Days of Our Lives Spoilers for October 30-31.

New evidence points to Nicole being Trent’s killer.

Bo and Hope arrest her and nervous Nicole is starting to think that EJ doesn’t exactly believe in her innocence. Even in Salem, being a murder suspect can cause serious stress in a relationship. Although EJ tries his best to defend Nicole, she doesn’t take anything in this situation well. This may just be the beginning of the end for them.

Meanwhile, Sami is up to her old shenanigans. Her new guard, Hilda, is proving to be even more of a thorn in her side than the one she just drove away. Sami drugs her to keep her off her back. As she does so, an intruder shows up to give Sami a shock just in time for Halloween. It turns out not to be a ghoul, or even a common killer, but an FBI agent named Rafe who has been sent to look after her.

“I think I have a right to know. Is she going to make it?” Lucas demands of Daniel. Although Kate has undergone chemotherapy, her odds aren’t looking good at the moment. Across town, Lucas’ brother is remaining distracted by listening to other people’s problems. Stephanie opens up to Philip about her problems with Melanie… and her suspicions. For her part, Melanie seems to be leaning more on her own little support network. Nick will be inviting her to move in with him at Maggie’s.

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  1. From Snowy


  2. From Sonia G.

    Will somebody just pleeeeze shut Melanie up!!!! Why is it every time she opens up her mouth a horrible shrillll comes out????
    thank God I record the show b cos when she comes on, I just ff her part.The actress is doing a pretty good job, it’s just that they need to tone down that shrill & I know they can do it cos I’ve heard her speak in a milder tone.

  3. From Donna M.

    I agree, except that I think she is not a very good actress. Everything about her is annoying.

  4. From Ltaylor

    I agree…Melanie has ——. Enough, get rid of her already. I fast forward through all of her scenes.

    Hello, I’m requesting that everyone please try to be more diplomatic with your criticisms of the actors!

    SOF Admin

  5. From SamsGirl

    I also agree about Melanie, she is an annoying, manipulative, money-hungry liar. That said, I think the actress is doing a fantastic job, because that is what Melanie is supposed to be and it’s working, we all hate her…Melanie that is. Everyone can’t be a good guy/girl the show would be boring.

  6. From joliejenna

    They are all just speaking the truth. :)

  7. From Maria

    I am really just hoping that Kate doesnt die or anything and they are just saying that her odds arent good to build suspense at the end of the week!!

  8. From danni

    All i really want to see is sami and ej together already please.

  9. From kk

    I think that its time for Sami to have some good in her life too. Let her settle down with EJ. Pick on someone else for awhile. She’s been thru enough. I am ready for John to get his memory back now too. The new JB is SO ANNOYING the way he talks robotic drives me crazy. I don’t care for Melanie either. She doesn’t have to be the kid next door but at least tone down the voice a bit. Thanks.

  10. From Lisa

    I think the actors and actress are wonderful. I think the writers are horrible. They are just boring story lines. Then to top it off the story lines last forever, never ending. Even when it ends, it just starts back up with another actor and its starts all over again. You can’t blame a actor or actress for bad writing. Not Bad, just boring !!!

  11. From Jude

    I couldn’t agree more about Nicole. She should be carrying Trents baby. Not EJs. Maybe they shoul prove that she killed Trent and go to jail.

  12. From Becky

    I like EJ with Nicole. I am ready for her to be a good person now that she is pregnant. I want Sami to be alone but I know they are going to put her with “Luis” from Passions and he is SO FINE. OMG! Can’t stand Melanie either…whiner, whiner. I want Phillip to find someone new. I think Kate will die because they are getting rid of one major actor. I am ready for Chelsey to find someone other than men who sleep with her mother or grandmother.

  13. From jane

    I think they should let sami be happy with EJ. I been Watching the show for 20 yrs and as long as Sami has been on the show she has not been happy

  14. From long, long time fan

    I want Sami with Lucas, they are good together. Plus, it is not proven that EJ is the father of this baby. It might NOT be history repeating itself and Sami may have told the \actual\ father about the baby to begin with. I also don’t like Nicole with EJ, but she would be better off with Brady. They both had chemistry, but that might have been a result of their off-screen relationship. Also, there seems to be something off with EJ, can’t quite but my finger on it. I also want Nicole to keep this baby, there is no rule that she has to end up with the daddy, especially on days.

  15. From gayle

    My guess is that the thugs Trent owed money to were the killers. Nicole will miscarry but hide it to keep EJ. Maybe Kate is the beteran to leave the show. Melanie is indeed a good actress and has become the villain we love to hate.

  16. From Tonya

    I agree with KK, Give Sami a break and let her have it good for a while. As for John, I’m ready for the old John to come back to us, even though I have been getting a kick out of some of the things that come out of his mouth. They need to put Chloe with someone other than Lucus…no chemistry there

  17. From Maura

    Some might say talking about Melanie (good or bad) means she is worthwhile. If they would notice we are not listening to her but rather fast-forwarding, they might take a hint. If you think these stories take forever – James Reilly dragged stories out longer than anyone. Kate can go. Her whispery and Daniel’s whispery voices belong together somewhere else (along with her bangs that keep blinking ’cause they are stuck in her eyelashes). John needs to turn a corner. He doesn’t have to come completely back but merge the two already and find another plane for him to communicate. Where are Tony and Anna for crying out loud?

  18. From Fan Since The Beginning

    I personally prefer Lucas with Sami. He has always been there for her and accepts her for what she is no matter what. I also think that the chemsitry is better between Lucas and Sami.

    Has it been proven that EJ is definitely Johnny’s dad? Seems I read somewhere that everybody thinks EJ’s the dad. I like to think that Lucas may just be the father of the baby she’s pregnant with now.

  19. From Precious

    I am tired of Melanie’s whinning and trying to manipulate everyone who crosses paths with her. At first I thought she definetly was Trent’s killer, but after more thought, I now believe he was killed by the people he owed money to…regarless of what the spoilers say, I don’t believe Nick is responsible, unless he was there to defend Melanie against her father.
    Where are the vets lately?? Where is the Marlena and John storyline, and WHEN are they going to put these two back together???? Also, where is Steve and Kayla, Tony and Anna??? Have the writers just dropped them off the radar screen? I am tired of this slow-moving story about Trent’s murder…MORE VETS, PLEASE…!!!! HINT HINT

  20. From SamiFan

    I pray to God they don’t hook Sami up with this Rafe guy. Let EJ & Sami have a nice little life in the mansion OH, and the power that goes with it. I would like to see Sami have some power for a change with a good looking, loving husband by her side. I miss Tony & Anna along with Steve & Kayla writers get your thinking caps on.

  21. From Debbie

    Does everyone (including Sami) but me forget that EJ rapped Sami?? How can people say they belong together? Absolutely NO chemistry between them.

  22. From Rita

    Please let EJ just find out about Sami’s pregnancy already, so he can leave Nicole in a jail cell after she is convicted of Trent’s murder.
    Kate is a great actress but she’s slept with all the men in Salem, there is no one else left for her, I think she’s the major actress that will be departing from the show.
    As for JB, let him get his memory back but let him keep the sarcasm..I LOVE IT!!

  23. From Jason

    Hello. This is the first time I have ever posted something on a Days website, but I just had to put my two cents in: Sami and Lucas all the way! I agree that Sami deserves to be happy. And she was when her and Lucas finally got married… and then along came EJ. As for him, I don’t really care, but I think he’s better with Nicole. I also agree that there is no chemistry with Lucas and Chloe. Cheers!

  24. From Sandy

    Quit teasing us and give us Ejami already! I’ve been watching Days for 15 years and I’m ready for Sami to be happy for once. I think the new John suits the actor’s overdramatic \school of William Shatner\ style acting. I love it! Melanie can go or tone it down though. I think Nicole and Rafe would be hot!!

  25. From Alex

    Gawd, i am so SICK of Melanie! I just want to smack that bad acting tart! I refuse to watch ANY scene with her in it and if she becomes a staple I will prob take a LOA from DOOL!

    And Chloe, what happened to her? She *way back when* was so nice and sweet and a loveable character. Now she is so nasty and shrill and rude!!!! She NEVER has ANYTHING nice to say about anyone or anything! DOOL has enough bitches w/o her! Either put her back the way she was, or get rid of the character! UGH

  26. From Gentle1

    Give poor Nicole a break. She (more than Sami) has had a hard life. Sami always got bailed out by family. Nicole is trying so hard to change, and she has done great. Can’t she finally be happy? Also…soooo sick of Bo and Hope – got mama out no matter who they pinned instead. Lose the sneer Bo – not attractive. And what was he doing drinking beer in the pub the other day while questioning Melanie? Oh yeah – Brady’s can do whatever they want even if above the law??? Help Nicole! She deserves some happiness finally PLEASE!

  27. From Olive

    I feel the need to vent – I’m so sick to death of the EJAMI thing – I can’t stand EJ with anyone! Sami is annoying most of the time, but I like her best with Lucas – whether they are bickering or not. They have true chemistry. Chloe is just saddly lacking in that department. I have always liked Nicole and like it when EJ is being decent to her..but that is almost never. As for Melanie – I was intrigued by the idea of this s/l, but her non-stop whining is getting on my last nerve. Also, what is with the sideways glances and the back-of-the-hand-brushing-the-hair-out-of-the-face thing? As for Kate…she makes me crazy too – although I don’t like it when people die, maybe she could go to Switzerland for treatment or something?!? Oh, and while I’d LOVE old JB back, I do enjoy this one! Whoever writes for him is pretty witty. Other than that, I thought the scab writers during the strike were MUCH better!

  28. From Teresa

    I think EJ and Nicole have great chemisty. I prefer Sami with Lucas! I also fast forward through the Melanie scenes….annoying!!

  29. From Donna

    Ok, while some of the storyline are sort of dragging on right now, I do like the change in the women of Salem. None of them–except, of course, Hope, Kayla, Maggie, and Ma–are pure good or pure evil. Sami, Nicole, Chloe, Kate,and even Melanie show glimpses of a softer, more vaunerable side. Much more multi-dimential characters. Just so they don’t soften them up too much! Then it would get boring.

  30. From Lisa

    I am so sick of hearing that Sami belongs with EJ! Sami is a brat and I used to like her but not too much anymore.
    Did anyone see the way Daniel looked at Chloe today (Thursday) Does he take Viagra? He seems to look at all women with those smoldering bedroom eyes! :)
    Please do something with Lexie! She is so on my nerves about little Theo! She acts ashamed of him.
    Nick is an idiot if he moves Melanie in with him. Is he that desperate for love? He is not a bad looking kid but come on! For a genius he is not too smart. But I guess he is an innocent compared to Premier Party Girl. Ugh!
    I liked him till he ended up in the drunk tank. I thought he was smarter than that. Maybe they will match him up with Kate since he was already with Chelsea’s mom! Gross! :)
    Where is Victor? I love to see him, he’s so handsome. I agree with another post, where are all the veteran actors? Is Alice still around? I too get tired of all the teenagers and their whining and drama. Bring back some of the older actors that we love.
    Please get a woman for Roman! He is too sweet to be alone.
    Been a fan for 35 years!!! :)

  31. From Jenn

    Okay, what ever happened to Stephano’s proposal to Kate? You would think after you would propose to someone, that they would know what is going on in their life.

    I agree with the statements about bringing the vets back. Melanie is ANNOYING! I hope she is headed out the door soon!

  32. From twinny

    I want to see Stephano go visit Kate in the hospital. The look on Dr. Dan’s face when he sees the affection between these two would be priceless!

    Can you see both Lucas and Phillip totally freaking out if Stephano gets anywhere near thier mother while she is sick?

  33. From kennedy

    I have been ff thru days for a while now. Sami and Lucas have good chemistry lets get them back together but a little less whining from lucas. EJ can be with Nicole…dont care about them. Chloe needs to quit talking monotone. Chelsea is WAY too young for Daniel…have you heard her dialogue??? She says “like” every other word. give her someone her age. she looked cute with that guy that helps her w the kids at the hospital. Give Mickey more scenes…love him..waste of a good actor!

  34. From EJAMI fan

    I love to see EJ and SAMI back together . Please writers put them back together ….

  35. From forever fan

    Yea Sami needs to be with EJ and what a story that would be Kate and Stephano and Sami and EJ haha Kate would still have Sami as A daughter-in- law hehehe. Well any how they need to bring back some the others Kayla patch find someone for Roman and get John and Marlena together bring in some new get RID OF MELANIE!!!!!!!

  36. From garuchi

    I’m so sorry, administrator

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