Days of Our Lives Latest Video Promo Clip: Sami and Rafe!

After fleeing from a cold dead body, Sami gets an eyeful of a hot living one.

As we saw last week, Sami witnessed the murder of the mayor and is promptly being whisked off into the witness protection program. The feisty blond is sure to continue making trouble there. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, for her, she will be getting a special watcher from the FBI by the name of Rafe. Galen Gering will be appearing as the agent. Though he won’t be on until the end of the week but you can catch an advance glimpse of him in this promo video… and the ex-Passions star is already doffing his shirt.

Do you detect a whiff of possible romance? Leave your thoughts and speculations for Soap Opera Fan Blog below.

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  1. From lulu

    I think Sami and the new fbi agent would do well together she needs a guy who is neither Lucas or EJ Rafe would be perfect her I
    hope a romance starts for them

  2. From mc

    I hope not to many men in her life already!! I like her with EJ..

  3. From shirl

    NO romance

  4. From mintz

    No romance but a heck of a good friendship will brew, this will cause jealously for Lucas. I wnat Rafe connected to The Chole and Bradey issue too, this will get Chole away for Lucas. . .

  5. From GotaDunQH

    I love it already, I hope they get alot of airtime, it will be nice to see Galen as a character with a brain.

  6. From Kelly

    PLEASE NO ROMANCE!!!! Sami has enough going on between Lucas and Elvis. NO NO NO!

  7. From Carolyn

    I hope so, it would be nice to see Sami with a character not linked to anyone else

  8. From Dorothy Ott

    Yes. Get Sami with someone beside EJ. Always wanted her and Lucas but the new guy would be great too!

  9. From wvgirl1980

    he is so hot I hope they get it on and it brings sami and lucis back togather

  10. From Mara

    I think it’s an awesome idea…Sami needs new meat. EJ and Lucas are old news. She needs someone to rein her in – maybe this new guy will be the one!

  11. From DJS

    This will be a fun storyline!!!

  12. From Julie

    I love Galen. He is so hot. I would love Sami and Galen to get together. It would be a shock if he see Sami and her belly get big. They are the next super couple. Ej and Lucus are old news.

  13. From Kristin

    I like Galen too,and agreed nice to see him with a brain-not sure who I want him with,he might even be good for Nicole eventualy

  14. From Sabiha

    I have to agree with Mara.
    Sami needs someone who isn’t going to be distracted by the other women of Salem.
    But, let’s hope Sami won’t push him away like she did the others.

  15. From Gina

    Absolutely not! No offense to Ali Sweeney, but she is not Galen’s type. He needs a feisty babe, and with Sami (and Ali) being pregnant, there would be no chemistry in their steamy love scenes. They need to bring on a new person as there is a shortage of late 20′s early 30′s females on the show. He’d be good with Hope but she’s locked into Bo….they wrote off Billie and Chloe will be with Brady. Nicole possibly…but maybe they’ll bring over Mackenzie Westmore or her pretty sister. Sami just needs to get this whole pregnancy storyline resolved- they can’t give every man on the show to her….it’s ridiculous. If they pair Sami with Galen, I’m not going to watch.

  16. From jeni

    it would be great i always wanted sami and lucas together but him and chole are so perfect together and when they bring brady ack hook him up with steph

  17. From Patty

    Sammy & EJ belong together come on now they already have one son and she is having another baby by him lets keep them together. they are also great together

  18. From Belinda

    I MEAN COME ON!! EJ AND SAMI ARE MENT TO BE! Nicole should lose the baby and EJ should find out about samis pregnancy. EJ would be so happy and he would dumb nicole wright away, because Ej loves sami not nicole, and sami loves Ej <3

  19. From forever fan

    NO NO NO Sami needs to be with EJ and maybe this young fell can find one of his own in Salem there are many. I am so happy they brought him to the show I loved him on Passions as well.

  20. From Belinda

    does someone have some idea i mean really what is going to happen whit sami and Ej ? Are they getting back together ?

  21. From valerie

    I like sami and rafe they have amaying chem and they look hot together and galen said he would like to be paired with alsion he likes her spunk and she fiesty i want sami and rafe also

  22. From Melissa E.

    This is going to defanatly be an exciting new twist. Sami needs someone to keep her in line and the hot FBI agent is just the man to do it:) I say bring on the romance!!!!

  23. From Danika

    Please put Sami and Rafe together. She needs a good strong man who will always be there for her and protect her…someone who won’t act on impulse(Lucas), and someone who truly loves her and doesn’t belong to a criminal family(EJ)!!! Sami and Rafe will be perfect for each other. They are som much alike! It’s great!!

  24. From elina

    I love Sami and Rafe together. They both have chem on screen. Sami needs someone to love her and teach her what love is all about. I don’t real like lucas and Ej both are not men to sami. Please put sami and rafe together!!!!





  26. From Christy

    I think they should get together. If they play it out ling enough the baby could be Rafes’ :) She needs to get off the EJ and Lucas kick. We need something new. I am tired of the same thing with those two guys. Something needs to make her “good” for a bit before her next scheme.

  27. From Janet

    I think that Sami needs to be with the FBI agent i think him and her should give it try

  28. From Christy

    Go Rafe and Sami, they are perfect together!!!

  29. From lisa

    no sami and rafe, sami and ej belong together and everyone knows it, that babys ej’s she was pregnant before she went into hiding, sami and ej belong together and always will, and as for chloe and dr. dan that is just gross i thought lucas was finally going to be happy but i guess not i

  30. From Barb

    History repeats itself. Sammi’s mom & dad (marlena & roman) met this same way many years ago. Marlena was in a victims protection program, and roman was protecting her. I love it ! !

  31. From Lori

    I love the idea of Rafe and Sami together, they are so good for each other. I have liked this pairing almost instantly when I seen them together for the first time! I vote let them be together!

  32. From Val

    I love the idea they get close, become great friends, and it drives Lucas into a jealous mess. Lucas and Sami need to get together and this time stay that way!

  33. From Phillippa

    I like the chemistry between Rafe and Sami. I always thought they would be a great couple if they were ever on the same show. And now they are. I think its awesome.
    Just to clarify I am now and will always be a Lumi fan. Its so oblivious that they are meant to be together. Lucas and Sami bring out the best and worst of each other. Their chemistry and love is undeniable.
    As for that disgusting, horrible, annoying rapist, I wish they would just kill off that bastard. The pairing of a raptist and his victim is the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen or heard. I was so upset that I stopped watching the show for almost an entire year.
    Thank cupid for the pairing of Rafe and Sami or I’d probably would still be boycotting Days of Our Lives.
    P.S. Lumi forever.

  34. From Forver Rafe+Sami

    Every since Rafe came in I was hoping that him and Sami would be paired togather and still am! Through her and Lucas was good togather I love Rafe with her. I have to agree with From Phillippa about that EJ and Sami is offensive thing ever! ANd it jsut creeps me out through I do’t care what people say about how EJ and Sami are wonderful togather. All I can say is: GO RAFE+SAMI!!!!!

  35. From Lynn

    I for one am happy that Sami and Rafe are on the way to “hooking up”! Its about time EJ and Lucas see she deserves a hottie too!! :O)

  36. From keary

    I think sami and ej were awesome together.i like this new guy rafe but sami and elvis ave sooo much chemistry…i think ej and sami cant resist each other…good luck sami and ej…-peace


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