. From pammer

    Sad to hear Jay Kenneth is leaving.He’s the best Phillip and even when he’s bad, the actor makes me like him. Really hoping they don’t bring back Kyle Brandt. After Jay, I could never warm up to him as Phillip. His scenes with Belle were actually creepy.

  6. From Mary Clevenger

    I said it before and Ill say it again. KEEP JAY on the show. He is a reason I watch Days. Good actor and very very handsome.

  7. From SamiFan

    Sad that Jay K. Johnson is leaving I was so thrilled when he came back. The guy from Real World SUCKED as Phillip. I wish he would reconsider.

  8. From Bernice

    I want NICK out of days!

  9. From JohnFan

    Just read this on comings and goings… This really SUCKS!!!

    Another two casualties of a budget cut leaves Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Drake
    Hogestyn (John) out of the show. Ken Corday explains, in an Interview in SOD, “The
    couple will be happily reunited after a long period of angst and separation and will
    be off-screen after January for an unknown period of time. It was a very tough
    decision to make.”

  10. From nbc news charlotte | Digg hot tags

    [...] Vote Days of Our Lives Comings and Goings for November. [...]

  11. From jolynn gesink

    please bring back Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn as sonne as days of our lives can we will miss them dearly come back soon you two love you

  12. From Nancy

    This is such a sad day for some of my favorite shows. First it was Lipstick Jungle and now Days is loosing three of what I think are its best actors/actresses. John has been on the show since I started watching back in 1989! I think we can all thank reality TV for loosing these great shows. It’s sad to see what is happening to television nowadays! NBC needs to do something fast or they are going to be the next in line asking for a bailout!

  13. From Down in The Mouth

    Why is it when you folks get someone that can really play their part well you let them go? Jay plays the part of Philip like no other, and his leaving the show will be a terrible loss. It would seem that some of these less needed “newcomers” could be let go so that you could afford to keep on those that add to the program.

  14. From Losing Me

    That tears it. If you get rid of John and Marlena then I may have to reconsider my thoughts of watching Days. I have been a fan for nearly 40 years and this is one of the dumbest moves yet. If you honestly think people are interested in all this Melanie, Max, or Dr. Daniel and Kate stuff then you are way out there. Let’s get back to the meat and potatoes of the show. The real actors with a history.

  15. From Darlene

    Getting rid of Philip, Marlana,
    and John? That’s crazy! Philip is
    the best in his part. You just gave him an important job. Let’s see how he grows. The soap won’t be
    the same without Marlana and John.
    I’ve been waiting for him to get his mind back! Is this all just a
    dream? DOOL is the only soap I
    watch.(for how long depends on you.

  16. From trish

    I have watched Days since the beginning. I think John and Marlena have given the show there best and it is time to move on. Melanie is a terrible actress.
    I feel like they need to use these young people and go back to the adventure of the old days. I will miss this Phillip he is the best.
    the new Brady does not fit the part
    at least lighten his hair I would love to see him and Nicole together.

  17. From Marie

    just leave oour veteran alone we don’t need all those new comers John and Marlena our one of my favoite couples on the show i could write better than these writers right now

  18. From Kathy

    I love Jay Kenneth Johnson in his role as Phillip….NOBODY else can play him! We have seen that before! This is all crazy bringing in new people to play new characters and getting rid of our veteran actors and actresses! If this is the way it is with Days I am done with this show….

  19. From Carly

    Hmmm… Don’t understand the new Brady Black just signed a new contract for 4 years – DOOL is only approved for airing 2 more years. Also, why have contracts everytime I really like a character that has just renewed or is still under contract Days still gets rid of them.
    Why are they hiring sooo many new doctors????

  20. From JohnFan

    I think the writers and producers are out of their minds. They are bringing in all the young charaters I guess for the new watchers but in the process are about to lose the devoted fans that have been watching it for years. I say keep the all the actors that are on now and stop bringing in all these uninteresting storylines. It you get rid of Melanie, Nick, and the new people you have brought in then maybe we can keep John, Phillip and Marlana. I have been watching the show for years and have my teen daughter hooked on it now she love the same charaters as I do and was upset to hear about John and Marlana. Remember writers and producers YOU TRIED THIS LAST TIME when you were killing off the love actors and where did it get you then you lost a lot of devoted fans so you had to bring them back. You are suppose to learn from your MISTAKES but I guess you cant.

  21. From kellie

    i have been a loyal fan
    of days i cant bealive they
    fired marlena and john
    they are getting rid of all
    my faveorite people i dont want to watch it anymore if they keep it up the show will be off the air who is next bo and hope ? if they
    are next iam not watching ever again

  22. From kellie

    i dont want to watch days of our lives anymore because
    all the people i like are gone and the storie lines
    are getting dull and stupid
    they keep repeating old stories they have allready used
    because they cant come up with new ones now that john and marelna are gone
    the show is even more dull =[

  23. From Colleen

    That is a really stupid thing to take John and Marlena off the show. What are the writers thinking of?

  24. From Edith Agen

    I like DOOL very much.Would like to see Marlana and John to stay on the show because they are very good actor and actress.I preferred the actor that played Phillip before Jay Kenneth

  25. From laura

    keep the show going the way it is. It has never been better. I`ve been watching days since it startedI like the young people on now.

  26. From laura

    keep up the good work.I`ve been watching since day one. I like the new blood that has been added

  27. From julie

    why are all the decade actors leaving the show? is Days coming to an end???

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