Days of Our Lives Spoilers for November 3-7.

It looks like Philip will be having a busy time next week.

Dr. Daniel will be urging an unconscious Kate to fight for survival, a situation which young Mr. Kiriakis is less than thrilled about on any level. While his mother may get some solace from Chelsea’s love object, Philip may be providing a little solace himself… to Stephanie. Distraught over the mess her life has become, the former racecar driver gets wasted at the Cheatin’ Heart and Philip is there to take her home.

Meanwhile, the chaos that Stephanie has tried to leave behind may be getting even worse without her relatively level head to keep things cool. Nick will be asking Max for his help to resubmit his proposal. But is this an act of altruistic scientific concern by the two geniuses, or is there some other reason for this sudden return to a potential moneymaking idea? Complicating things for both of the boys will be the fact that Melanie, the ‘Premiere Party Girl’ herself, will be celebrating her eighteenth birthday. Does she have anything to celebrate, or will this end up being just another ugly situation? It could be the latter when busy Philip is going to lay into her when he accuses her of exploiting Nick for money.

While Trent’s orphaned children continue to bicker and look for a way to get themselves out of their dead father’s shadow, fortune may suddenly smile on them. Nicole will be becoming a suspect in more people’s eyes. Bo’s had his suspicions of his former stepmother since day one and may get further evidence to grant them credence, but are the suspicions really well-founded? Nicole is starting to suspect that EJ framed her for Trent’s murder. Does that mean that the devious DiMera had a hand in it, or could he just be trying to get rid of her? Maybe it’s all in Nicole’s head. Meanwhile, her archrival, Sami will prove to be just as much trouble to the FBI as she is to her ex-husbands and her family. She’ll be subjecting Rafael to a few of her many tricks so that she can make a call to Lucas.

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  1. From forever fan

    MAN I dont really care about the age diffrence between Daniel and Chelsea I really liked the story line. He and Kate need to be over it already. HMMMM Stephanie and Philip could be good. Nicole killing Trent not sure on good possiblity. Now Melanie I am already tired of her character. I sure hope this thing with Sami doesnt drag out forever either.

  2. From C J

    Come on…can’t anyone see what’s gonna happen? Do we really need more screwed up relationships? Leave Sami with Lucas, EJ with Nicole, Chloe with Phillip and Chelsea with Nick…Send Kate and Daniel on their way along with Max, Stephanie and Melanie..

  3. From Millie

    I wish just once they would leave people in the relationships they belong in! Sami belongs with EJ. They have the chemistry to make a great soap team for a long time to come.. Please leave them together….

  4. From clarissa

    Put chelsea back with Daniel!!!!

  5. From JEANNA

    put chelsea and daniel together, get rid of kate, she is grandma act like it..i hate the whole melanie storyline, it is gettin old..max and stephanie is just gross…her and phillip would be interesting..and for crying out loud let ej figure out sami is pregnant..surely chloe can’t keep this secret forever..

  6. From San

    Please put EJ and Sami together. Give Nicole another old man or send her away. Send Daniel and Kate away and Chloe away too I am sick of her and please give Phillip some backbone and put him with Stephanie.

  7. From Tonya

    Put EJ and Sami back together already !!!! Screw Nicole…

  8. From fuller

    If Sami winds up with Lucas I am
    out of here. No more days for me.

  9. From Mary

    Keep Nicole and EJ together, Lucas and Chloe, and let Dr. Daniel reconcile with Chelsea forget about Kate …. she should find her own man!

  10. From Robbin

    I am disappointed at the sniveling little girl Stephanie has turned into. From a confident racecar driver to this??? Come on!

  11. From deann

    I second putting Sami & EJ back together!

  12. From jen

    EJ & Nicole are a great pairing. I love the idea of a Dimera/Walker baby!!

    The whole Max & Stephanie thing is sick anyway… I don’t care if he was adopted and they weren’t raised together… he’s her UNCLE.

    Daniel’s too old for Chelsey and too young for Kate!!

  13. From heidi

    get rid of Nicole!!! she is a whiner and she doesn’t deserve EJ. EJ and Sami need to get together already!!!!

  14. From diane

    give me my j&mlove story as promise

  15. From donald

    lue no not at

  16. From Jackie

    Im tired of melanie she needs to get on down the road and let some good things happen in salem insted of all this crap. and pleasseeeeee let stefano die already my god how many times can you come back from the dead.

  17. From Janie

    chelsea and kate.. yuck.. Sami with Lucas and let Nicole win the guy (EJ)

  18. From Amy

    Screw Nicole! I want Sami to hook up with this new FBI guy she needs someone new… Ej raped her and Lucas annoys me! Kate and Daniel make me sick and so do max and steph… I want Phillip to find some new lady too go away Chloe lol :)

  19. From donald

    gimme a break pooor sami not its halloween maybe the whole town is possessed by the devil lmfao

  20. From Angela

    bring back abbey and put her with max, put nicole and ej together and put nick back with chelsea

  21. From Doll

    Keep Sami with EJ

  22. From Jenn

    If there weren’t screwed up relationships we wouldn’t have a soap to watch. Look what happened to Belle and Shawn.

  23. From melissa

    Let Sami tell EJ about the baby. Then let EJ and Sami be a couple.

  24. From Ulanda

    I like EJ with Nicole! Sami and Lucas belong together and I like that so much more! Cloe needs to get a life…she is so hateful! I am so tired of Melanie. I dont like her at all. Write her off and send her packing! I love Kate and Daniel together. That is hot! Chelsey should be alone. She deserves that. Looser!

  25. From Kristi

    Chelsea with Daniel is just gross he is way to old for her and she acts like a child.

  26. From Angelamg

    I’m so sick of ‘musical partners’! Put EJ and Sami together, Chelsea with Daniel and what happened to Morgan and Phillip? I really liked them together, I think they could have been great, if given time! Phillip and Stephenie, NO way!! And somebody PLEASE cover up Chloe’s chest!! :0)

  27. From Marg

    Oh, seriously – how can anyone really like Daniel and Chelsea – he was much too old for her! I agree that the musical partners is getting old, but it’s keeping the story lines going right now. Is it just me or are the story lines going nowhere fast right now?

  28. From Rockstar

    Do you think they are setting Sami up with Rafael to repeat the story of Roman and Marlena?

    I like Kate and Daniel, EJ and Nicole, Sami and Lucas, Philip and Chloe, Max and Stephanie, Victor and Caroline and so on.

    The Lexie/Abe story is a headache. One minute Lexie is on Abe’s side, the next, not. They need to have a solid relationship and make Theo’s condition believeable and a great storyline.

    More Maggie and Mickey. More Bill and Julie, More Bo and Hope. John and Marlena!!!!! Steve and Kayla

    No more breakup’s. Keep the couples together, just give them storylines that intertwine. Make it interesting. We don’t need a storyline to go on for two years. Just take a story and run with it. Make us laugh, make us cry. Bring back the super couples.

  29. From Cypress

    Puleeze. I don’t get how someone in “witness protection” seems to be just around the corner from her home and family. And the cop leaving the door open when a killer is stalking about? What about Sami’s goodbye, wearing a tent for a dress? No one noticed that? Do we have no credit for brains here?

  30. From Amanda

    I agree with covering up Choloe’s chest, come on now!! I love Sami..have loved her forever, she and Lucas should get back together already, they both know they still love each other. I can’t believe that Nicole is gonna be arrested for murder, I was sure hoping it was gonna be Melanie that was gonna get the book thrown at her. I am also SICK of Stephanie. Miss goody two shoes is getting on my nerves! Max needs to just move on! maybe back to Chelsea?? Robotic John needs to come to his senses and remember what he had with Marlena, and I can’t even believe that he slept with Ava..that was horrible. He and Marlena WERE a supercouple, but not anymore, the trust just isn’t there!!

  31. From CARLY


  32. From diane

    Sami is no more whinning or “Poor me” attitude than nicole…Too bad the shooter couldn’t have take out the S— of Salem (nicole)…Let’s give Sami one more chance…if she blows it banish her to planet Mars…along with nicole…Then get rid of Lucas, Max, Melanie, Chelsea, and creepy Nick…

  33. From Lisa

    I have a comment about today’s episode (10/28/08) I never liked Lexie! Is she ashamed that Theo is autistic or is she worried about him being exploited? She acts almost embarrased by him. I like Abe though.
    I cannot wait until this whole murder mess with Trent is over and Melanie can leave town. What a poor actress she is! Maybe Max will see the light with her.
    Why is Stephanie getting drunk at a bar? With hothead Max and a drunken Stephanie on the race track, we’d better stay off the sidewalk! :)
    I think Daniel would have chemistry with a rock! That man is too hot! I like Kate but is she really that much older than him or are they the same age? Just because she is a grandmother doesn’t mean she has to an old hag! I think she’s beautiful.
    Why is Sami in Witness Protection? I know someone tried to shoot her but wouldn’t she be just fine at the mansion with her robot step~father? Attn Wizard: Please give John back his brain!

  34. From Ma- Dukes

    melanie needs to pack and leave town asap! she sucks as an needs to dress!& BE more convincing:she’s way too fake! nic would be a good actor given the right part.Days has gone to the teen-boopers recently and we need to get back to the real actors/actresses here! THEY are the ones that make DAYS worth watching. I wont watch DAYS if I see its about ‘the kids’.:(

  35. From SamiFan

    I LOVE SAMI & EJ together they were meant to be he is her Knight in Shining Armor. He loves her unconditionally unlike Lucas. Nicole needs to rush Kate to the hospital and OOPS they both go over a cliff….

  36. From Angela

    I agree put Sami and EJ back together. I am not a big Sami fan but I am really getting tired of her not having a stable relationship. Plus I want Daniel and Chelsea back together.

  37. From Kerry

    Sami and Lucas should be together. Leave EJ with Nicole, they deserve each other. Chloe is so annoying! Not sure why Lucas hangs around with her. I didn’t think I could like Kate any less, but after she slept with Daniel again, man she sucks!

  38. From Steve K

    First let the assassin Blow Sami’s head off. That will solve the problems of Lucas, EJ, Chloe and anyone who watches DOOL.

    Next- Let the assassin kill Melanie.

  39. From Staci

    Sami and EJ are great together, and it is time to put them back together. These 2 are perfect for each other. They have so much chemistry together that a person cannot help but falling in love with them.

    Nicole needs to get lost. Nicole only cared about herself and money, and Stefano only cares about having an heir, so why not hook-up Stefano and Nicole. These 2 losers would be perfect for each other.

  40. From Gwyn

    chloe is really a beauty, and she can get away with less makeup though. her dress is somewhat revealing, perhaps she can tone down a little by not revealing too much cleavage. As for sami, she’s the worst character in the episode, with all the schemes, esp. now she’s preggy again with EJ’s (I just wish it would have been Lucas). Chloe and Philip are really good together. It would have been good if the love triangle was between Chloe*Philip*Brady. I also like Nicole’s character, she makes me laugh with her comments.

  41. From barbara

    a big boo on daniel and chelsea! i want sami to quit being a child when she’s gonna have 3 of her own soon. i just hope she and ej do get together and that sami has another baby for him and that nicole loses hers or whatever it takes to get her claws off ej. i’m tired off “the kids”,too.

  42. From michelle

    come on…you need to let ej find out about samis pregnancy. you guys need to put them together! think they would be one of daytimes cutest couples.they are so cute!!! leave lucas with chloe.

  43. From linda

    i totaly agree with the other comments get the kids out and have some real soap opera watching with adults i would send home max stephanie chelsea nick melanie and give phillip a real woman of his own and no ones else and put the hot ones together ej and sami get rid of nicole

  44. From DeeDee

    I just love EJ and Sami, well, I just love sexy EJ period! I don’t like him with Nicole at all, he and Sami are the best young couple in all of Salem. I don’t care who you pair off after that. I would like to see Marlena and John back like they used to be, that was always a grand love story that you writers always messed with.

  45. From Jesslyn

    I want Sami and Lucas back together!!!

  46. From Nellie

    It’s Sammi & Lucas, Nick & Chelsea, Phillp & Chloe, Max & Stephanie, EJ & Nicole, John & Marlena. Let’s see some maturity amonst the teeny/boppers & let’s find out that Melanie did her dad in so we can be rid of her!!!!! Give John back his brain. Also, let’s see older folks & not just at holidays.

  47. From shirl

    put nicole with daniel

  48. From Darlene

    I agree with Nellie, with the exception of Melanie. I think the actress is a great actor!!!! All the other couples I agree with totally. And are they getting rid of Kate? I hope not. I love hating her.

  49. From mary

    so wish Nicole would go away and EJ and Sami could finally have a relationship. Melanie, Nicole,
    Max, Stephani and Nick have become a waste of story time….

  50. From Jamie

    Sami will be a mother of 4!! not three, whatever happened to Will? Last I remember he was at camp…anyway I can’t stand Sami she is just too dramatic. And after she pops with one out she needs to get her tubes tided! I have always liked Nicole but she is acting way too needy with EJ. She needs to go back to the old Nicole.

  51. From julie/from illonis

    i think nicole should be with brady,chole with a stanger,stepanie with philip,chelsa with daniel, and of course sami with ej let him find out she is pregant with his baby,nicole lose hers,and ej go to roman and tell him bout sami and let sami out of witness protection and back at the mansion with her true love ej.

  52. From long, long time fan

    I agree with the pairing Nellie did; that is what the soap intended for these people to have chemistry with. They are great together.

  53. From dg

    I also agree with Nellie

  54. From donna


  55. From Lorri

    I want to see Lucas and Sami back together as well as Ej and Nicole..they seem to click…and honestly Days needs to take some pointers from General Hospital and SPICE the show up!!! It is the same ole stuff…Stefano, Stefano, Stefano…Come on already!!!!!!

  56. From kathy


  57. From Kathleen

    Don’t put Sami hidden Let her pregnancy show let her and EJ get close- let Nicole lose her baby and find love with Daniel
    Chole and Brady
    Lucas and Melaine

  58. From mimi

    Leave Nicole with EJ. Get RID of that whiny ugly Chelsea. Get Philip to the hair stylist for a decent ‘do’.

  59. From Jean

    Put Sami with EJ, they are so perfect together–after all these years let Sami’s character transform into something good. Her and EJ are great together.
    Nicole can continue being the natsty woman to everyone else, but EJ and Sami clearly belong together.

  60. From Melissa

    I completely agree with Julie! I would LOVE to see that!! Especially Sami and EJ (I’m getting sick of her pushing him away) and Chelsea and Daniel (SO HOT together!!!)

  61. From C J

    Enough already with Sami/Ej and Chelsea/Daniel….who cares anyway….put EJ with Nicole, she’s the one that acts likes she really wants to be with him….why would anyone want to be with someone that doesn’t want to be with them????

  62. From Janice

    I would like to see Lucas and Sammi back together. Let both of the twins be Lucas babie as well as the one that Sammi is preg with now. They deserve to be be happy for and change. Bring back Will and let them all be one big happy family. I think Nick and Chelsa will eventually end up together and Brady will probably be with Nicole. As for chloe she will go back to Philip and the rest can be paired with whom ever.

  63. From Pat

    I agree with Jean and Melissa to put EJ and Sami together. They are right for each other in so many ways. And, so is Chelsea and Daniel. Nick and Melaney are good together also. So is Lucas and Choloe.

  64. From lanotes

    What kind of story will Sami tell Johnny about how he and Ali came to be….RAPE! Though incredible as it was for All My Children that Laura fell in love with her RAPIST
    Luke,and they became the daytime sweethearts of America. Even as I read these posts and I keep reading
    “Let Nicole lose her baby”, it’s unbelievable to me,that people could actually wish that kind of heartache on someone. Single mom, not the best situation but actually wishing that an innocent baby die….what a sad state people must be in to wish misery on someone else. Not that it matters to anyone Sami and Lucas belong together,they understand each other and love each other anyway. Love never fails.

  65. From Tara

    The storylines are getting very boring and WAY too drawn out! Move with the times…take notice of GH. Move the stories along faster…the new generation of viewers are more fast paced—please don’t make Soaps a thing of the past!

  66. From lanotes

    I agree with you Nellie

  67. From Heather

    Get Sami and Lucas back together again. I like tham together. Get rid of E.J and Nicole. I would love to see Carrie come back sometime in the show and stay for awhile. I have been a Days fan since I was a little.

  68. From JoAnna

    Um, Daniel and Chelsea belong together. Put Kate and Roman back together, Phillip/Chloe, Lucas/Sami, EJ/Nicole, John/Marlena. All these people fit. nick/melanie, steph/max. They all have chemistry. Daniel and Chelsea are the next Bo & Hope people.!!!!

  69. From sazzie kat

    they need the writers from the young and the restless to come on over and write for days. i am tired of the boring..trampy..and young story lines. bring john back into the zone and give him a brain. bring stefeno back to the quality he use to be. heck, bring the story lines that use to make days worth watchig SOON

  70. From d

    please please please get sami and ej together. have ej really love her. how does he fall for a drunk like nicole. the CHEMISTRY b/t sami and ej is why we watch. it cheapens it for me to watch ej and nicole.

  71. From Beantown

    Sami is cracking me up while in witness protection. I especially liked the scene when the doctor showed up, but I do agree w/ most…want to see her and EJ back together. Sami & Lucas seem to make better friends and never thought I’d say that. Oh and how sweet is the idea that (maybe) EJ set Nicole up? I like Nicole as I’ve said before, but I like the Nicole we love to hate and with someone else who’s not EJ. :)

  72. From Beantown

    Oh and as for Chelsea…I think she’s so cute. She’s my other favorite female actor on Days (along w/ Sami) I would love to see someone new come along for her, OR maybe her and Max get back together?? I do however like Stephanie, so don’t quite know how that would go down, but…I think Max and Steph lack that “click”

  73. From Michele

    Now that they took Nicole to Jail. EJ should go and find Sami after all he is a Dimera he should not have any problem finding her. (by the look of things she is in the appartment that Bell us to have).This way he will beable to see that sami is carry his baby. And Nicole should loose the baby she is carring see she is having pain all the time.
    Max has to open his eyes and see that his sister is a con artist and Steph is right befor he looses her to Phillip.
    It is nice to see Bo an Hope working well together. And come on give John back his life with his wife and kids and grandkids.

  74. From Gabby

    Well, I have to go with Nellie! And I would for once like to see Nicole happy at least for a long while – which in soap terms could be 6 months. I really enjoy the actress who plays Nicole. And…redeem Chelsea further so she
    & Nick can connect again…bye-bye Melanie!

  75. From Toosh

    I am a big Lumi fan and would love to see them back together.
    I also think that Ejole has great chemistry. Please let these two couples be happy and double please., don’t let Nicole lose her baby.

  76. From suzi

    what ever happened to EJ`s mother Susan?

  77. From Nama

    I think they need to Get Sami back to EJ write off Melanie, and say bye bye to Nicole unless you bring in Brady for her. Max and Steph are good.Nick and Chelse are good too. Have more of Marlena and John the old one needs to come back ..

  78. From vene

    I like watching DOOL but some times the story line gets very far-fetch. I like Sami and EJ together. it is a crazy mix up affair between Sami, Lucas and Ej. Who ever heard of twins with different fathers for one. I think Chalsea and Nick make a good couple. Nick is cute in his own way. Kind of a nurd. Kate and Daniel make a good couple. I like Kate she fits the part and adds a lot of spice. John needs to come back to his olds self. I do not like the part he is playing. He is too programed. He is like a robot. Change his hair style for one. I like Roman. He is one cool guy. When is he going to go back to Marlena and be husband and wife. John and Nicole would make a good pair.

  79. From IdaSnyder

    I laughed at the comments on Melanie. She is SUPPOSED to be annoying. If she is irritating you, I think that shows what a good actress she IS, not the opposite.

  80. From Lisa

    I think Melanie give DOOL a different flavor. I think she’s great in her own little way. Stephanie is absolutely a wonderful gal. Beautiful and a good actess. Nicole is the best actress I think the show has ever had. It’s not her fault she wines so much, that’s the writers. But she wines well, much better than Sami, but love her too. They never leave her with any one person long enough. I do feel there’s too much muical lovers with Sami. Right now, its not about the acting as much as the parts they are givin to play. Days has just become boring again. It was good for a little while, now back to its old boring ways again. Most of these lines have been played over and over again. DOOl needs to go in a whole new direction. But I do feel Days has a great actor/actress line up right now. even though I do miss Belle and Shawn dearly.

  81. From Denise

    Ok first of all Melanie needs to go,she can not act at all. Next Daniel is way too old for Chelsea and Kate is too old for Daniel. Nicole should go with Daniel,Sami and EJ, Chelsea and Nick, Max and Stephanie, Chloe and Brady find some one new for Lucas and some one for Philip. Get John and Marlena back together and in love like the good old days. Hurry up with this Trent Murder case, its stupid….

  82. From Linda

    I say put EJ and Nicole together for cryin out loud. Sami belongs with Lucas.

  83. From hope09

    I want to see Nicole and EJ to stay together. I am so over the whole Sami thing. I am not a big fan of Chelsea but when your mom and your grandmother have both had sex with your last two boyfriends she needs to be mad. I think that Stephanie and Phillip maybe hotter than her and Max. Where is Brady and Eric? I am ready for them to come back.

  84. From nicole

    put sami and ej back together..they have good chemistry together. I have been watching this soap for 24 years and this is the first time that I have seen her with someone she clicked with. Nicole was good with Eric..need to bring him back, he brang out the good in her, make her have a miscarriage

  85. From Nina

    Either get rid of Sami or put her back with Lucas, Leave EJ and Nicole be. Phillip and Chloe deserve eachother and with Brady coming back that would be a more interesting story than Lucas and Chloe they just do not belong together. Sami and Lucas are more in the same ball park. Enough with poor John being a walking robot let him and Marlena be happy for once they have such a love and chemistry together. Come on Chelsea and Daniel is a joke she is way too young looking, Kate and Daniel also belong together they have same personality to make a better couple. The story line of Sami carrying EJ’s baby I think you should have done without it is getting really old and boring. Thank god for TIVO as I fast forward through a lot of the Lucas and Chloe story, for sure through Sami carrying EJ’s baby. from reading the comments above sure seems a lot of viewers are feeling the same you are going to start losing your long time fans.

  86. From Alexis

    I want to see Lucas and Sami back together as well as Ej and Nicole..they seem to click…and honestly Days needs to take some pointers from General Hospital and SPICE the show up!!! It is the same ole stuff…Stefano, Stefano, Stefano…Come on already!!!!!! Nicole deserves a second chance to prove she can be a decent lady that fell in love for once. Chloe and Philip should be together, Daniel/Kate, definately bring back John to his normal self and let him and Marlena find eachother again as they have a real love. Don’t take away the good things out of Days.

  87. From Inis Barrow

    Just to correct a error sami is on her 4th child.Ibelieve u may of forgotten hers and lucases son will. her twins make 2and 3 and the baby to be will be 4.Id like ej and s
    sami together.I really dont like melanie.And does anyone stay together on this show?I wAnt john to get his memory back already and marlena and him back together as they belong.

  88. From Kathy

    Has everyone forgotten how many guys Nicole has tried to kill in the past? And now it’s put her with EJ, put her with Brady, Put her with Daniel….Why not put her in prison for killing Trent..HUH???
    And yes give John back his brain! And get rid of cute little Melanie she no longer has a purpose.

  89. From GrannyRoxi

    I am really sick of this zombie John…doesn’t it give him a headache the way he holds his neck so stiff?? And what’s with that “blondie” junk?? If he really wanted to get back with Marlena he had better start acting like a human instead of some kind of wierdo robot. JEEZ!!

  90. From Lori

    I cannot understand how Sami’s mother and father cannot see that she is pregnant. She looks more pregnant than Nicole does. I have a feeling that Sami will try and pass the baby off as Lucas’.
    I think that Sami and Lucas belong together. I have never trusted EJ because he has done so many despictable things to Lucas, John, Roman, and Sami. Everyone seems to have forgotten that he shot John, put Lucas in a frozen meat truck, and almost killed Roman. He also raped Sami. Just watch he cannot be trusted!

  91. From long, long time fan

    I don’t understand why all the desperate, down and out, girls run to Philip? Anyone have any suggestions.

  92. From Lindsey

    no no no Nicole should stay with EJ i think they deserve each other, Chloe with philup back in the day they had a lot of chemistry, Sami with Lucas cuz they are so good together I actually hate stephanie i think shes a spoilled little brat, and i really liked Dr. Dan and Chelsea even tho thats slightly strange its different. I really dont like the Chloe, lucas pairing eeeeeeeew. and they need to drop this whole trent robbins things its boring…And the whole who’s the baby storyline has been done to death im tired of it but i really think thats what’s gonna bring Lucas and sami back together cuz i think the baby is gonna be his and they are also gonna find out that Johnny is also Lucas’s I think cuz they are gonna pull the whole someone switched the test result routine again. and thats gonna leave Nicole to be with EJ but i do have to say i dont like how needy nicole has become around EJ i miss the old devious nicole

  93. From Carol

    This is my opinion. I think Sami would be more concerned about her unborn child than whether or not she is in captivity. She really is selfish. As far as Niclole being a suspect. I think Bo has a crush or may be he is jealous of Victor. For what they once had. I mean think of trying to warm up to his bag of bones wife( so self rightous).As for
    Kate and Marleana. Its like watching your grand mother make our when they have a love scene.They must be in there sixties. Who wants to watch that? I am glad it is Nick that killed Trent .(He needed killing)But, Nick was a good surprise.As far as Melanie,Stephanie, Chelsea they could get rid of them all. They add nothing to the plot. At least Chloe can drink leagally, and if she does have sex it isn’t a crime. Although sex with Lucus should be a crime he should go, his character is one of the most annoying on the whole network.These are the rambleing from someone who has watched this show for over thirty years.

  94. From Karen

    I would like to see Sami take a break from any romantic relationship, at least until the baby is born. Would like to see a grown-up Will come back. Maybe he could get involved with Melanie, to give Sami something to worry about. Would love to see EJ’s mom, Susan come back.

  95. From Laurie

    yes, please do something about John..especially his HAIR!! Does ANYONE like the upside down triangle cut he has now??? yuck!

  96. From EJAMI fan

    Please Put EJ and SAMI together. Please pleaseeeeeeee

  97. From Rose

    For cry’n out loud,bring back Eric and Will.There is enough available single women for them to keep busy through several new storylines!!!!

  98. From michelle

    um HELLO! Sami belongs with EJ! Lucas is an idiot & therefore belongs with Chloe, Philip can have Stephanie cause she is a PAIN! Nicole can LOSE THE BABY & cry to NO ONE! And if they dont bring the old John back, then take him back off the show, seriously its irritating. Hope needs to gain some weight, she looks worse than ever.

  99. From heidi

    i still want ej and sami to be together. please get rid of nicole!!!!1

  100. From Lumi4ever

    What happened to lumi 4 ever?, Come on, chloe and lucas she looks like a skinny female lion with that big hair,that was a really bad match. please bring back john or something. , plus i would like to see brady and chloe back together, please.

  101. From maryann

    Will Kate be leaving the show now that she is ill? I like the fact that Lucas is so supportive of Sammis’ situation. I think they will be getting back together soon and this baby will be his. They have recreated story lines before. John is getting on my nerves.

  102. From aud

    I love the John that is onow i love the way we get to see a small soft side now and then, just enough to keep us guessing. Sami and lucas deserves happiness keep them together, chelsey deserves happiness with daniel, nick is a sap he deserves melanie and yes i too am tired of her character. Stephanie and Phillip would be a reat combo Max needs to focus on the pub and helping mom. Chole will have hers when Brady returns and so will nicole.

  103. From beth

    Put Chole and Brady back togeather.
    I like ej and nichole. Give john back him mind. I have always loved there love story. I like how things are moving a little faster but they need better story lines. I am so sick of all the break ups. Someone has to be happy.

  104. From DJ

    Come on lets get real why is everything about Sami. I’m so sick of her always getting her way, I was so glad when Nicole said she was going to have a baby. We need to move on, EJ and Nicole are good together. Let Sami lose her baby she doesn’t deserve another one.God how could you love a man that raped you would you? And how about her telling Lucas how much she loves him and always would is she two faced or what. Get rid of Melaine shes a nut case.

  105. From sonia

    I think Nicole and Brady should be a couple…taking her out the picture for good. that leaves Sami with EJ and Lucas with Chloe.

  106. From Beverly

    I think John and Marlena are BORING! I see a dark side to Marlena that could be exploited a little more. I liked the new John, but hate the hair. WHASSUP with his hair?

    Tony is not being used enough. I like Philip, but don’t think the right girl has come along yet, although, Morgan would have been a great choice.

    Chelsea (yawn) Melanie, Stephanie, Nick, Max (yawn)

    Where’s Steve? I also liked Ava, she was a breath of fresh air. John seemed to like her also. I wonder if he would be pursuing Marlena, and letting go of the empire if Ava were still around.

    I really like Lucas with Chloe. I’ve had it with Sami and Lucas. I hope they don’t put “Rafe” and Sami together. :-)


  107. From Sandy

    We get it. Chloe’s sexy. Now put some clothes on her and quit teasing the sides of her hair up 80s style. EJ and Sami belong together. Hook Nicole up with Rafael. I’m so over Stephanie, Melanie, and Max. Maybe they could all get in an accident together…

  108. From Linda

    I wish Sami and Lucas would make up and get their acts together – EJ is nothing but a fruad like his father – and he and Nicole deserve each other. That devious little witch Melanie is a fake and I think she killed her dad – stop dragging story lines out – it gets boring and you lose alot of viewers that way. Give Roman a “real” woman to love.

  109. From colleen

    I agree with the ones who say GET RID of Nichole, Mel, and all that B***S***!!!! I also agree enough is enough with John. He soooo belongs with Doc!!!!!!

  110. From Allie

    I kinda like Lucas and Chloe together. Sami and EJ. I think Philup and Stephanie would look good together- it will take some getting use to. Philup is soo hot he needs to be with a beautiful girl. I like Max with Abbey, please bring Abbey back for Max.
    John and Marlana. Chelsea and Nick. Bo and Hope- (what is wrong with her she is too skinny)
    I think that Abe and Lexie are boring to watch even though I love both of the actors. I don’t know how Days can keep Steve and Kayla interesting. I don’t like Dan the Dr. I like Stefino even though he’s bad-he’s fun to watch.
    I will never stop watching!!!

  111. From Kathy

    Nicole, Nicole, Nicole! Yuk yuk yuk
    She goes from a murderous (mutiple attempts) an achololic self centered back stabbing bitch to a good girl tee-totaler, to a “friend” of one of her worst enemies, Chole, and now John also. I don’t think anyone in that show has ever done a complete 180 like Nicole…….Whats up with that???

  112. From Nicole

    I agree with DJ, why is everything about Sami? She needs a new storyline. She needs to grow up and be more of a strong independent women like her mom. I am also glad that Nicole is pregnant with EJ’s baby they belong together! Did everyone forget how EJ raped Sami?
    I also like Philip and Chloe together, although I’m interested in seeing what happens with Philip and Stephanie. I wish Kate would get over herself. Chloe offered her support and Kate had to bite her head off!
    One other poster said that they should bring back Will as an adult and have him paired up with Melanie. That would be interesting!
    Finally, I agree I do not like Chelsea and Daniel together or Daniel with Kate. We need some new people! And Lucas and Chloe are annoying together!
    One more thing…I really dislike the comments about Nicole losing her baby. I once lost a child and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  113. From DaysAlways

    Enough about this horney havoc. Give us some Romance: 1)John & Marlena 2)Bo & Hope, 3)Tony & Anna
    Get rid of Kate & Dr. Daniel story line! Get rid of Melanie! Lucas doesn’t deserve Sami, truthfully neither does EJ, however I like their chemistry together much better. Lets see where the storyline goes with Chloe when Brady comes back to town. No Chloe & Lucas, No Sami and Lucas. If EJ doesn’t straighten up put Sami with Passions FBI guy and have that storyline blossom like Marelana & Roman in the 70′s – 80′s, after all he as to protect her right! Get rid of Kate Daniel & Melanie storyline it’s fastforward material now!

  114. From Jazzy

    It’s so dumb that no one could see that Sami is pregnant. The writers need to come up with a different story line for Sami. She’s already done the \Not going to tell the father about his baby\, thing. EJ should find out about his baby and make a life with Sami …

  115. From Kathy

    Wow! Agree with lanotes – how can someone ‘wish’ Nicole’s baby dead? Shame on you! Nicole and EJ all the way. Max is so stupid to be constantly supporting Melanie after all she did in France and Salem. Get a brain Max. What’s with Hope – she looks anorexic and Bo’s dumb sneer makes me sick – get rid of them both! Glad to see less of Steve, Kayla, Marlena. Love the new John – he is funny as heck with his one-liners. Philip and Chloe would be great pair. Kate should be ashamed – SHE is the one BOTH times that seduced Daniel – so tsk tsk Kate. Her kids and Chelsey should know that too. Someone earlier said that Nick killed Trent. Is that True??? I am real tired of how the Brady’s protect their own family no matter who or how they have to harass others and think they can do anything because they are “the law”. Ha ha – my A–! And Lexie – decide what you want – support your husband or stay home and hide your son in the attic if you feel such a need to ‘protect’ him. It’s not that though is it – you are just ashamed so shame on you. The mighty DiMera has produced a child that may not be perfect? He is better than you! EJ – get over Sami – she is less mature than her kids and can never stay out of trouble and her cop family has to keep bailing her out. Nicole obviously cares for you and would be such a great wife and mother – give her a chance. If you framed her heaven help you. And if she dumps you – great new love for her would be the gorgeous new Raphael. That would be awesome – all the women of Salem be jealous and salivate when Nicole finally gets a good break.

  116. From Brenda Gonder

    I think that Nick and Chelsea should get back together. They were ok together. also, they need to get rid of that brat melanie before she causes more trouble and boy, max and stephanie on the outs. not good. Also, I hope she don’t get hooked up with philip.

  117. From RACHEL

    I thought the twins were just born earlier this year now they are out trick or treating boy they sure age fast, I think they are around 6 months and now sami is well into her second trimester! GIve me a break at least make the age advacement a little believeable

  118. From Sassychic

    I loooooove the EJ and Sami duo!!! I wish they would just put them together. Let EJ know that Sami is preg already!!! I really think that they would be the perfect daytime couple. Get rid of Nicole. Let this Trent situation go away and give John back his memory. I love Days but the storylines are getting way over drawn out. I also hate the whole Max, Stephanie, Melanie, and Nick situation. Chelsea belongs with Daniel they made a great couple. Let Kate find someone else. They need to bring in Brady for Nicole and let Lucas and Chloe stay together for a little while. Put Steph with Phillip I think that they would be a perfect couple too!!!

  119. From Aniyah

    I completely agree that the Sami and Rafael story will more than likely be like the Roman and Marlena story. Plus Allison Sweeney and Galen Garing would make a great pair. I am really hoping they put those two together!!! I’m sure that he will end up delivering her baby in that cabin and everything…

    also don’t forget that Eric Martsolf (Ethan from Passions) is coming to Days next month to reprise the roll of Brady Black.

    Both these new characters are sure to spice up things for the good in Salem!!

  120. From ZWINKY

    Sami and E.J should not be together Nicole deserves a good life.Meloney story is getting annoying just get to the point who killed trent.I hope that Nicole will not have a miscarrage and Sami does that will be funny.John should really get his memory back how stupid is putting memory on a disk.I want kate to get better i hate seeing phillip all sad.I like when chelsea was with danial.




  121. From lillie

    I hope they let Nicole have her baby. Sami pregnant again is tired and old. Im a soap just like the rest of you but to have someone paired up with and be all lovey dovey about someone that raped her in the past. show me a normal woman that could ever forgive enough to love that person and want to be with them (sami and ej). That’s the dumbest thing ever.

  122. From Erica

    Yes, put EJ and Sami back together! They are GREAT together and Nicole needs to just find someone else. As for Sami’s pregnancy yes, EJ needs to find out. Melanie, is getting old. I hate her character. Stephanie, I am not crazy about either. She over acts sometimes and it drives me nuts. BUT………..put EJ and Sami together!!! that is my main interest.

  123. From Tanya

    Ahhhh…I’m so tired of the whole Melanie, Max, and Stephanie storyline..who cares who killed Trent..finish it already. I love Sami with EJ….they have great chemistry..Pls Pls put Daniel and Chelsea back together,they had awesome chemistry..he has none with Kate..she has to try to hard to drum up chemistry with him…they suck…find Kate someone else…I love Chelsea, she is one of my favorite actresses on Days. Where are Kayla and Steve? What’s up with the crazy story lines lately…I hate it when they mix up all the couples…EJ and Sami, Daniel and Chelsea…great potential for super couples.

  124. From Marie

    i have one more thing to add with the whole EJami thing ppl who want them together i asked you this…. would you ever get romantically involved with someone who raped you ….some how i dont think so

  125. From Janie Cake

    We need Nicole and John as a robot for all their wit. Please let Nicole have the baby no matter what. I’d still have Stephano do something nice, find religion or maybe donate millions to poor people or orphans. Something to redeem himself. Melanie is like scratching your fingernails on a chalk board, aaaaarrrggghhh. Won’t anyone ask who her mother is?

  126. From Sammie

    Don’t put Philip and Stephanie together they are related by blood…An incest story line would just be gross…

  127. From heidi

    I still want ej and sammi together

  128. From Melissa

    I LOVED the way EJ laid into Nicole yesterday about Sami, GO EJ!!! I also agree and miss the old devious Nicole, she has become way too desperate and whiney, its annoying! EJ needs to ditch her already and be with his true love, SAMI!!!!

  129. From Melissa

    Oh and I would hardly call the sami EJ thing rape, she wanted it and you know it!!! She had feelings for him all along, its not like he had to hold her down, get real!!!

  130. From B

    Melanie is the worst addition to the cast this year. Her character has no qualities of a villianess. She uses the same gimmicks over and over. Any soap opera writer knows that you can teach an old “dog” new tricks!!!

    Edited to remove wording. Take care in how you post about an actor, please!
    SOF Admin

  131. From Melissa

    I ABSOLUTELY agree with Tanya!!!

  132. From Rene

    These storylines are terrible lately! Melanie’s character and storyline are a complete waste of airtime. And for God’s sake, bring back the old John- faithful fans deserve it! Whatever happened to Steve and Kayla? Oh, and PLEASE keep EJ around with all the storylines and airtime you can give him- that man should be in movies…who wouldn’t pay to see him light up the big screen? And as a longtime LUMI supporter, I have changed my tune and come over to the other team- EJAMI…get Nicole out of EJ’s life and put Sami with him forever! Nicole is much to greeedy and whiny to deserve such a man! When will they reveal the Nicole/Max connection???

  133. From Betty

    I have been trough everything wit everyone on Dys since the day it started over 42 years ago so I think I deserve a say.
    The pair up of Daniel and KKate is sicking and stupid.She is a trouble maker and has been with almost every mman on the show.Put her back with Victor where she belongs they deserve each other they are two of a kind.I know that Chelesa is younger than Daniel but much more suited for him and they were cute together.Nicole deserves a break and loves EJ.Sammi and Lucas belong together and Philip and Chloe look great together……………

  134. From Tracy

    I think that EJ and Sammi should be together they have great Chemistry. Max and Steph is kinda sick, Kate should take her nosey ass out of Salem, and let her kids live their lives,John and Marlena should get back together (John should regain his memory) Kayla and Steve of course are great together, Phillip and Chloe had great chemistry,I really liked Daniel and Chelsea,
    Bo and Hope are hot together minus Hope looking anorexic. Nick I think he needs to find a nice girl, not Melanie, and Max needs to open his eyes about his sister. As for Lucas there has to be someone for him, just not sure that girl has came along yet. As for the new FBI cop you can send him my way. He is so sexy…

  135. From Jackie

    I definately agree that Sami and EJ belong together!!! Nicole acts so pathetic around EJ and it’s getting annoying. Let EJ find out about the baby NOW.
    Also very excited about Passions boys coming to Days!!!!!!

  136. From Daina

    Put Sami and EJ back together and leave them together.

  137. From linda

    i dont believe nicole killed trent. i dont like melanie. i like nick. i want e.j. to find out that sami is preg. i like him with nicole and sami.

  138. From Racer Girl 09

    Stephanie needs to be with Max!! No way it would be good for her with Phillip!! I don’t even like Phillip! He needs to go back with Chloe, Lucas with Sami, EJ and Nicole! They all deserve each other the way I see it!

  139. From pj

    EJ and Sami belong together. They have sparks!

  140. From keri

    So has anyone ever mentioned who Melanies mother is???? I think it should be Nicole…..weirder things have happened, The whole Kate Daniel and Chelsea thing is very annoying………

  141. From Abbey

    They are sooo going to put Sami and Rafe together in order to make EJ jealous!!! I totally agree EJ and Sami have the right chemistry!! Hope Nicole loses her baby and leaves or something, her character is just soo easy to hate

  142. From Joyce Russell

    Please don’t put Sami with Raefel or anyone but EJ Love both of them–If Ej ends up with Nichole I am out of this soap and have been here since the 80′s–also chelsea and Daniel needs to get back together after Kates illness maybe they could go away to search thier feeling or something like that. soap operas need romance and Days seems like is lacking good romance these days. that last day with Cheslea and Daniel was so soft and long in comming when this was the line I just wanted the story to be about them– they were dymanic together their eyes convey so much emotion.

  143. From carol

    i was a happy as can be today when ej told nicole off god that was great , i hope ej and sami get together i love them as a couple ,
    i don’t like nicole with ej at all there is nothing there like he and sami have , please put the two together, clight

  144. From Beverly

    I’m trying to figure out how Philip and Stephanie are related?

    I get a headache sometimes when I think of the relationships between the Kiriakis and Bradys.

    I love Days too, and always have.

  145. From Curry

    wow, nichole..nah. must be someone else that we never knew it was him or her. Sami and EJ so much alike. He always there for her even past he didn’t but u gotta admit he change alots wow…Lucas idk who with. He change too. Hope that Kate and Dr. Daniel back together. Wish celesta and nick back together. Mel maybe with philips cuz same attuide and same moneys to get what they want. Also, Max and step. need to get back together too.

  146. From michelle

    Daniel and Chelsea …uuuh that was good but she deserves better(i hated her at first but now i like her!)How about bring in a twin for daniel and let him be jealous of his twin and chelsea. kate could of left the show 15 yrs ago and i wouldn’t notice!

    stephanie and max are gross together, he is her uncle by adoption but still it isn’t right

    love sammi and ej!!! eeerrrr! not nicole!

  147. From kim

    Ok…Ej with Sami? Come on people…the guy raped we always forget this??Leave Ej with Nicole…her story line is getting better…but lets get this murder thing done and we really care who killed trent?Get rid of melanie..she is annoying….please have phillip get back with chloe and then have brady come back to try and win her back…could be good. Put sami with the new fbi guy….HOT! And have Lucas get with stephanie…they would be good…or have a new character ,like someone who is a model for the magizine, or a ceo of a company that he has to work with, just not melanie.Yech.That would make things alittle interesting.

  148. From Scarlet

    It’s amazing how no two people agree on who all belongs together. lol. I really wanted Sami and Lucas together until EJ changed and started to really show love for Sami. Now I am all about EJ and Sami. Nicole is funny but should definately be with someone else. Chloe and Lucas is gross, she needs to be with someone younger and more interesting. I want Marlena to have her John back, although I hope he doesn’t go back to making all the horrid facial expressions he used to make, lol. I love Stephanie and Max together but they need to make her a little more fiesty and calm him down a bit. I actually really like Daniel and Chelsea together and think she needs a decent romance on the show. I like Kate and Chelsea’s relationship but think it’s creepy that Kate slept with Chelsea’s boyfriend. Bo and Hope are my favorite and I hope they leave them alone and that they stay on the show for…well forever. lol. I also wish they would bring back Shawn and Belle, I think they are the next Marlena and John/ Bo and Hope. I think Melanie has potential…but this storyline is getting old. I miss MiMi from back before she hooked up with Shawn. She was fun! Oh and I also hope that Stefano decides to be half way decent for a while. Him being evil and hurting all the old fav couples gets really old.

  149. From Scarlet

    In response to Beverly:

    Phil and Stephanie are related via Bo. Bo and Phil are brothers and Bo and Kayla are brother and sister. Stephanie is his niece. So I suppose that makes them cousins? That’s gross! lol. Atleast with her and Max he was adopted. haha

  150. From Scarlet

    Forgot to mention that I think this is the perfect time for Roman to rush to Kate’s side and confess his love to her! I really loved how Kate acted with Roman. He sees her for who she is and loves her anyway.

  151. From Kara

    I do not care for the new Bo/Hope snarky and rude team. They has less evidence on Nicole than they do on Bo’s mother. She was standing there with the knife in her hand. Ah, Salem police, the inept in the land.

    Sammi is a pain and I wish she would just grow up. of her,

  152. From Rusty

    Thank you for the updates. I’ve been a fan of Days since the very first show.

    I love the show and it’s twist and turns in the story lines.

  153. From JOSEPHINE


  154. From Debi

    Please! For all the Sami/EJ lovers how can you think they are good together?! He RAPED her for gods sake. Knight in shining armour? He killed Eve Michaels, shot John, stole John’s kidney, raped Sami, had Patrick Lockhart do all his dirty work. How soon we forget! How can anyone support this character? Sami and Lucas or Sami with anyone other than EJ!

  155. From Pat

    EJ and Sami belong together. Nicole and Dr Dan, Chelsea with the new FBI agent.

  156. From Kathy E

    I just thought of a great story line! Nicole is Melanie’s mother! I love it!

  157. From Pam

    Why havent we seen any real passion lately.
    Can we please find the disk to restore John’s memory and get John and Marlena back together. Heck, They even have passon as the new John (no memory) and Old Marlena.
    Stephanie and Phillip may show to be a HOT couple, I cant wait to see what happens there.
    Nicole has changed and lets open up and see what she can be like as an honest and loving woman. We all have to admit she funny as heck and her sarcasm can be hillarious.

  158. From victoria

    I never got my happy everafter so please allow me to do some matchmaking.

    Bo&Hope and please do bring on a very pretty and smart lady for Roman that will truely love Roman and ROMAN WILL LOVE HER That geourges hunk has been single way to long.
    Nick &Chelsea
    The old john&Marlena
    Daniel and a new healthy professional woman
    get rid of Melanie
    Phillip a new to Salem chick.

  159. From barbara

    mi and ej and I am so glad you brought Stefano back. I like the new John and Marlana story too but hope he gets his memory back some day.

  160. From barbara

    left out I like Sami and EJ and am so glad you brought Stefano back. I also like the new John and Marlana story but I hope he will get his memories back someday. I have watch Days since the first day it was shown. I am 76 years old and have enjoyed it all this time. Thanks

  161. From Bridgee

    This whole thing with Sami and EJ is really making me mad. Please put them back together again. They are so good together. I do not like Lucas and Sami. It is a very bad match. Ej and Sami have a lot of spark. For daniel and kate, YUK! I love the Chelsea and Daniel relationship. That is a good one.

  162. From Victoria

    I haven’t watched a TV showing of Days Of Our Lives since they split up Daniel & Chelsea. I just fast forward the YOUTube in the case they get them back together. I’ll start watching again when they put the two back together! They were the best thing going for Days! A true inspired romance that started with a hankie! How cute! Give Daniel a HERO part that save Chelsea from danger and put them back together as the next BO and Hope Supercouple! They look great together!

  163. From mIssy

    give sami call ej instead of lucas, or lucas go to ej that she called, let ej save the day & be w/ Sami. thanks

  164. From Sandy

    DOOL is soooooo slow… I’ve stopped watching. I will check later to see if MELANIE IS FINALLY GONE! At this point i don’t care who gets together as long as they WRITE a good love story. What happened to the DAYS of old? Steve and Kayla, Bo and Hope….WRITERS ARE YOU AWAKE OUT THERE?

  165. From daysfan11354

    Keep Sami away from that rapist EJ. After all that her and Lucas has been through, I don’t get her attraction to EJ.

  166. From CG

    EJ with Sami definitely. How about Nicole with Philip!?!?!?

  167. From Coolio

    Couples: EJ and Sami, Lucas and Chloe, Phillip and Stephanie, and Daniel and Chelsea.

    Melanie murdered Trent no doubt.
    Nicole needs to leave.
    Abe will be Mayor.

  168. From Coolio

    Stephanie and Phillip are realated by Bo being Phillip’s brother and Stepahnie is Bo’s niece so they are related in a way.

  169. From old rocker

    I’m disappointed Daniel turned out to be a horny sleaze ball..Kate does not surprise me.She’s always been a slut…Chelsea needs someone new..Not Nick she played him like a fiddle…Melanie does not deserve Nick..Marlena needs to hypnotize Melanie to learn the truth..I’m sick of Sami..I can’t see her getting over Lucas so easily and vice versa..So much for true love..Show more o the super couples,I’m tired of these silly,immature young people..No one has any ambition on this show to become somebody..?

  170. From BradyPub

    Noted two things: Trent’s letter referred to \my wife\ – it did not say Nicole. How about Max & Mel’s mom? And – the chemo drip & smell made Chloe remember her illness and feel faint? I hope it will not be a recurrence of leukemia. Or is she pregnant too?

  171. From judy

    a very long time viewer all the drinking nicole has done before she knew she was preggers can not be a good omen lets find out that some manipulation was done by ej or stephano remember stephano did kidnap kayla,s baby during the mysterious fog at the hospital maybe a cloning story line who ever heard of a dna test before the baby,s birth ??? i thgink the nerdy nick went to the rescue and killed trent time for him and melanie to leave but not before we find out that nicole is melanie,s mother lucas and clohe will be kuput as soon as brady comes back and thats a good thing

  172. From shelly

    Do we really need more screwed up relationships? Leave Sami with Lucas, EJ with Nicole, Chloe with Phillip and Chelsea with Nick…

  173. From betty seales

    Please just leave Sami and EJ alone. They have chemistry and are good together. Lucas is to Wimpy for her. For once, let Sami be happy and finally get married for love. I have been watching Days since the second year of the series. I have been through the entire Horton, Brady, Dimera histories and my favority was with Bill,Laura and Mickey storyline in the beginning and Alice and BO trying to break someone out of prison. Also, when Bo stole Hope from her impending wedding to the D.A. as well as their love story. I also fell in love with the Kimberly/Shane love story and Kayla and Patch love story as well. Days has great love stories and you can’t top the MARLEA/JOHN LOVE STORY AND ALL THEY WENT THROUGH. pLEASE GET RID OF Melanie. She is a horrible actress and her character is not the geatest in the world. You know who I would like to become the patriarch couple for the Horton family now–DOUG AND JULIE.
    Such good actors and entertainers. They would not have to be on air all the time, but just enough to keep viewers interested. I hope someon is listening the all the comments from the fans.

  174. From HEATHER


  175. From shawn

    the thing with sami needs to get over but it wont she will be due soon off the show….thats why she went there.

  176. From Annie

    Sami and EJ
    Brady and Nicole
    Chloe and Dr. Dan
    Philip and Stephanie

  177. From Belinda

    Sami and EJ are ment to be!! I mean come on! What do you think that EJ would be more happier? That he would find out that sami is expecting his child again, or that idiotik nicole is waiting a child for him.? It’s just so ovious that EJ is still in love whit sami and the other way around. Nicole doesn’t stand a chance when EJ finds out that sami is pregnant and comes from the whitness protection program.

  178. From Cat

    Geez…enough already…Sami and EJ together!…it’s a no brainer.
    At least let EJ find out about the
    baby…It’s obvious he doesn’t
    care a darn about Nicole…only his baby…come on writers, move it along already…Time for the real John to come back too!

  179. From gammy

    Put EJ and Sami together. I like Nichole and the new John. They make a cute couple. I think Doc and Roman should get back together. Victor and Caroline should start something romantic. Max and Stephanie need to get back together. She was only looking after Max. Why bring back Patch if he’s not going to get any storyline.

  180. From Rosemarie

    I love Melanie – she is a good bad girl – just the right kind for a soap. She is bad enough to keep things interesting but not so bad she will be written into a corner. She is the beautiful ray of sunshine this story needs and I love the actress; she is doing a great job!

  181. From Audrey Smith

    This storyline is getting so good, I can hardly wait from one day to another to see what’s going to happen. Please keep up the good writing.

  182. From Audrey Smith

    Love the show. Keep it going like always except please bring John back.

  183. From Crystal

    100% sami and ej. They are perfect together. Ej accepts sami for the coniving,scheming person she is. Lucas only loves Sami when she is doing what he wants. As for the lucas and chloe story, their chemistry sucks. Stephanie & Max BORING, all she ever says is trust me and the first chance she gets she betrays him. They need to move on. I like the idea of nicole being melanie’s mom. They are two of a kind. Ej needs to find about the baby with sami and they need to be together. I don’t want nicole to miscarry, but I want the baby to belong to someone else. Maybe Trent or something. Days needs to take a lesson from B&B writers and move along the storylines.

  184. From CRYSTAL

    melanie needs to leave they need to caught the mayors killer so that sami and ej can get togetherleave nicole in jail or send her away and marlena and the NEW john need to hook up this story is getting a bit weak whats up with the writers wake up already

  185. From Amy R

    I cant beleive Sami would take Nicole downing her and telling her ej is hers and her to leave him alone. Sami could have blown her little bubble to shreds by telling nicole she is pregnant. Would have loved to see Nicoles reaction. Instead I have to make myself watch the Ej Nicole scenes. Ugh.. Nichole makes me sick. Please put Sami back with Ej and Soon! With Sami being pregnant that makes Ej and her still married… Yeah Nichole cant marry him….

  186. From Amy R

    Melonie needs to leave Salem. Nichole Life in Jail. Chelsea and Nick need to hook back up. John and Marlena get back together. Kate and Daniel leave Salem.

  187. From Amy R

    Please get Sami and Ej back together. They make a great couple.

  188. From SG

    Will you please get rid of Melanie already! And make Sammie tell E.J about the baby soon.

  189. From Kathy E

    I still think that Nichole should be Melanie’s mom. Melanie needs someone and this would give Nichole a chance to do something right for a change. Put Sammie back with EJ. Are we ever going to find out it was Will that shot EJ or doesn’t it matter anymore? Also I think it’s only obvious that that dude from France had Trent killed.

  190. From Aldiva

    I am tired of the whole Trent murder thing. I have a feeling we are going to find out it was Nick. Did you forget about his bruised hand?? And the producers are promising it to be a shocker. To me, Nick would be a shocking result.

    I want Sammy to finally be happy. We have seen TOO MANY years of this poor girl not getting her way.

    I’m all done with Chloe, She thinks she’s all that.

    We need to see John and Marlena back together. Where’s the love this soap is known for??

  191. From EboniS

    Melanie gets on my nerves.She is a spoiled little brat that just needs to go away.
    I want more John and Marlena. I would like for more of his memory to come back…
    I would like to see Mimi back…I miss her. She would be great to give Chloe a run for her money with either Philip or Lucas…That would be different..
    I am all for EJAMI–they have great chemistry. I don’t like this new Nicole. She is so whiny..
    I like the idea of Stephanie and Philip. It could be good.
    Also, bring back Morgan she can put Melanie in her place!!

  192. From EJAMI fan

    I love watching Ej and Sami, but since they’re not together as a couple I rather stop watching .

  193. From Misty

    Get Sami to Lucas. Bring back Brady for Cholie and marry E.J.&Nachol.
    Kate isnot my favorite person but being a12 year breastcancer survivor, I hope kate can beat the throat cancer.Let Stefano andKate go to Europe for advanced treatment and while they arethere letStefano&Kate marry and stay there. Nicky and Chelsea r so right together.

  194. From Stephanie

    Hey I can’t wait till they bring Eric Martsolf Brady days (Ex-Ethan passioins) to Days. That will make and interesting conflict between chole/lucas/phillp. I am so ready for EJ and Sami to get back together. They have so much chemistery. I think Stephaine and Phillp would be something to think about. Only time will tell.

  195. From andre

    wish that their would be more action of mafia demira like it us to be

  196. From C J

    I can’t figure why Amy R would think that Sami and EJ are still married just because she is pregnant…why gives with that?

  197. From C J

    Besides that Nicole is not old enough to be Melanie’s mother.

  198. From tracey


  199. From Delores

    The story lines here are getting to be like a Margaret Mitchell novel….”GONE WITH THE WIND!”
    Better be careful…you know that is exactly how trash gathers in corners, and it appears to be gathering rather nicely and quickly with DOOL!

  200. From Cheryl

    I hope what I just read about Nicole suspecting EJ framing her is wrong. Cant Nicole ever catch a break! I think it’s kind of nice that she’s happy for a change and even has a friend in Chloe.

  201. From Kathleen

    Please lets get Days rocking again Sami & EJ Marlena and John get them into a dectective agency with Kayla and Steve and Bo and Hope to help on the outside. Stop messing with the triangles thats days gone by no one likes it anymore.
    Get Sami out of witness program let her have another set of twins with EJ and let EJ know come the storyline of EJ not knowinbg is boring that them share this experience together.
    Stephanie and Philip excellent.
    Please send Melaine a packing Bye Bye with Kate too and Roman Brady.
    Come on Days the Holidays are coming lets get some good storylines going

  202. From Kathleen

    Days lets get a good storyline going for the Holidays and get rid of the dead wood Melaine Nick Kate Danile Roman Lets have some heavy scenes Marlena John, Bo and Hope Stephanie and Philip yeahh Ej and Sami let him find out about the twins again this time

  203. From heidi

    I get sick every time i have to watch EJ kissing Nicole. He loves Sammi! She needs to tell EJ that she is having his child again!

  204. From tara

    I agree, let’s get rid of Melanie because her character doesn’t make sense to the storyline and she’s not a bad actress, she just needs to go because she’s boring! Stephanie is really pretty, but really annoying and I don’t like CHelsea and Nickt ogether. DON’T make them hook up again please! Daniel and Chelsea make a good couple and please kill off Kate so she can stop interfering in her kids lives!! I love Days, but people not getting that Sami is preggos is really kinda dumb. I like Nicole and think she’s really funny nad her and EJ should stay together.

  205. From Lenaky

    This whole situation with Samantha, come on, would they really treat her like that? She’s in the witness protection program, not kindergarten! That story line and the way they portray the agents and Samantha is ridiculous even for Days!!

  206. From Maria

    Yes, please let EJ find out that Sami’s pregnant so they can get back together. Get rid of Kate and Daniel,Melanie needs to get beat down, thrown in jail and forgotten.

  207. From RS

    Chelsea is too immature for Daniel, let Kate have him. I don’t like Sami with EJ because of the rape situation. I can’t stand Melanie’s character.

  208. From Jody

    Sami and EJ are so great togeather. I also agree that Nicole being Melanie’s Mom (after she miscarries) would give her another focus, instead of dwelling on EJ. Max and Stephanie GROSS even if he’s adopted. Let her be with Phillip

  209. From Lesa Ann

    I really think that Nicole and Ej should be together. I don’t like Sammy with him. Stephaie and Phillip should also get together.
    Let Sammi stay where she is..

  210. From Lesa Ann

    Are you serious? I hate Sammy and EJ together. I love Nicole and EJ together. As for Melanie Kill this crazy little girl off…I really hope she killed Trent so she can be put in jail forever…

  211. From Baboo

    As a Days fan for almost 40 years, I’ve seen good and bad story lines, but stayed with the show. I would love to see EJ & Sami together, but what about hooking Nicole up with Brady??? The guy who previously played Brady was actually Nicole’s husband, so why not get some real chemistry onair??? I don’t like the old Stephano messing with my friends, but this new incarnation is a whimpy…where was the once incessently devious Stephano we all loved to hate? Everything has become a bit too predictable these “Days”.

  212. From Kathy E

    What is with this ugly thing EJ is doing with his mouth?? He’s always tightening his lips and pulling it down like a sad clown! He was really good looking until he started doing that!

  213. From Charlie

    Thank goodness for fast forward. The whole show has turned boring and I seem to ff through every segment. The only thing that keeps me coming back is that Nick may be a serial killer…..he’s beginning to look and act that part.


    Ok… I have been watching this soapopera since I can remember. Guys stop making a mess and boring story lines. Sami and EJ, Nicole needs to just find someone else or get written off. Lucan and Chloe who cares!!!!, Philip get him a hot lady to make him a warmer human being. All those kid story lines, get rid of them.. or give them realistic story lines! all the other older love stories, yes twist and turns are ok but don’t drag them. DAYS is a wonder soap opera but lately the story lines are sickening… John bring him back his role now is awful!

  215. From WHAT'S GOING ON!

    Sami always has issues, come on writers, EJ has to know she’s pregnant. Enough story lines of Sami and her infamous pregnancies…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. From Brandie

    I just wish they could find Sami a man to be with for more then a month. Yes she’s a pain but she deserves love too. Anyone is better then Lucas for her! But Lucas and Chloe, not so sure about that. I do like the Phillip and Stephanie thing. I wonder who Brady will hook up with; hopefully not Chloe again.

  217. From Lillie

    Only on a soap opera would people wish someone with their rapist.

  218. From Amy R

    Sami and EJ annullment won’t be valid since she became pregnant before it.

  219. From Kathy E

    OK so the guy from France has nothing to do with Trent’s killing……But it’s sad that it is Nick. He has been acting totally creepy lately.

  220. From Nicole

    Nick is being super creepy right now! I hope they wrap up this story line soon! I like EJ and Nicole together. Nicole deserves a chance! Someone posted that maybe Melanie could be Nicole’s daughter. That would be interesting, but I think it’s too late for that storyline. Also, I have noticed a few times were someone comments on how Philip and Stephanie are related. How are they related? Would Philip be Stephanie’s Uncle? I’m so confused!

  221. From Kathy E

    Sadness……….Philip is leaving the show. : (

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