Deidre Hall Campaigns at the Countdown for Obama.

Deidre Hall, best known as Days of Our Lives ‘ Dr. Marlena Evans, will be speaking at the upcoming “Countdown for Barack Obama…America’s Next President” event.

Commencing at 5:30 PM on Friday October 17, 2008, this event is by invitation only and will be held in Beverly Hills, California. Joining her for the occasion will be keynote speaker, Steve Westly, who is the California Co-Chair of Obama for America. Other guest speakers and actors will include Alan Cumming and Esai Morales as well as musical guest Shani Rigsbee.

This is not the first event in support for presidential hopeful Barack Obama that Hall has been involved with. She has already traveled to Florida as part of the Change We Need Tour and signed on to take part in Nancy Lee Grahn’s (Alexis, General Hospital) online election chat.

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  1. From Katey

    Politics have no business on a soap opera website. I am very surprised that one of my favorites will try to promote a man to run this country that has barely 2 years experience in anything. As a matter of fact, Joe Biden has way more experience than he does and he STILL puts his foot in his mouth everyday. “Hillary would have been a better choice.” We all know that so why are people so in love with Obama. Barely any experience, a blundering idiot as a running mate…are we missing something?

  2. From Melissa

    I am sadden to see it come to this. Leave the soap stars oppions out of this. I sickens me when one of my favorites are backing someone who has absolutely no business running for president. It is a disgrace to the office and what it stands for. Now it has tainted my fantasy world also. Soap stars please keep your oppions to your self

  3. From remy

    Wow Deidre!!!!! Obama is truly the change we need in this country. I so wish I could be there to be a part of this celebration with two of my favorite people. Thanks for being a part of “Change that Matters”.

  4. From Daniel

    Im glad to see this on here and go Deidre! I’s great to see people using thier fame to support what they beleive in! personally I prefered Hillary, but I still fully support Obama. The world really cannot survive another republican administraion so- GO BARACK OBAMA!

  5. From DONNA


  6. From Sharon

    You go BLONDIE!! I totally agree with Daniel. We totally need a change and a Democrat in the White House. For those who are for McCain I need to ask you 1 question: Were you better off 8 years ago??


  7. From mAGGIE

    I no longer am a fan of Diedre Hall. I thought she was a wonderful person, but if she is a fan of Obama, she isn’t any better than he is and that is terrible. I may not watch “Days” anymore.
    I hope none of the others on the show are that stupid.

  8. From Nadia

    Diedre Hall thank you for the support you gave to OBAMA!
    YES WE CAN!!!!!

  9. From Amanda

    This really disappoints me !! I thought she had better sense than that!!

  10. From Cathy

    I’m amazed that anyone would think ‘less of’ Deidre or stoop to stop being her fan just because she does not support the same candidate someone wants. If that’s all it takes to turn your back on a talented, dedicated, professional then you aren’t much of a fan. I happen to have not supported Mr. Obama in the election. I have met with and chatted with Deidre and find her to be a loving dedicated mother, who works very hard at her profession and shows great appreciation for her family and friends. I admire her heart, her dedication, and the way she gives so much of herself to others. You go Deidre!!

  11. From ZBEST

    I was about to feel sorry for D.hall until i found out she’s an Obama-OBiden groupie. WHAT A SHAME! Well with OBAMA’S UPCOMING ENTITLEMENTS i’m sure she may benefit from that. Payback Checks for unemployed Hollywood groupies COULD NOW BE WORTH THEIR EFFORTS.

  12. From ZBEST

    I was about to feel sorry for D.hall until i found out she’s an Obama-OBiden groupie. WHAT A SHAME! Well with OBAMA’S UPCOMING ENTITLEMENTS i’m sure she may benefit from that. Checks for unemployed groupies COULD could be very big!

  13. From DS

    Brava to Ms. Hall for her support of Barack Obama prior to being elected and now serving as the 44th president of the United States.

    For folks who expressed having a problem with Hall’s decision, it’s advisable to find and embrace other entertainment figures who supported John McCain.

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