Days of Our Lives Poll: Couple With the Most Potential?

Things really are not looking up for Nicole and EJ at the moment.

Even while she risks going away to prison for life, Elvis seems far more concerned about what’s happening with Sami. But now that Sami is locked away in witness protection, and with an FBI agent who is definitely easy on the eyes, who knows what romantic complications could arise? Of course, they aren’t the only couples, or potential couples, in town. Now that Max has dumped Steph, she’s become insta-friends with Philip, a man who isn’t exactly known for his ability to keep things platonic with any of his female acquaintances. Although he admits to being ‘interested’ in Melanie, the interest seems more detached than amorous. Meanwhile, Nick is certainly courting Salem’s craziest newbie, perhaps to the detriment of his own well-being.

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  1. From Precious

    I am tired of the Melanie show…wish she was off my TV screen for good. Please don’t pair her up with Nick; he’s too nice for her. I want him back with Chelsea in a BETTER relationship than what they’ve had in the past. I am STILL WAITING on the “love story” between Marlena and John…PLEASE TELL ME WHEN THIS IS GONNA TAKE PLACE??? I am so tired of this dragged out murder of Trent I could puke…please…get it over with and put us back on track, WRITERS, with getting Sami and EJ back together, Marlena and John, (DITTO), and a storyline for Patch and Kayla, Anna and Tony..WHERE ARE THE VETS???

  2. From Sue

    I’m so disappointed in Days. I have been watching for 42 year! and it is at it’s worst. There is such talent still around that is not being used. Get rid of Chelsea, Melanie and Nick. Lexie and Abe are a bit boring too. And by the way, Theo exhibits behaviors of an emotionally disturbed child, not an autistic child. The kid is good but the writers should get it right.Bring Kayla and Patch back and Mickey and Maggie, too. Bo and Hope need to domore the more then play good cop, bad cop as well. I know the show needs some young people but at least use the talented ones and interact them with the talented older vets! If something is not done soon the show will be lost forever.

  3. From Lola

    This is interesting, maybe Rafael will be a permanent character. Me thinks that Rafael and Sami might have a little chemistry. ;)

  4. From Nancy

    Anyone notice how skinny Hope has gotten. Looks anorexic, especially her face. I noted some big time chemistry in the short scene between Chloe and Dr Dan. I hate him and Kate and worse was Dr Dan and Chelsea. No chemistry in either of those.

  5. From Theresa

    We need a great Super Couple. I wish they’d get deeper into the characters…lately they seem to only scratch the surface so I really don’t care one way or another with any story line right now.
    Also, I have been a fan of Nick Turturro for years..I hope we see more of him!

  6. From Victoria

    The next Supercouple should be Daniel and Chelsea!

  7. From Annie

    I have been waiting forever for EJ and Sami to be together. This is a perfect time for them to bond, but they have EJ with Nicole, and Sami with a new guy (who’s very good looking), where is the consistency?Hope does look like she could easily put on 10 lbs to soften her face…

  8. From forever fan

    Well I dont like Melanie at all get rid of her. I really would like to see Dr Dan and Chelsea back together and to see EJ and Sami and John and Marlena together.

  9. From audrey

    I would really love to see Daniel and Chelsea back together……..why were they not listed??? Now they are a couple with a LOT of potential and their chemistry is undeniable!!!!!

  10. From clarissa

    I really want to see Daniel and Chelsea back together because they really are one of the best pairings this show has had in a long time and I want to see their romance and them back together….they are so happy when they are together!!!!!

  11. From donna

    I think Daniel and Chelsea should be on this list b/c they have a lot of potential. They look great together, their chemistry is undeniable, they are happy when they are together, their scenes are filled with so much emotion/intensity and when you can feel that emotion/intensity then you know they have done their job. I want them back together.

  12. From donna

    why are daniel and chelsea not apart of this poll, they have the best potential??? When they are together they look great together, they have perfect chemistry, they are happy and you can feel the emotion and intensity in their scenes and that says a lot. I really miss seeing them and frankly days is boring without them, i find myself watching all their clips that I downloaded from day one to their most recent, i just love these two, they are so amazing and so unique and captivating together.

  13. From danii

    When will Sami and EJ get together? They are super hot together! They SHOULD be together.

    A new hot couple would be Rafe & Chelsea. Give Daniel a jealous streak!

  14. From DIANE

    don’t like melanie at all she looks like a space cadet….really out there.

  15. From DIANE

    don’t like max & step like everybody says to needy. what happened to to girl that lived on the edge at 18. she got with cous chelsea and now all she does is cry. none of the women on days can do anything anymore but whine.
    my favorite show need help. the best writing done was the writers were on strike and the brought in substitute writes or should i say someone who actually watch the show. because these guys for get what happen before. i don’t forget.

  16. From Sandra

    The majority of the votes went/are going to EJami which does seem to parallel the coupling of Jarlena. It is obvious at the moment there is nothing “romantic” as far as couples go and nothing to that is enjoyable. I myself am an EJami fan but agree there are other couples with great potential that are being put to the side. This is highly annoying and the writing needs to change. I’ve already tuned out of the show just because of the “EJole” fiasco. And as far as Lumi’s go though I don’t side with them there is absolutely no way any fanbases could be happy at the moment. I think everyone is being paired with the absolutely wrong person.

  17. From rachelle

    I say EJami is the most enticing pairing, I have been waiting forever for the pairing. uggg, what is taking so long!!!

  18. From Carly

    I am also tired of all the women on the show acting as if they are still in high school.
    Writers need to create better story lines with less whining it makes me want to quit watching – thank god for the dvr I can watch the whole show in 10 mins

  19. From Carly

    I also agree we should have had more couples ( or pairs ) to choose from.

  20. From Resented Scheme

    I love, love, love Ejami but if we could have voted for two, my second choice would have been Phillip and Melanie. They’re working very well on a hate turning to love relationship.

    Wow, think I have a type?

  21. From Casey

    I must be the only viewer who does not want Sami with EJ. Lucas seems more her type.
    EJ should be with Nicole or someone like Chloe who is his style — cosmopolitan!

  22. From cee

    Everybody knows EJ and Sammy are the best above all others!
    Enough is enough, get them back together!!

  23. From Louise

    I’ve been watching the show since 1968 and am disappointed in the lack of substance. The Melanie character is over the top – and causes me to flip the channel when she is onscreen. Nick’s weirdness is intriguing and I was hoping they would do more with it – like have him abduct Melanie (and gag her ;-0 )and tell people she left the country, while he has her hidden away and tries to brain wash her into loving him…and have him just continue to get more and more weird. She could try to make him think she loves him but once he figures out she is lying, kill off the character or sell her to another country and then kidnap Chelsea and follow suit…and it could keep going until all of the female characters that need to ‘go’ are killed off by Nick and then he is sent off to prison for life, never to be seen again.

  24. From Belinda

    I am tired that these writers are teasing us with EJAMI! THEY BELONG TOGETHER!!





  26. From cathy n

    I too think Daniel and Chelsea are the best couple on Days. No other couple has the chemistry and passion these two have together. They really light up the screen and give Days life. Their love story and romance was wonderful. They are the best pairing this show has had in years. Shawn and Rachel do an amazing job in these roles. They have incredible chemistry together and seem very comfortable and relaxed working together. It’s time for Days to reunite this couple and let them have the happiness together they so much deserve.

  27. From sue

    sami and ej, sami and ej, sami and ej!!!!!! please get these two together as quickly as possible. we need a new super couple and they fit the bill. let sami’s real personality come out. she’ll fit in quite nicely with the “family” stefano always had a soft spot for samantha. it would be great!

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