Days of Our Lives New Murder Promo!

If you’ve been reading the Days of Our Lives spoilers you already know that Salem is headed for a fresh murder… maybe even more than one.

The mayhem will begin this week when Sami gets a shock – a few shocks actually. Not only will she spot EJ and Nicole doing the nasty, she’ll also see Salem’s sleazy mayor meeting a nasty end. Check out this preview of what’s coming up on scene on Days of Our Lives.

Does this make Abe a shoe in for the mayor’s job? Was Stefano miffed about the mayor’s veiled threats and second-rate sycophancy, or is this the handiwork of someone else altogether? Please leave your thoughts for Soap Opera Fan Blog below.

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  2. From angela

    I think that sami should get back toggether with ej

  3. From Lisa

    Sami and EJ – put them together. Hopefully Nicole will the one of the victims to this storyline.

  4. From Christine

    I agree, this Nicole EJ story line SUCKS! It’s obvious EJ is stoll head over heals in love with Sami and she is finally even being open (somewhat) about it. Put Sami and EJ back together.

  5. From Janiebell

    Sami and Lucas belong together and E.J. and Nichol are a good match. Give E.J. and Nichol a healthy baby boy. Have Sami not be pregnant she was only dreaming the pregnancy and wiutnessing amurder but wakes tonews of the mayor’s departure.

  6. From Laura

    I want Sami & EJ… They are great together! Great storyline with Nicole but give us Sami & EJ fans something!

  7. From Arlene

    I think Stefano is behind the mayor’s murder. Since he could no longer have dealings with the mayor, he didn’t want the mayor to do any paybacks on Stefano for getting him off on the hospital shutdown incident and other things. I think Stefano had him eliminated, so the mayor couldn’t double-cross Stefano.

  8. From joyce

    I want Sami & E J together Nicole needs to loose her baby so E J & Sami can be together with their family & E J’s father will always be a great grandfather,he loves his kids & grandkids,Nicole needs to get with Daniel & Kate needs to die

  9. From Theresa

    I love EJ and Nicole together. As for Sami, I would enjoy any storyline that didn’t have her whining and being selfishly stupid.
    I love my DVR…I can fast forward tthrough Sami. I have to wonder if Allison gets sick of the same old Sami storyline…

  10. From long, long time fan

    I want Sami and Lucas to be together. They are the power couple in Days and have survived so much. Sami is also in love with Lucas (and vice versa); they are soul mates and have a connection. As far as Nicole and EJ are concerned, they were good to begin with, but it will be interesting when Brady comes along. I bet you it will be then that E.J. realizes what he has lost!

  11. From cin

    i think sami an lucas should get back together. i hate the chloe/lucas pairing! ej and nicole are wonderful together.

  12. From Jo

    I LOVE Sami and Lucas together! I think the writers should let them get back together and be happy for awhile. Maybe let them go visit Will while she’s on Maternity leave??? But no, it will end up Stephano will kidnap her or something like that. EJ and Nicole are Grrrrreeeaaatttt together! I agree that with Brady coming back, it will throw a wrench into the Nicole/EJ relationship-but it would be nice to see Sami and Lucas left out of it for once!

  13. From Olive

    Love Sami/Lucas – hate EJ, but like him ok with Nichole – cannot STAND Lucas/Chloe…that is just wrong on so many levels!

  14. From Sharron Griffin

    I think you stay on one thing to long.I can miss the soaps for a week, watch them and know every thing that hapen the week I did not watch them.

  15. From Mara

    SAMI AND LUCAS should remain together.


  16. From Debbie

    Sami and EJ, they have chemistry.

  17. From Kimba

    Hi.. I would like to see EJ and Sami together.. I do not like Nicole..

  18. From Carol Gobby

    Sami & EJ and Stefano & Nicole!!

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