Days of our Lives’ Eric Martsolf Answers His Fans’ Questions!

NuBrady speaks out on his role!

Eric Martsolf is coming to Days as the new Brady Black beginning November 13. Our sister site, recently talked with Eric about his new role and even gave their readers an opportunity to ask him a couple of questions themselves.

Here’s what Eric had to say in response to their inquiries!

Youngesoapwatcher: Did you watch the Passions finale and if so did you like it?

Eric Martsolf: Of course. It’s still on my TiVo. I’m a sentimental guy, I’ll watch that thing every once in awhile and reminisce. It was a big part of my life you know, six years is a pretty big chunk. I loved the last shot of everyone waving and the whole crew got on set and balloons fell from the sky and we said goodbye. It was very cool. It was a nice little wrap up.

Youngesoapwatcher: I saw a video with you and Lindsay (Hartley, ex-Theresa, Passions) and Justin (Hartley, ex-Fox, Passions), called, “Brawn and Glamour.” Any more videos to follow the first one?

Eric: There are more and I talked to Justin a couple of weeks ago and he wants to do more and I do as well. Because it’s such a crazy departure from what we did on Passions, the language is different, the context is different, but you know you gotta spread your wings once in awhile and Justin and I have these ridiculously similar senses of humor so we let that be our guide and what the heck, throw it up on YouTube, right?

Eric Martsolf as Ethan Crane on Oldaysfan: Do you have a preference as to who your leading lady will be? Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), Nicole (Arianne Zucker) or someone different?

Eric: I knew this question was going to come and the awesome thing about my answer is that it’s completely true. I have worked with Arianne and Nadia and I love them both to death, it’s just crazy. They both have strong work ethics as well and we get along great. So it’s going to be a tough thing. I love them both. It’s just too early to tell.

Oldaysfan: Are there any vets you would like to work with on the show?

Eric: By the end of next week, I think I’ll have hit them all. Brady is really making the rounds. He’s like cruising through the neighborhood talking to everybody. I mean Days of our Lives, it’s been around for like 43 years now. I mean I recall seeing that hourglass on the TV when I was like five years old and the vision of that thing. The fact that I’m a part of it now is crazy, so when I walk through the hallways and I see the faces of the people that I’ve seen for so many years, it’s really surreal. They’re such a family over there, to point out individuals would probably be unfair because there’s such a sense of camaraderie over there that I’m just happy to be part of the family in general.

mikey32: Wondering how you feel about taking over a role that someone else has kind of made his own.

Eric: I kind of feel like that’s my marketing skill right now, “Hey if you want to bring a character back, call up Martsolf!” I welcome the challenge. I like to go in guns blazing…On an extreme other note, I really don’t think of it as a recast. I look at it as this is my role, this is what I’m doing and what’s past is past and let’s focus on the present.

So there you have it. Straight from the man himself. For more about Brady’s return to Days of our Lives, read our exclusive interview with Eric Martsolf on But before you do, don’t forget to share your thoughts about Eric taking over the role of Brady with Soap Opera Fan Blog below!

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  18 responses so far...

  1. From forever fan

    OMG I am so glad he is coming to days. LOVED him on passions. I cant wait to see how the story unravels

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  3. From Michelle Mead

    I loved reading this. I am sooooo happy Eric is going to be on Days. It will be good to see a really good actor in a role that is worthy of his talents.

  4. From donald

    its hallowwen i think the whole town of salem is possessed by the devil and tptb

  5. From tricia

    I’m so happy Eric is comming to Days,I was into passions and I’ve been into Days for 20 years. So its great to have him join the crew.

  6. From Kelly

    I am so excited!! I was so upset when they cancelled passions. I still watch the last week on my tivo!! I cry everytime!!! I think it would be amazing if they gave Brady a new lady love, Maybe someone new like Lindsey Hartley!! (ex-Teresa) She and Eric have great chemistry together. They would really heat up days!!!

  7. From Jamie

    I am so excited that Eric will be back on tv, I have missed seeing him everyday! He is the biggest reason I ever watched Passions! Welcome back..

  8. From Michele

    I am so excited to see Eric on Days! I have watched days since 1985. It is going to be wonderful to see him in a role that does him justice.

  9. From Brandie

    I have always loved Brady Black’s character and am looking forward to his return. Eric was one of my favorite actors on Passions so I’m excited to see him on Days. I can’t wait to see how things unfold and who he hooks.

  10. From Eva

    omg!!!!!! im so thrilled hes gonna play brady black i loved passions and i miss it im glad galen is there to i loved him to !!!! i think days is so fortunate to have both of them woooooooohoooooo

  11. From Lilly

    Not excited at all. He was terrible on Passions, though it was probably the writing. I will keep an open mind and see how he does. Maybe with better actors and scripts, he might be good.

  12. From Gin

    I hope him and Galen last a long time on days and I really hope they give each of them good story lines.

  13. From Stacey

    I loved him on Passions. I can not wait to see him on Days.

  14. From Lana Rideout

    I have been a Days fan since 1972. My favorite characters are Bo and Hope. I am sorry to see Nick as a bad guy. The new Brady is good. I think I will like him in the roll.

  15. From Serena DeSoto

    My mom watched the very first episode of Days.. it was 30 minutes long and live back then. I was 2 yrs old, and for the most part have been with this show my whole life. I was a kid whene Marlena 1st came on, w her real twin sister. Her 1st husband was a good guy named Don Craig. Then Roman, and John.. I cant imagime them gone. It wont b the same & Im not sure Ill stay, even after 43 yrs.

  16. From karen

    I have watched days since I was 17 and thatsas long as it has been on the figure Iam about 61 I love to watch the new Brady he has really made Brady his own from day one.Melanie is a little on the wild side but gives the show fire the sory lines are great,nice to see the older actors once in a while.Julie is still Julie

  17. From vickie

    Please don’t take Day’s off fo the air.I been watching as long as i can remerber.I was a child then.I grown up watching Day’s of our lives.

  18. From Dana

    LOVE ERIC and GALEN! I am So very happy to see them on Days! I have watched days since I was 6 yrs old.. 40 years!! and I did watch Passions, and was addicted to Than and Teresa.. I loved Louis too! So I am so happy Galen and Eric both ended up on Days.. which is now my only soap I watch and has been the one I have watched all my life! Cant wait to watch them both for years to come.. hope they keep Galen’s character.. I like him with Sami.. maybe they will start something up with them!

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